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Demonic Triangle (Doomed Cases Book 1)

by Joanna Mazurkiewicz

A missing royal. A love triangle. Can Maxine crack the case before her heart is ripped in two?

Maxine Brodeur has spent the past year recovering from a devastating breakup with Prince Arthur — the realm’s future king. She’s kept a low profile as a half-human/half-demon, spending her days running “Doomed Cases,” a private supernatural agency. After illegally revealing her powers to save a human girl from attack, she gets an ominous letter bearing the royal seal.

Rather than being punished, Maxine is hired to find the young, kidnapped Prince George. Back in the secretive life of the royals, she must learn to work alongside sexy detective Zachary Quinton. Her new partner has no respect for the rules, and her ex-lover Arthur is doing everything he can to win her back.

Will Maxine find the missing prince quickly or will she cause another royal scandal in the process?

Demonic Triangle is a paranormal romance with a dash of suspense. If you like witty dialogue, strong but flawed female leads, and dramatic love triangles, then you’ll love the first instalment in the Doomed Cases series by Joanna Mazurkiewicz.

Hunter (BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance) (The Grizzly Brothers Book 3)

by Terra Wolf

It was only supposed to be one night.

Capri is a businesswoman first, but her father’s daughter second. Her co-workers see her as just the boss’s daughter, so she works extra hard scouting locations and figuring out new ways to market Outdoor Bound, her father’s real baby. It’s one of these excursions that is leading her back to Hunter, the gorgeous, brooding shifter who hates her, almost as much as she wants him.

Hunter has always been sure of who he is, and his place in this world, but since his brothers have all settled down with their mates and have started families, he’s feeling out of sorts. Not that he wants what they have, in fact, that’s the problem. As much as he loves his nieces and nephews, Hunter isn’t ready to have kids, so, when Capri comes back to town, stirring up feelings he isn’t ready to face, he does what he can to keep things casual between them.

At the first touch, they know what they have is special, and although they both agreed to a one time, no-strings fling, they will soon realize, that one time will never be enough.

The last in the best-selling series from Paranormal Romance Author Terra Wolf, the Grizzly Brothers will leave you breathless and dying for more! They all end in an HEA with NO CLIFFHANGER!

From the Ashes (Southern Heat Book 1)

by Jamie Garrett

I don’t remember what happened. How I ended up in the fire that I was dragged from, unconscious and minutes from death. I don’t know what I was doing in a town hundreds of miles from where the police say I live. I don’t rememberâ?¦anything. Not even my own name.

I have no memories of Mason Rawlings, the firefighter who pulled me from the blaze and saved my life. Even so, it’s obvious my body does. It craves his touch, though my mind is blank. We were together, he tells me, many years ago. Then I left him.

As Mason helps me discover my past, I find myself falling for him all over again. But then maybe there’s a reason why I haven’t spoken to him for over ten years. A reason why I was back in Monroe. A reason that someone would kill to keep hidden.

Toasted Coconut Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery – Book 36

by Susan Gillard

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**This is Book 36 in the Donut Hole Cozy Mystery Series**

When Heather Shepherd starts preparing for the Hillside Tea and Donut Fair 2017, she hardly expects to be called away to the scene of a double homicide.

She’s shocked, to say the least, but the mystery of the case soon draws her in, when she realizes that this wasn’t a simple shout out in the forest. It seems evidence at the scene has been tampered with and the only witness is an old man, with hearing issues. Heather knows she can solve the case and starts another adventure, equipped only with her Toasted Coconut Donuts, a keen sense of right and wrong, and the sarcasm of her best friend for company. But things are never simple in a Hillside case, and a worn treasure map on one of the victim’s bodies indicates a deeper mystery, stretching back further than the murders themselves.

Heather’s got to solve this one before the cunning killer runs off with the treasure’s family secret and buries it for good.

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Book 19 – Caramel Glazed Murder –
Book 20 – Raspberry Mojito Murder –
Book 21 – Banana Coconut Murder –
Book 22 – Oreo Sprinkled Murder –
Book 23 – Spooky Choc Orange Glazed Murder –
Book 24 – Coffee Treacle Murder –
Book 25 – Choc Churro Murder –
Book 26 – Iced Pumpkin Murder –
Book 27 – Double Chocolate Pistachio Murder –
Book 28 – Peppermint Glazed Murder –
Book 29 – Peppermint Glazed Murder –
Book 30 – Peanut Butter Fudge Murder –
Book 31 – Christmas Donut Murder –
Book 32 – Lavender Grape Dust Murder –
Book 33 – Neapolitan Delight Murder –
Book 34 – Passion Fruit Punch Murder –
Book 35 – Pecan Nut Crunch Murder –

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The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll (Illustrated, Inline Footnotes) (Classics Book 2)

by Lewis Carroll

Ebook specifically formatted for kindle devices and tested with all Kindle 5 way navigation functions and Kindle table of contents button. Ebook comes with main table of contents and interlinked sub table of contents. Ebook contains illustrations and inline footnotes where applicable.
Each chapter is clearly marked so user knows which book within the boxset is being read.

The Novels.
-Alice’s Adventures Under Ground. (Illustrated)
-Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. (Illustrated)
-Alice Through The Looking-Glass. (Illustrated)
-Sylvie And Bruno. (Illustrated)
-Sylvie And Bruno Concluded. (Illustrated)

The Poetry Collections.
-Early Verse. (Inline Footnotes)
-Prologues To Plays.
-College Rhymes And Notes By An Oxford Chiel. (Inline Footnotes)
-Phantasmagoria And Other Poems. (Illustrated)
-The Hunting Of The Snark. (Illustrated)
-Three Sunsets And Other Poems. (Illustrated)
-Puzzles From Wonderland.
-Acrostics, Inscriptions And Other Verses.

The Short Stories.
-Bruno’s Revenge And Other Stories.
-A Tangled Tale. (Illustrated / Inline Footnotes)
-What The Tortoise Said To Achilles.

-Eight or Nine Wise Words about Letter-Writing.

The Mathematical Works.
-Condensation of Determinants.
-The Alphabet Cipher.
-The Game Of Logic.
-Symbolic Logic.
-Feeding The Mind.

The Biographies.
-The Life And Letters Of Lewis Carroll By Stuart Dodgson Collingwood. (Illustrated / Inline Footnotes)
-The Story of Lewis Carroll by Isa Bowman. (Illustrated / Inline Footnotes)
-Lewis Carroll in Wonderland and at Home: The Story of His Life by Belle Moses.

Jules Verne: The ‘Extraordinary Voyages’ Collection (Book House)

by Jules Verne

Here you will find the largest collection of Verne’s “Extraordinary Voyages” available in English (47 novels).

This book includes a rare novel that appear for the first time in digital print: “The Chase of the Golden Meteor”.

The novels are in the chronological order of their original publication.

– Five Weeks in a Balloon
– The Adventures of Captain Hatteras
– Journey to the Center of the Earth
– From the Earth to the Moon
– In Search of the Castaways
– Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea
– Around The Moon
– A Floating City
– The Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in South Africa
– The Fur Country
– Around the World in Eighty Days
– The Mysterious Island
– The Survivors of the Chancellor
– Michael Strogoff
– Hector Servadac
– The Underground City
– Dick Sand, A Captain at Fifteen
– The Five Hundred Millions of the Begum
– Tribulations of a Chinaman in China
– The Steam House
– Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon
– Godfrey Morgan
– The Green Ray
РK̩raban the Inflexible
– The Star of the South
– The Archipelago on Fire
– Mathias Sandorf
– The Lottery Ticket
– Robur the Conqueror
– North Against South
– The Flight to France
– Two Years’ Vacation
– Family Without a Name
– The Purchase of the North Pole
– Caesar Cascabel
– Mistress Branican
– The Castle of the Carpathians
– Claudius Bombarnac
– Foundling Mick
– Captain Antifer
– Floating Island
– Facing the Flag
– Clovis Dardentor
– An Antarctic Mystery
– The Will of an Eccentric
– The Master of the World
– The Chase of the Golden Meteor

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