Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 13 Feb 17

Powershell : 2017 Simple User Guide For Beginners

by Luke Sutton

PowerShell – 2017 Simple User Guide For Beginners

There’s a ton of other technical guides out there that aren’t clear and concise, and in my opinion use far too much jargon. My job is to teach you in simple, easy to follow terms how to get started and excel at PowerShell programming.

You’ll find my personal notes and tips peppered throughout the book, making it personal and easy to learn.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Getting Started With PowerShell
  • Re-direction & Piping
  • PowerShell & Scripts
  • Control Flow Statements
  • Common Tasks & Cmdlets

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Data Tables and Pivot Tables: Essential Excel Skills for Business (Essential Excel Business for Skills Book 2)

by Carl Nixon

The follow up to the best selling “Learn How to Use Pivot Tables In an Hour”!.

If you are new to Excel Data and Pivot Tables they can seem daunting and scary. This easy to follow and fully illustrated guide by the internationally renowned Excel consultant, Carl Nixon, is designed to get you up to speed quickly and easily. You will be able to quickly and easily start producing your own Pivot Tables and Data Tables!

We also cover Excels What If analysis tools and the Excel Goal Seeker.

This easy to follow guide is split in to 2 sections and is fully illustrated. Accompanying spreadsheets are free to download from out website.

Data Tables.

  • Chapter 1 An Introduction to Data Tables
  • Chapter 2 Creating a Data Table.
  • Chapter 3 Sorting a Data Table.
  • Chapter 4 Filtering a Data Table.
  • Chapter 5 Summarising a Data Table
  • .

  • Chapter 6 Structured References.
  • Chapter 7 What If Analysis with Data Tables.
  • Chapter 8 Using the Goal Seeker.
  • Chapter 9 Adding a Bit of Style.

Pivot Tables.

  • Chapter 10 An Introduction to Pivot Tables.
  • Chapter 11 Creating a Pivot Table.
  • Chapter 12 Grouping Pivot Table Items
  • .

  • Chapter 13 Same Pivot Table, Different Look.
  • Chapter 14 Multi Level Pivot Tables.
  • Chapter 15 Frequency Distribution in Pivot Tables.
  • Chapter 16 Charting with Pivot Charts.
  • Chapter 17 Slicing Pivot Tables with Slicers.
  • Chapter 18 Updating Pivot Tables.
  • Chapter 19 Calculated Fields and Items.

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