Free fantasy Kindle books for 16 Feb 17


by Jason Halstead

Voidhawk is the first book in an space fantasy series blending swords, sorcery, and travel through the void between worlds. It’s wooden ships in space, read on and experience a multi-verse of new delights!

Too young and naïve to care about the tensions between nations, Dexter Silverhawk considered himself the luckiest man alive when he found a derelict voidship hidden amongst some asteroids. Making it void-worthy and finding a crew to sail it seem like minor problems when he ends up in a Federation prison.

Rotting in a communal cell, Dexter’s luck shows a fickle side when a mysterious elven woman is thrust into into his life. Helping her fend off an assault Dexter quickly learns that her mind and her tongue are weapons against which he has little defense. Unable to resist, he hires her at the first opportunity.

Surviving both politics, sorcery, and even ancient curses will force the growing crew of the Voidhawk to put aside their differences and work together. What remains for the young captain is the lessons of when to heed his mind, and when to heed his heart.

Look for the continuing adventures of the Voidhawk:
Book 1: Voidhawk
Book 2: Voidhawk – The Elder Race
Book 3: Voidhawk – Redemption
Book 4: Voidhawk – The White Lady
Book 5: Voidhawk – Lost Soul
Book 6: Voidhawk – The City at the Edge of Forever
Book 7: Voidhawk – Broken Shards

The Mage with the Dragon Magic: Book 1

by Irfan Mirza

When Taro, a young orphaned mage, attempts to heal a stranger in the middle of a storm, his life is changed forever when he begins to tamper with foreign magic known only to most fierce and dangerous creatures of all: dragons.

Dragon’s Cowboy: Fated & Forbidden

by Rinelle Grey

Part of the Fated & Forbidden Collection. Each book stands alone. Read about Allendra and the story that starts it all in The Challenge by Kallysten via instafreebie

Dragon shifter Wayrian just wants to live a quiet life. Fat chance of that when her clan as at war and her grandfather wants her to marry a prince. As if that isn’t enough, a crazy goddess appears in her dreams and threatens to turn her clan human if Wayrian doesn’t marry her fated mate by the Blood Moon.

A mate who is not a prince.

Who isn’t even a dragon.

Despite being lured away from his father’s cattle station by the excitement of the dragon shifters, Chase is careful to keep his distance. He’s happy to help out by waking one of the dragon princesses, but he isn’t planning on mating foreverâ??even if Wayrian thinks that’s the only way to save her people. He doesn’t believe in true love, he’s been burned before.

But when a reporter bent on exposing the dragons’ existence drives Chase and Wayrian into hiding on the cattle station, things between them begin to heat up. The only problem is that Wayrian’s grandfather, hiding with them, is determined to keep them apart at all costs. Will Wayrian risk her grandfather’s ire to save her people, or will she make her own choice? 

Sword & Flower

by Rawle Nyanzi

Japanese entertainer Chiyo Aragaki — known to her fans as Dimity Red — is on the road to international success. Her music is in all the trendiest anime, and her fanbase’s enthusiasm fuels her passion to perform. Adept at gymnastics and manipulating ki energy, Dimity uses her skills to entertain the enraptured crowds.

However, she has caught the attention of a demonic evil. This dark adversary rips Dimity from the glamour and glitz of stardom and sends her to the beautiful yet ethereal realm of the Lesser Heaven.

A swordsman named Mash Marston resides in the Lesser Heaven which, despite the name, is not free from danger and death. Heroically defending his town against vile abominations, he is nearly killed but is saved by one who uses her powers to repel evil and heal wounds. Unfortunately, the powers that saved Mash and the town are also powers strictly forbidden among his people.

And Dimity will soon discover what this means when she shows up blasting ki.

Reflecting the best qualities of old school pulp fiction, Sword & Flower is one part Poul Anderson, one part Edgar Rice Burroughs, and one part Akira Toriyama.

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