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MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Rumspringa Break

by Cassandra Michaels

This is a sweet/clean Amish Christian Romance with no explicit scenes. However, some bonus stories may contain explicit scenes!

Grace and John have spent their young lives together in the rural Amish village. As they approach adulthood, they decide to put their love to the test and see if they are meant to be together or if fate has different plans.

Through family, friends, and heartache they embark on the journey of Rumspringa to see if their love can stand the test of separation, and if they will one day return to rekindle the flame that burned so bright before they left.

They both are tempted, and their faith in love and friendship is challenged. Will the love of another end what they once had, or will their trust and faith in each other be enough to resist temptation and endure the uncertainty and distance that life throws their way?

MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Sisters of Faith

by Cassandra Michaels

This is a sweet/clean Amish Christian Romance with no explicit scenes, with a surprise BONUS inside!

CAUTION: While the main book is clean, some bonus stories may contain explicit scenes!

Hannah and Miriam Miller are two sisters. They do everything together, and always have.

Ever since their mother passed away when they were young, Miriam made it a point to turn Hannah into a younger version of herself, and she would have succeeded.

There is just one issue.

Hannah is her own person. She has her own skills, her own mind, and her own likesâ?¦which becomes a problem when they both like the same man!

Who is going to be the one to get the guy? The girl with all of the skills and the tricks of the trade, or the girl who has a heart of gold?

Only one of them can marry the man of their dreams, but the choice is his to make. Which of them is he going to pick?

Will their father even give his blessing on the marriage?

MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Cornfield Confessions

by Ponderosa Publishing

**Get 32000+ Words Of Heart-Melting Clean Amish Romance With A Free Bonus Included!**

These collection includes:

Sisters of Faith

The Amish Arrangement

Rumspringa Break

Download these collections now and treat yourself to this inspirational heart-warming collection!

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