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Circle Of Friends Cookbook: 25 Chocolate: Exclusive Online Cookbook

by Gooseberry Patch

Cookies and bars for every sweet tooth! Try Great Pumpkin Cookies, Gran’s White Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies or Peanut Butter Blossoms!

Plant Based Diet: Transitioning to a Plant Based Diet and China Diet Study for Better Health, Losing Weight, and Feeling Great! (Plant Based Cookbook, Plant Based, Plant Based Recipes Book 2)

by Gabriel Montana

Use These Guidelines Of Super Healthy Plant Based Diet Recipes And Start Treating Your Body How It Deserves Today!

Learning about a plant based lifestyle can sometimes be difficult and time consuming. You may want to learn as much as you can about it as soon as you can, but it is important that you get accurate information so that you do not have to rely on sources that may not know what they are talking about. Learning as much as you can about the nutrition that goes into a plant based diet will help you to have a better time when you are making a transition.

It is not all about what you can or can’t do when you are trying to eat a plant based diet. This book will teach you everything that you need to know about plant based and how it can benefit your body. It is something that you need to be able to enjoy when it comes to your diet, and you should use the book to make sure that you are doing the plant based diet the right way. The book will help you learn how to do it the right way.

The transition phase of switching to a plant based diet is often the hardest part. You must be careful that you are getting the most amount of nutrients possible and that you are doing it the right way. By following the transition advice in this book, you will be able to learn what you should do when you are thinking of switchingâ?¦starting with the time when you first thought that you might be able to eat a plant based diet. The book has got your back.

All of the advice that is included in the book is backed up by science and has been taken right from the pages of the China Study and other studies that were done proving that a plant based diet is a great way to live for nearly anyone no matter what walk of life they are in. The book includes some valuable information about the studies that were done and what was found during these studies to help save you the hassle that would come with pursuing the studies on your own and trying to find the information.

When you are ready to make the switch or just want to try your hand at vegan cooking, the book will continue to be your guide. It includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even desserts. You’ll never run out of ideas for your meals when you read the book, and you have an idea of all of the different things that you can do with the plant based diet.

You will certainly be surprised with some of the delicious recipes that taste nothing like a plain salad and a lot of the information on the plant based diet that is found in the pages of this book.

You are guaranteed to learn:

  • About the Plant Based Diet
  • How to Transition to Plant Based Eating
  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Lunch Recipes
  • Dinner Recipes
  • China Diet Study
  • And many ways that you can make these recipes your own and fit them to your own desired tastes

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Adrenal Thyroid Connection Cookbook: 50 Natural Treatment Protocol Meals-Break The Connection Between Thyroid And Adrenal Problems(Adrenal Thyroid Revolution)

by Linda Murray

50 Natural Treatment Protocol Meals-Break The Connection Between Thyroid And Adrenal Problems

Feeling Worn-Out, Tired, Exhausted Or Bad All The Time? Do you have a problem with the adrenal glands or the thyroid gland, or both? It is common for those with adrenal fatigue to have some degree of thyroid involvement. And it is also common for those with thyroid problems to have adrenal involvement.

It’s amazing to think that the adrenal glands have so much power over our functioning. When they are working properly they offer balance – providing us with energy when we require it, and helping us feel relaxed when it’s time to rest. The burden is great on our adrenals, and they can become impaired under the heels of long term stress. But we can make small choices that can dramatically impact their functioning for the better. With proper nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and sleep, our body’s natural rhythms will be supported. By reducing stress levels, our adrenal glands will work in harmony with us, and our energy and vitality will be renewed.

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The Bulletproof Money Making Strategy with Binary Options: Beat the Market with the 2Hrs/day tactic

by Razvan Mihailescu

The reason binary options have blown up in the past years lays in the simplicity of
investing and making trades. Still, most of the people that get into binary options
lose all their initial deposit in less than three weeks. After eleven years of Forex trading
and another four years in binary options, I developed a strategy for beginners to avoid
the traps of the market and make significant financial gains in weeks time!

Don’t get me wrong, there is no magic formula in trading, but this book takes away from
weeks of research and failure, that could bring huge financial losses.
The structure of the book allows a reader with no trading experience to make
the first successful trades minutes after finishing the last chapter.

What the book provides:
– a introduction to binary options and the way market works
– the keys of mastering the mental game involved with trading
– tips about choosing a broker
– a full tutorial about charts, indicators, expiry times
and everything else you need to know before starting
– a low risk and efficient money making strategy
that will help you reach financial freedom
– the 2hrs/day schedule that I use for years
– tactics and tricks for beginners
– a guide to risk management and avoiding losses

The goal of this book is helping you in reaching your financial
goals through binary options trading.
To use one of my favorite quotes: “A year from now you will be glad you started today”,
so it’s time to start now and see the benefits on this market beater strategy!

Spice Up Your Rice: A Rice Cookbook with Traditional and International Rice Recipes

by Gordon Rock

Rice is great because it can be a quick and easy but hearty meal for the family, or it can be a nice meal when there are guests over. It can even be a light summer dish or dessert!

In this rice cookbook there are rice recipes for every season and every situation whether it is dressed to impress in an easy but very presentable risotto or a rice salad that while easy to make is anything but a cold, simple and boring dish.

There are rice recipes that can be done in the slow cooker and a great not to sweet dessert.


Instant Pot Cookbook: 50 Wicked Good Recipes You and Your Loved Ones Can Savor Together (International Cuisine)

by Diana Watson

The Instant Pot has and continues to save thousands of women and men time and hassle in the kitchen. Don’t wait to start making delicious meals. The e-book offers a variety of meals anyone can make in little time with less effort. You will love the easy to follow recipes in this e-book. This will be the start of a life-long love of cooking, again.

If you ever thought cooking was a chore, this Instant Pot Cookbook will change your mind. You will save so much time you will be anxious to get back in the kitchen and create something new. You family will fall in love with your cooking like never before and you will have a legacy to pass on to your children. They will want your recipes when they are out of the home.
When the kids volunteer your services to make a dish for the PTA, you will happily agree and eagerly await the opportunity to show off your new-found skills. You will make your family proud and you will be happy to do it. No more scrambling to make a last-minute dish that doesn’t turn out right. Dinner is served.

-Learn how to make great entrée’s you can serve for any meal
-Offers a variety of international and traditional American recipes
-Provides easy to follow instructions in plain language
-No prior experience in the kitchen necessary
-Learn to use your household ingredients for new dishes
-A new way to feed your family they will love and you will too
-Cut cooking time by half or more
-Use much less energy to make the same things you have made for years

Productivity: 2 Manuscripts – Confidence An Ex-SPY’s Guide, Self-Discipline An Ex-SPY’s Guide (Time Management, Anti-Procrastination, Motivation, Willpower, … Mindset) (Spy Self-Help Book 3)

by James Daugherty

Imagine how different your life would be if you knew a way to hack your daily habits to become a highly self-disciplined and productive person.

James Daugherty is an intelligence expert & former CIA Spy who specializes in all forms of human behavior. There are many unique skills required for the job, but there is one thing that makes everything else tick, productivity. A spy would be worthless without high output.

Productivity: An Ex-SPY’s guide is designed to help you with just that. It is a combination of the following two books to help you with productivity, anti-procrastination and time management techniques for success and the confidence to put them into play.

(Confidence: An Ex-SPY’S guide to build unwavering confidence & override social anxiety to win in any situation)

In this eye-opening & engaging book, Daugherty gives readers a firsthand look into the trials & tribulations he dealt with in the field as a CIA operative & no nonsense guide revealing how to:

  • Build general overriding confidence (that lasts).
  • Step by step strategies to overcome limiting beliefs.
  • Prepping for important â??missions’ (interviews, meetings, dates) you have prior warning for.
  • Positive visualisation techniques
  • Breakdown on the OODA loop process to efficiently deal with stressful situations
  • Spy tactics to deal with social anxiety on the fly.

Confidence is a mixture of fascinating anecdotes combined with the scientific rationale to back up the author’s advice. The clever confidence tricks described will help you in all areas of life from professional career, relationships and ultimately your future success.

(Self Discipline: An EX-Spy’s guide to hack your daily habits to build unshakeable Self-Control, laser sharp focus, extreme productivity & eliminate procrastination without the need for willpower)

In this insightful and functional book, Daugherty gives readers a firsthand look into the trials & tribulations he dealt with in the field as a CIA operative & no nonsense guide revealing how to:

  • Understand the basic cognitive principles on how the brain actually works
  • The nature of a â??habit loop’
  •  Why it’s critical to identify bad habits & replace them with better ones
  • Tactics to help you naturally cultivate a self-disciplined mindset
  • Strategies to help with delaying gratification & preventing procrastination
  • Day-to-Day habits of a spy to develop extreme productivity
  • Implementing â??Habit Pyramiding’ for exponential progress
  • CIA Fitness Training Principles for fast results

â?¦ and much more.

An Ex-Spy’s guide to Self-Discipline is a mixture of methodical methods combined with the scientific rationale to back up the author’s advice. The clever self-discipline and habit tricks described will help you in all areas of life from health & fitness, career, relationships and everything in between.

Intermittent Fasting: Intermittent Fasting to Enjoy Appetite Control, To Lose Weight and Enjoy Life (Intermittent Fasting, Appetite Control, Weight Loss, Fat Burning,Dieting)

by Nathan Spinelli


We live in an abundance of calories. They are everywhere and it is sometimes hard to determine how many calories one is actually eating. At times of stress, or in good company, calories creep up into our lives without us even aware they are there. 

This book will help you learn the basics of different methods of intermittent fasting as well as techniques that will help with the fasting process to make appetite go away and the ability to burn off weight increase. A common problem with weight gain is that habits and lifestyle aren’t sustainable and ultimately fail. This is where fasting comes into play. It can help you gain confidence over your diet and create patterns that are easy to maintain over a long period of time, true halmarks of a healthy life.

Begin Fasting Now and Lose Weight While Still Enjoying Great Food!

This Book Includes:

  • Schedules For the Different Types of Fasting
  • Scientific References to Refer Back To
  • Help in Determining Macro Nutrients
  • A Quick Reference for Supplements and Calorie Calculation
  • Tips on Reducing Cravings and Hunger

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INSTANT POT COOKBOOK: Healthy, Easy & Delicious Electric Pressure Cooker BEEF Recipes! (Instant Pot Slow Cooker -Electric pressure cooker cookbook Book 4)

by Maria Hopkins

Cooking for two? No problem – this book contains Instant Pot Recipes that cater to two people. And that is part of what makes this book so special.

Beef Pressure Cooker Cookbook

When you are under pressure at work, the last thing that you want to do is to have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing dinner. You want to take some time off to completely relax.
But cooking takes so long – takeout is so much easier!
Now you don’t need to make a trade-off between saving time in the kitchen and eating healthy food.
With your pressure cooker,

you can prepare tasty meals from scratch in less than half the time it would take normally.

In addition, aside from frying your onions, pressure cooking is largely a dump-and-go operation.
Put the food in the pot, set your timer and spend your time doing something more fun. I am sure that you can come up with something more fun than sweating over a hot stove.


Pressure cooking is easy, it is fun and it saves a lot of time and effort.
Most recipe books for pressure cookers focus on cooking for a family. It’s no surprise – pressure cookers are great for that as well.
But if you’re only cooking for two


For healthy and tasty recipes for two people, check out this book.

Instant Pot Vegan Cookbook: Healty, Easy, Cheap Instant Pot Recipes And China Diet Study With Plant Based Diet Included (Instant Pot Cookbook, Plant Based Diet, China Diet Study, Vegan Book 1)

by Gabriel Montana

Use These Guidelines Of Super Healthy Instant Pot Vegan Recipes And Start Treating Your Body How It Deserves Today!

The Instant Pot was designed to be a pressure cooker, but you will find that it is so much more than that. The cooker has many different functions and has different settings so that you will be able to cook different things. This is something that has been made available to you so that you will be able to get the most out of it.
Using your Instant Pot will not only allow you to take a much shorter time when you are cooking, but it will also give you the many options that come along with it. The Instant Pot is designed to cook healthy food in a short amount of time and with minimal effort compared to other methods of cooking.
When you use your Instant Pot to cook the meals that you want, you will not have to worry about your kitchen getting overly hot from the oven, you’ll have meals that are prepared quickly and easily, and you can help improve your overall health by cooking meals that are nutritious.
The Instant Pot Vegan Cookbook will give you all of the recipes that you need to make sure that you are right on track with where you want to be. The recipes are quick and delicious.
The best part about this cookbook is that it won’t cost you a fortune to be able to eat in a way that is good for you and sustainable for the earth. No matter what your reasons are for being a vegan or if you just like vegan recipes, you can feel good about making them because they are all affordable!
We want to make sure that vegans have access to affordable recipes that they don’t have to sacrifice a fortune for. This cookbook shows that having easy, healthy and affordable recipes all in one place can be done for vegans.

Here Is A Sneak Peek Of What You Will Learn

  • Breakfasts
  • Lunches
  • Dinners
  • Desserts
  • And Much Much More Useful Information…

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Photoshop: The Complete Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners – Learn How to Start Using Photoshop and Creating World Class Photos!

by Micheal Stanley


The Complete Photoshop Tutorial for Beginners – Learn How to Start Using Photoshop and Creating World Class Photos!

Greetings! It is a full guide for the people who are interested in Adobe Photoshop. It provides a real learning in editing photos. Nowadays, people are becoming aware of utilizing the modern methods to amend their difficulties with the help of e-books.

I have written everything you require knowing and learning about the Adobe Photoshop and the photo editing. This book is a marvelous creation by me to make you fully command on Adobe Photoshop. I have written in detail about the techniques of utilizing Photoshop and photo editing.

The useful tips and tricks for using Adobe Photoshop are also described in this guide. After reading this e-book, the feeling you will get will be editing like an expert. The new techniques for freelance writers are written here.

At the end of the book, I have tried my level best to teach you about the scope of the Adobe Photoshop. These are the different editing styles which editors utilize to make a picture more attractive and presentable.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Chapter 01: Method of Opening Images in Photoshop
  • Chapter 02: Method of Creating New Documents in Photoshop
  • Chapter 03: Understanding the Concept of Layers in Photoshop
  • Chapter 04: Scaling and Resizing of Images in Photoshop
  • Chapter 05: The Scope of Adobe Photoshop

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Delightful Organic Homemade Bath Bombs Recipe Book. : Recipes For All Occasions: Therapeutic Effects, Relaxation, Stress Relief, and Romance.

by Nora Robson

Lowest price for several hours only $0.99 WAS $4.99
Do you want to impress your loved ones by giving a great present with a personal touch? Yet, you don’t know how to make lush bath bombs?
Definitely, this homemade bath bombs recipe book is all you need. You can create your own natural and healthy bath bombs using your favorite fragrance. You will become a master of skin softness with these relaxing bath bombs and other recipes.
There are many reasons to use this Homemade Natural and Organic bath bombs recipes book:
1) Natural and organic ingredients only
2) Therapeutical effects
3) Easy, step-by-step recipes with photos
4) Bath bomb recipes for beginners and experienced soap makers
5) Perfect detailed book
6) Recipes for relaxation and stress relief
This book is an excellent present. Impress your loved ones and get this limited edition book now.
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Enjoy and Relax.

BUILD SOCIAL MEDIA CONFIDENCE: Skyrocket Your Business, Convert Your Social Media Followers Into Business Dollars

by Sachin Kumar

A Book That Actually Teaches You How to Skyrocket Your Business in Today’s Online World

Increase Your Profits with Social Media Marketing Platforms

Learn about new platforms and drive organic traffic free.

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Unlock the Secrets to Social Media Marketing Success – Now!


*** In This Book You will learn ***
– Video to List to Offer Strategy to Make Money from YouTube!
– How to Produce Content to Increase Your Sales
– Easy Steps to Produce Content that will Increase Your Sales
– Top Methods to Optimize Your Posts to Keep Customers Following You
– Every Trick to Get People to Willingly Spread Your Content
– How to Make Your FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, QUORA, GOOGLE PLUS, STUMBLEUPON, REDDIT Marketing more Effective and Efficient
– Best Tips to Increase Your Business’ Success
– Grow your Twitter following fast with relevant Twitter followers
– Get more engagement with your Tweets
– Drive more traffic to your website, blog
– Create a perfect Twitter profile page
– Effectively use hashtags on Twitter
– How To Build social media marketing strategy in 2017 for online business
– Tips on lead generation marketing strategies
– Tips on how to convert followers into business
– How to get traffic and sales for small business & branding
– Social media engagement tactics
– Use Twitter’s Advanced Search feature
– Connect with industry influencers and become an influencer
– Use Twitter lists the right way and Participate in Twitter chats
– Leverage the power of images on Twitter
– Build an audience and Grow your YouTube channel

Much, much more, tips, tricks.

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CROCHET: A Beginners Guide To Crochet (Crochet Patterns, Crochet Stitches, Crochet For Beginners)

by Nancy Ross



Whether you are interested in learning the basics that you need for starting crochet, relieve stress, or for the sheer enjoyment of crocheting this book can help you.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Basics That You Need for Starting Crochet
  • Learning Some of the Basic Stitches
  • Decreasing
  • Increasing
  • Joining Yarn
  • Fastening Off
  • Sewing Together
  • Much, Much, More!

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