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Facts About ADHD Children – Tips For ADHD Parenting

by Robert Locke

Do you need a fast, easy to read book about ADHD children which gives you the answers, rather than raise even more questions? Are you tired of reading masses of information about this childhood disorder which has been so hyped up? Facts About ADHD Children will take you through the essentials you need to know. You will quickly find answers about what causes ADHD and what to look out for in getting an ADHD test, the limitations of ADHD medications and the advantages of a more natural approach.

Even more challenging are those books on parenting ADHD which tell you how to go about getting behavior therapy which scares off a lot of parents. All you need are simple effective ADHD parenting tips. That is why the sub title of this book is Tips for ADHD Parenting. Follow the practical suggestions to start making simple effective changes to your family life without wasting time on expensive therapy or counselling. There are useful sections on helping to learn social skills and how to approach homework.

Learn how to enjoy family life again while giving your child the essential tools he or she needs. By following the steps in this straightforward guide, coping with life skills and acquiring social skills will become much easier for your child with ADHD.

WHY WAIT UNTIL MARRIAGE?: Sex standards in American societies

by Dr Nardo Sexo

If you are young yourself, or just still out there searching for love, have you met people along the way? Where you interested? Did you feel a sudden attraction?
In today’s society we justify our own beliefs based on how we were raised, and never the way we allow ourselves to think. Granted, all of our parents are great people in general, but what do they know about sex? Nothing.
Now, it would be rude as a certified sex specialist to tell another person how to live their lives, so I’m only here to make suggestions, and give advice on living a more fulfilling life. News flash: sex is one of the primary keys!
Many people in our world drastically degrades sex, yet its included in every bit of propaganda we see day to day. Who are we to tell ourselves, that sex isn’t important, and it is not rightfully moral until marriage? News flash #2: God, himself, didn’t put us on this planet with rules. He gave us one another to mate, and to intimately connect to so we can bring our offspring into the world, but of course you have heard all this fancy talk before. I find it interesting that the same things that are taken place to bring us into the world, is looked at so negatively. The only people that put all these negative thoughts in our own minds are ourselves, and ultimately will lead to our own destruction.
I didn’t write this book to explain the end of the world, I wrote this book to explain maybe a new start for a new world. Big dreams right? I know.
Also, I know that sex is sacred, and is one of the primary pleasures all humans look for, and unlike spiders and other reptiles, we aren’t asexual, so the thought of just getting pregnant, or bringing offspring into the world just will not cut it now-a-days. Truth be told, who doesn’t love sex? The feeling of just being one with another human being is one of the most fascinating experiences you could ever have. Who would want to degrade such a thing?
No book, no one, can answer your questions for you. No one knows the answers to many of your questions, partly because are yours to work through in terms of your own deepest feelings about yourself. This book is designed as an aid to you studies, discussions, and thinking through of who you are and how you want to live-now and later. Let us begin.

Saving Your Marriage OR Matrimonial Revitalization: What to do to Rejuvenate a Decade Old Relationship

by Hannah May

Back in the days, marriages were based upon mutual respect, mutual compromise and too many sacrifices, especially, the sacrifice of self. People were selfless and would have given up anything just to keep the relationship healthy and strong that is proved by the number of divorces we had that time. Now, however, the situation has totally changed. Marriage is considered somewhat a difficult task and people first of all, like to avoid it altogether but if they do get married, there are so many ups and downs that the spouses give up and eventually they divorce each other.
This guide is for those who wants to keep their relationship healthy and strong or for those who are trying to get into marriage or for those who are going through problems but want to solve things rather than just run away from them. First good step is to seek professional help as soon as possible as half of the problems are because of the late help-seeking behaviors, when everything is already under the water and there is very little to save. This book is divided into three chapters in which topics are covered like what exactly the problems, common to all, are faced by the people in long term commitment and how possibly you can become aware that your marriage will fall apart if you don’t get help or make things right soon enough and then lastly, how exactly can you make things right and get back on the track.
Following are the chapters that will be covered in this book:
1.Common pitfalls of long-term commitment
2.The current state of you marriage – warning signs
3.Steps to revival

1. Making marriage a priority – taking small steps to make it stronger
2. Realizing that you and your spouse are ‘One’
3. Marriage is not about competing or winning – being supportive
4. Reigniting the romance
5. Acceptance of your and your spouse’s flaws – being more forgiving
6. Communication, not blaming

Living on the Edge: Living life with a disease

by Shelly Savoy

My story of living life with a disease, that is not curable, and how I cope and what helps me get through the tough times.

I Am A Silent Warrior Practical Communication Aid

by Brigette Foresman

“I Am A Silent Warrior Practical Communication Aid” is for a minor child, ages 7-17 years-old, diagnosed with a medical condition resulting in the impairment of speech and the loss of mobility of his or hers arms/hands, to the extent of the inability to communicate through writing and or the use of technological communication devices.

“I Am A Silent Warrior Practical Communication Aid” implements various topics such as caregiver issues, conversation phrases & responses, daily routine, entertainment, getting dress, health issues, meals, and physician visits. This new partner communication aid will empower a child by engaging with their communication partner/family member, or friend through the “Point & Signal” method as each topic is addressed; together, they will break the silence and take back a part of their independence.
This communication aid requires a minimum reading level of Grade 3.

One Scientific Rule of New Beginning after break up: Love and break up

by Miku Publications

Welcome friends. This is another book of our creation. As usual I have come up with new idea, new concept, but the helpful one. I love to cover routine life problems and finding the solutions. I prefer to provide you the best resolution through it. I do some research also for that.
Let me brief you about my style. Generally I select the topic. After that do some research, make a video and in that video create free flow ideas and on the basis of that ideas I just make notes again review my ideas, re watch my video and after that I keep writing.
My writing is mostly based on research work for this research I handle online projects, online books, offline books, gather ideas also from blogs, web pages videos.

Now let me come to the point today’s book regarding how to start up with the new beginning after break up. In this book I just focus on one scientific method. Keep reading…

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