Free science fiction Kindle books for 10 Feb 17

Fidelity (Star Wanderers Book 2)

by Joe Vasicek


Oriana Station: a bustling frontier settlement between the Outworlds and the Coreward Stars. A popular port-of-call for free traders and independent starfarers alikeâ??and the latest target in the aggressively expansionist plans of the Gaian Empire.

Life was simple for Jeremiah and Noemi before they arrived. Though neither of them speak the same language, they’ve reached an understanding of each other that goes beyond words. But when the colonial authorities make them into second-class citizens of a fractured empire, even that might not be enough.

Their newfound friends in the immigrant community can only do so much. With Noemi and her people depending on him, Jeremiah must find a way back to the Outworldsâ??before they lose everything that they came for.

This series is rated T according to the AO3 content rating system.

The World That Couldn’t Be

by Clifford Simak

Like every farmer on every planet, Duncan had to hunt down anything that damaged his cropsâ??even though he was aware this wasâ??

The Tenth Cycle: A Thriller (A Rossler Foundation Mystery Book 1)

by JC Ryan

The truth about human history is about to be revealed. . . But will we be allowed to know it?

For thousands of years the truth about human history has intentionally been suppressed and exploited.

For decades scholars have been saying that the truth about human history will be found inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, but up till now no one has ever been able to find it. Those who tried have been ridiculed and persecuted.

Will Daniel Rossler and Dr. Sarah Clarke be allowed to uncover the real and true message? As they come closer to the truth, skepticism out of the academic community is replaced by evil and malicious adversaries, dumping them into a very hostile world where violence, deceit and duplicity become their daily companions. The mysterious Orion Society with its deranged and psychopathic members, the CIA, the Marines, the Mossad and even the President of the United States become involved. Not all of them have good intentions.

THE TENTH CYCLE is a full-length novel, a provocative technothriller about human history, conspiracies and an ancient society with power and money that will stop at nothing to reach their sinister goals.

This fast-paced thriller adventure is the first book in J C Ryan’s Rossler Foundation Mystery Series.

The Telenizer

by Don Thompson

Langston had technicolor delusions; inanimate objects came alive in his hands; THEY were persecuting him, out to get him … what a relief it was to know he wasn’t going insane!

Electron (A Political Thriller Book 3)

by Gary Naiman

“Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”
                                                                                                                   Joseph Stalin, USSR

In 1952, a primitive Univac computer successfully predicted the winner of the Eisenhower vs. Stevenson presidential election. In the years since, computers have accurately predicted election winners from tiny samplings of incoming votes.

Or have they gone further and created those winners?

A professor of cyber security is thrust into a nightmare threatening our most precious freedom, our right to a secure vote. With powerful forces committed to stopping him, Dr. Jonas Larson must overcome his embittered life to fight a final battle for the nation he still loves.

Author’s note: “Electron actually exists in another name. Its voting machines determine our fate every four years, yet it has never been investigated by the federal government.”

Itch: Nine Tales of Fantastic Worlds

by Kris Austen Radcliffe

Zombies. Pirates. Time Travel. Dragons. And one giant, walking city…

Honey to Soothe the Itch: In a zombie-filled dystopic future, one woman fights against death to bring the world back to life.

A Man Does Not Sneak Away: Meet Edward Landon Marcus Strevakoff, Time Hygiene Field Worker extraordinaire… but sometimes the time stream refuses to stay clean and tidy.

Fey Street: Just to the left, and maybe a little ahead, we find a magical present not all that different from our own….

The Taste of Marbles: One woman’s only comprehension of the passage of time is its taste.

Diamonds and Bones: A young space pirate harbors a machine intelligence deep in the orbit of Jupiter….

Callous: Military service may have left grad student Brandon with the implants necessary for time travel, but it also left an… itch.

Cop Killer: Up, down, left, right–you never know which way you’re pointing when you’re traveling inside the arm of giant walking city…

Itch also includes two tales from the Fate – Fire – Shifter – Dragon series:
Conpulsio: During the infamous night Vesuvius destroys Pompeii, two important questions must be answered: Who is bound? Who is compelled?

In Cinder to Dust, a mother makes the most agonizing decision of her life…

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