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The No-Jargon Guide to Taking Better Photos of Your Kids at Home

by Maria Frank

You don’t need fancy gear or editing software to drastically improve your photography! This is your non-technical guide to improving the photos you take of your kids … at home … every day. It’s filled with practical tips about light, perspective, and timing (all of which you already have!). The author includes a build-your-own studio guide at the end of the book, created from items found at home. This ebook will clue you in to how photographers think!

PIANO : HOW TO PLAY PIANO: A beginners guide and lessons on how to learn and practice using simple techniques on the keyboard (Piano Lessons, Music lessons Book 1)

by Ryan Smith

Discover how to play the piano

You’re about to discover how to play the piano by using simple and effective methods. It involves the principles behind techniques and a number of exercises that you could work on at home. Additionally, it gives you a few things to take note of while practicing.

The secret to becoming one is to understand proper piano playing techniques. By knowing and following these, you could speed up your progress in your piano playing journey. Piano technique is a mental exercise for better communication between your brain, nerves, and muscles. Technique is the primary focus of many exercises for beginners.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is the proper piano technique
  • How to create a practice routine
  • How to develop piano technique
  • How to relax while playing piano
  • How to break and prevent bad habits
  • What exercise books to use
  • Much, much more!

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Architecting Interaction: How to Innovate through Interactions

by Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

Stephanie A. Hughes is part of a new generation of architects that operate beyond the “nowadays-restrained realm of architecture”, and believes that the most sustainable innovation will happen at the intersection of different fields. In her new book, Hughes investigates how contexts can be designed to foster human interactions; specifically the interactions needed in workplaces such as collaboration, learning, creativity and innovation.

After reflecting on the fragmented state of the world today and explaining why she believes that innovation is a necessity, Stephanie dives into the comprehensive dynamics of innovation and reveals that the roots of innovation are to be found in interactions. “We cannot design interactions”, Stephanie says, “instead we need to design the contexts for interactions”. And indeed, Stephanie shares the step by step process that explains how you can create your contexts to foster interactions and stimulate innovation.

Marriage Games: Turn Your Bedroom Into A BDSM Dungeon

by More Sex More Fun Book Club

Boring sex life?

Take action and do something about it!

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50 shades of Grey took the world by storm and made BDSM more popular than ever. People around the globe turned their bedrooms into bdsm dungeons! However, somewhere along those lines a lot of information about the bdsm came across as very dangerous and super offensive. It is time to shine some well deserved bright light on bdsm and get the real information out there.

By reading this book you will get 57 ready-to-use bdsm roleplays. They are divided in to easy, medium and hard to make sure they suit you in the best possible way.

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