Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 08 Feb 17

Minecraft: The Awakening: Mad Scientist vs. SpiderZilla: The Unofficial Minecraft Novel (Minecraft Mobs Battle Book 2)

by Ender King

Minecraft Mobs Battle Book 2

Scientist vs. SpiderZilla

It isn’t a happy tale; no heroes and no villainsâ?¦ only one ghastly mistake of creation which almost wiped out an entire people and their village, the village of Callahan.

What if experiment goes wrong?

Who will win in the battle?

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King Kolby

by Sam Bowyer

Do you ever wish you could see the world through the eyes of a dog?
Well…Kolby lets us into his world, follow him through a day in his life, where we experience work, fun, and food, from his perspective.

The Spirit Trap

by Veryan Williams-Wynn

When her grandmother’s ashes along with a family portrait arrive at her home in England, fourteen-year-old Tatiana finds herself being tormented by supernatural forces. To free herself from the increasingly persistent hauntings, she has to find and release the ghost of an ancestor caught up in the terror of the French Revolution. With the aid of her cousin, Marcus, she sets out on a mission, which leads them through the dramas of present-day life in Paris and the frightening upheavals of Revolutionary France.

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