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Bollywood Gay: ‘A help yourself to living an authentic life.’

by Manjinder Singh Sidhu

Bollywood Gay

‘Your birth is a revolution. You chose to be born like this.’

Tired of the closet lifestyle, arranged marriages, (dis)honour(able) killings happening all around me, in the UK I decided to do something about it. Guys I knew or had dated were marrying someone of the opposite sex, fuelling up on drug induced sex orgies, or selling themselves on Grindr to find validation whilst suffocating with shame. The guilt and shame of being gay and South Asian.

Yes, for LGBTI people of colour, the story is still the same. Stuck in archaic times, families hold on to izaat (honour), societal pressure and the need to conform. So I turned to spirituality for solace. After a yoga teacher’s course, life coaching certificates and many gruelling silent meditation retreats later I felt like myself again. And that’s when I decided to write Bollywood Gay, a revolutionary, fiery and necessary bible for those wanting an authentic life.

The book has an activist slant, urging people first to sort their own issues before moving onto the bigger task of bringing LGBTI rights in South Asia. It is based on the Law of Attraction principles with each chapter finishing with an Action Sheet, intended to dive into the mind, to allow the reader to pierce through blockages, limiting beliefs, feelings, goals and desires.

Do you want the man of your dreams? Do you want to come out to your family? Do you want to live a happier life? All the Action sheets will spearhead you on to that effect.

The book aims to be positive, motivational, inspirational and eye opening. I want to remove the years of self-victimisation and external blame so you can reclaim your inner power. I want you to realise that you are the change and can do it in an instant with each and every thought, feeling and word you use.

The book is available in Paperback, Hardback, Kindle, Ebook and Audio:

The Hardback is great for those who are closeted and want to remove the outer pink jacket and want to read the book on a bus discreetly. The hardback cloth is plain blue with no writing on the spine, perfect to read it anonymously. It is also more durable and smaller in size to carry in your bag or purse. (It contains the central section on Coming out in 13 different languages: Arabic, Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu so you can show it to your parents when you are ready to come out).

The Paperback is slightly larger in size, perfect for filling in the Action Sheets and giving you room to map out your life. It is cheaper in price and thus a great bargain! (It contains the central section on Coming out in 13 different languages: Arabic, Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu so you can show it to your parents when you are ready to come out).

The Kindle and Ebook are great for reading on the go, on your tablet, phone or device discreetly and with ease. Being digital products they only have the coming out section in English and not in the 13 different languages. They are thus cheaper in price.

The Audio book is narrated by myself and orated in the same passion with which I wrote it. Again being a digital version, the coming out version is in English only. The Audio is great for those who don’t like reading books, as you can have it playing in the background, on your phone or in the car with your friends.

Greek Gods and Goddesses Gone Wild: Bad Behavior and Divine Excess From Zeus’s Philandering to Dionysus’s Benders

by Michael Rank

Buy “Greek Gods and Goddesses Gone Wild” and you will receive a free 2-book boxed set that contains “The History of Alexander the Great” and Mythology Stories: Tales from Norse, Old German, Hindu, and Egyptian Mythology.” See the link for these ebooks inside.


Why did the Greek gods and goddesses behave so badly? Because it is one thing for God to make man in his own image and quite another thing for man to return the favor.

Whether it is Zeus constantly philandering and turning his mistress into a cow in order to escape Hera’s wrath or Artemis turning a Greek voyeur into a deer to be consumed by his own hunting dogs, petty feuding and revenge seemed to be the national pastime on Mount Olympus among the Greek gods and goddesses.

This book will look at the immortal, short-tempered, and oh-so-mortal actions of the Greek gods and goddesses, both major deities and the lesser ones in mythology. It will also look at the lives of heroes and how they managed to confound the gods’ plans. And it will explore how the ancient Greeks tried to take advantage of their deities’ fickle behavior and play to their vanity by sucking up to the god in control of the event in question. Was there a poor catch of fish? Pray to Poseidon that he may bring you a large haul. Did a fair maiden not respond to the sonnets that you penned for her about her articulated eye brows? Ask Aphrodite to change her heart and warm up to your prose. Is the city in need of feasting and revelry to cheer up its mood? Beseech Dionysus to bring a party atmosphere and possibly some of his vintage wine.

The actions of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses show that despite their intelligence, strength, and power over the affairs of life, they were all-too-human and subject to earthly temptation. They also demonstrate the dangers that come with having too much of a good thing.

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