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God’s Best in Love & Life: There are Manasseh’s in your future

by Jasmine Doster

Are you frustrated with your love life? Are you having trouble with trusting God? The time between faith and the promise can be disheartening. Well, struggle no more!

Jasmine Doster shows how to transition from feeling weary and confused to walking in confidence through prayer. You cannot change your world in your own strength. However, you can shape your destiny with faith and prayer. God hears your prayers and he will answer them. This book is filled with powerful prayers for God’s best in LOVE and LIFE. Breakthrough stagnancy, loneliness and dead end relationships. Relationships either distract or edify your life. You deserve a relationship that will catapult you into your divine destiny.

Learn why you should believe for God’s Best.
Discover how to deal with desires in a godly way.
Learn how to pray for a marriage that is in alignment with God’s will.
Learn how to finally live God’s dream for your life.

Victorian Romance: The Duke & The Duchesse – Romance History, Regency Romance Short Stories of Historical Romance, Mail Order Bride, Viking Romance, Western, Cowboy Romance, Love Story Anthology

by Lady Aingealicia

The Engagement
Victoria could not remember a day that she had not already been promised to a man who lived thousands of miles away. She had tried to avoid this day her whole life. She had begged, pleaded and finally threatened to go into a convent rather than marry a man she did not know and did not want to know. Even with the whole estate around her with life, she did not share the same sentiment. As the days got closer to her wedding day, she went to extreme lengths to avoid this preplanned life that had been mapped out by her parents. Even to the point of escaping at any cost, only to be caught in the end.

This is a romantic collection of short stories

Tags: Duke Romance, Victorian Romance, historical romance, historical, Victorian, Nobility, Royalty

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