Free history Kindle books for 09 Feb 17

The Vietnam War: The Secret History of The Vietnam War (The Cold War Book 1)

by Micheal Andrews

Explore The Dark Secrets of The Vietnam War

Could America Have Won This War If it Didn’t Withdraw? What Mistakes Did The American Government Make? Explore These Unanswered Questions of The Vietnam War

To this day the Vietnam war proves to be one of the most controversial subjects of American history. Some believe that it was disgraceful how America left the war without finishing it, and other believe that it was correct to leave Vietnam without finishing the war since it was becoming too costly.

We will explore this controversial subject of American history and reveal facts that not too many are aware of. Like leaks that revealed the war would have ended just before Nixon came to power with the Paris talks. But this would have foiled his plans as he had focused on getting Americans out of Vietnam during his campaign and Nixon deliberately facilitated the war to continue.

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