Free cooking, food and wine Kindle books for 08 Feb 17

Cheffy Jun’s 70 Asian Fusion Meal Ideas

by Narciso Roxas Jr

70 delightful ideas for your mealtime, featuring Asian fusion. Crossing Filipino, Chinese, American, Italian, and Spanish.

How to Cook Lasagna Under 1-Hour

by Sean O’Connor

Have you ever wanted to eat a quick (and homemade) meal but you settled for take-out because you were on the go? I have the solution. In my eBook, I will explain step-by-step “How to Cook Lasagna Under 1-Hour!” My method of combining a homemade recipe and small grill (while also having vegetable options for Vegetarians and Vegans that don’t eat dairy or meat) will have you up and cooking in no time! Do Italian right. Do it quick. Make Mama proud! All of this in a fraction of the time. Purchase now! C’mon, try it out!

Vegan Diet: 20 Fast & Easy Vegan Recipes For A Healthy Life, Weight Loss And All Day Energy (Quick Vegan Recipes, Vegan Cookbook, Vegan Protein, Dairy Free, Vegan for Weight Loss Book 1)

by Louis Atkinson

Are you under the impression that being a vegan is too much of a burden & drop the Idea? Not anymore, in this book discover how living a Vegan Life is much easier than ever with Fun & Delicious Recipes for all day Energy

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to lose weight and be energetic while on a vegan diet.
Nowadays, people are becoming more health conscious and adopting healthier eating habits in an attempt to lose weight and live a healthier life. However, while most people have good intentions of eating healthier, the problem lies in just adopting a diet for a short period to achieve certain goals then going back to your unhealthy eating habits after which you adopt another diet once you gain weight and the cycle continues.

If you want to lose weight, feel energetic, and live a healthy life, you need to change your diet and start eating healthy as a lifestyle and not a quick fix for your weight issues. This is what being Vegan is all about; it is a lifestyle. If you want to be a vegan and are not quite sure about what it entails, what to eat, the foods to avoid as well as some amazing recipes you can prepare (other than beans), then this is the book for you.

In this book, you will learn more about Veganism, foods you should eat, nutrients a vegan diet is low in and where to get these nutrients as well as some delicious recipes you can try. Take action now for a better life

Here’s the preview of what’s in this book:

  • The basic Introduction to Vegan Diet
  • Foods you need to Avoid
  • Foods that contain important nutrients
  • 20 Easy & Delicious Recipes
  • And Much more

Take action now & get this Kindle book for only $0.99

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