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Vital Statistics: The Die is Fair (Skhubi Snacks (The Eagle and the Child Short Stories) Book 1)

by S. Khubiar

Samuel Nissan is a cub Israeli operative bringing an urgent message to Oxford doctoral student Shahla Markow on the Jewish holiday of Purim. The minutes are ticking down on the transfer of a Hezbollah rocket shipment, and Shahla must devise a plan to bloodlessly capture the biggest terrorist money launderer in Europe. In their meeting place, The Eagle and Child pub, Samuel relays that it’s not just the Oxford-based terrorist that Shahla must capture, but his two soldiers who protect him in the university town. Support personnel are too far away to respond by the midnight deadline for the money transfer, so Shahla’s calculations in the famous pub must be equally as canny as the ancient Persian Queen Esther’s plan to overturn a malicious roll of the dice. What Shahla can’t factor into the equation, however, is how far the terrorist’s tentacles reach in the town. Her resources are tradecraft, instinct, and Samuel, a former IAF captain untested as a clandestine operative. Their common Persian Jewish heritage and mission make for an unforgettable Purim party.

Vital Statistics is a short story prequel to The Eagle and the Child: The Child.

Stepbrother Romance: Stepbrother Desires – Step Brother, Dirty Romance, Love Story Bundle of Stepbrother Love, Modern Romance Stories – Brother, Romance Novels, Adult Short Story, Dirty Anthology

by Lady Aingealicia

‘..As she led him by the hand to follow her, she slipped out on the balcony. Marco followed her without question. They were by themselves. Akia reached up and kissed him on the cheek. He caught the back of her head and leaned down placing his mouth on hers fully. He felt her gasp as he kissed her deeply. Slowly he lifted the skirt of her dress and found that she was wearing..’

This is a graphic romance short story collection.

Tags: short stories, millionaire, rich, short story collection, single author

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