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31 Days of Psalms: Revealing God’s Heart

by Ailie Baumann

The picture of God as a loving father may for some be a puzzle especially given that religion has painted God as a diety similar to Zeus waiting on the edge of his seat to raid a shower of lightning bolts to put us in our place.

Or, we want to believe that God is indeed an incredible God of love yet, we wonder if he really loves us or sees us as worthy. However, God even in his majesty and might is a God of lavish love whose heart is turned towards you in devotion.

For this purpose, I created 31 Days of Psalms – Revealing God’s Heart. I wanted to draw you, the reader, into a deeper understanding of God’s lavish love towards you, and the truth that he is intricately involved in the everyday moments of your life.

Here you will find thirty-one Psalms and verses to meditate on and include in your daily time with God. In many ways, it is akin to a devotional book. Join me and a variety of other passionate Jesus writers as we explore the book of Psalms together.

Fool Me Once

by Hope Destiny

Meet Faith. Her name says it all…her Faith in God is so strong that she is naive to people and things around her.

In walks Clint who has had his eye set on Faith while Faith’s mind is set on God and God only.

Faith does not know anything about Clint but that he is popular and full of himself because Clint keeps his promiscuous ways out of the public eye.

The only thing Clint knows about Faith is that she is the girl he wants to take home to momma and to his bed as well.

Faith’s cousin Toya comes into her life and wants to quote, unquote help Faith keep Clint. After all….that’s what families do…help each other.

Faith’s parents….Reverend John Reynolds and First Lady have instilled nothing but God into,their children’s hearts and minds but Daniel wants nothing to do with the church that his father wants to hand down to him because he sees his parents for who they truly are and his sister Faith sees nothing wrong with anyone including her parents.

Faith’s innocence will be tested as things start to unfold while she remains clueless to the ones she loves.

Will Faith be able to hold up to all the deceit or will everything she has known to be true all her life make her lose her faith?

Balvur: The Source Of Divine Wisdom (The Reflection Collection)

by Sum Guye

This is a religion set within the Primallum universe. It gives further depth to The Elemental Series and elucidates the connective tissue between the Primallum universe and the Harenge universe.

Balvur is the unspoken and unwritten language of The Higher Truth. In this book I, The Enlightened One, provide a translation where Balvur can be understood pure and clean.

Singing Ain’t Enough: The Inspiring Story of Maggie Ingram

by Joy Harris

Maggie Ingram was one of the greatest gospel quartet singers America has ever known.

In Singing Ain’t Enough, Maggie’s granddaughter pulls back the curtain and details the remarkable life of the woman who achieved success in a competitive, male-dominated field while also raising five children as a single mother.

Born in 1930, Maggie experienced her fair share of sexism, racism, and disappointment; however, she found a way to maneuver through obstacle after obstacle with her children in tow.

For more than five decades, Maggie touched the hearts and souls of her audience, redefined the role of women in her industry, and lived out her passion for helping people.

A must read for anyone pursuing a dream, Singing Ain’t Enough chronicles the complex and fascinating trek of the female entrepreneur and, more importantly, shows how the journey to the top is just as important as the destination.

Islam Religion | Your Guide to the Truth about Muslim Beliefs, Culture, Customs, and Traditions, Understanding the Quran, and the Sunni / Shia Split & Conflict

by Luke H. Hardy

Islam is largely blanketed by mystery and distorted by bias. This book introduces the truth of Islamic beliefs and culture.

Islam is an incredibly popular religion, and the second largest in the world. What comes with such a common but elusive belief system? A curiously large amount of customs, and very intriguing, ancient beliefs. There is A LOT of intricacies about Islam.

This book will give you an introductory, holistic understanding of the religion. From defining the truth of what Allah means to muslims, explaining the four stages of life, to everyday customs, this book covers it all. Both for muslims and non-muslims, you’re garanteed to learn A LOT of valuable information.

Here are some of your questions that will be answered!

What are the five pillars of Islam?
What’s the story of Muhammad? Who is he?
What does Islam say about Jesus?
Muslims believe in Satan? What about Angels?
What does Islam say about free will?
What is the Ka’ba?
What’s the Quran and what’s written in it?
And much, much more…

If you’re looking to learn more about Islam, look no further. Whether you know nothing about the religion, or you’re a muslim yourself and want more, this book will be accessable and useful to everyone.

I’m so sure that you’ll find it informative, that I’ll happily give you a refund if you’re not totally satisfied.

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