Free science fiction Kindle books for 15 Feb 17

What Was Almost Remembered: The Cursed Bonus Chapter

by Iyanna Orr

“I want you to have a chance at happiness, Avan.”

Community after community, planet after planet, and worlds after worlds crumble down. The war that single-handedly destroyed the place he came from flashes before Avan’s very eyes as he sits atop the highest mountain in Legacy. Guilt starts to crawl his body when he remembers the suffering of the people he had left.

However, a conversation from long ago had set him up to this journey รข?? a journey towards a prophecy that may lead him to save his planet.

Get a hold of Avan’s story and prepare yourself to the tale that would keep you on your feet and wanting for more. This is a prequel to Iyanna Orr’s “The Cursed.”

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