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Cozy Mystery: Cold Death

by S. Y. Robins

Cozy Mystery

When Callum Davidson’s ex-girlfriend Maria is found murdered in the hills behind Wirkster village, not far from his home or Milly’s, Callum is the first suspect.

When he won’t reveal an alibi Milly’s plans for Christmas with Callum are in jeopardy. She must convince him to prove his innocence, to tell the police where he was the night of the murder or he faces a lifetime in prison.

Rather than face leaving his young nephew alone in the world Callum finally sees sense and reveals he has an alibi but even that doesn’t stop the chaos that is Milly and Callum’s life now.

Someone, Maria’s real murder perhaps, is stalking Milly and their plans threaten not only Milly’s life but her beloved cat Edgar. Milly must find out who the murderer is, before it’s too late and the murderer ruins the rest of her lifeâ?¦

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