Free philosophy Kindle books for 18 Feb 17

Un llamamiento de Shirin Ebadi al mundo: El profeta no quiso decir eso (Spanish Edition)

by Shirin Ebadi

Shirin Ebadi, iraní, musulmana, jurista y ganadora del premio Nobel de la Paz, ha sufrido en su propia piel la violencia, la represión y el terrorismo. Eso la ha convertido en la luchadora por los derechos humanos y activista por la libertad y la estabilidad que es hoy en día. Sus armas son las palabras; pues solo con ellas se convence a las personas de que la religión no puede servir jamás como justificación para el asesinato y la violencia.

The Last Mask

by Ray N. Kuili

When Norm, a Boston businessman on a trip to Tokyo, gets into a random bar conversation with a stranger, all he expects to get out of it are some tips on Japanese etiquette. Instead, he quickly finds himself in an odd discussion about masks he wears every day, midlife crisis and happiness. As their conversation gets stranger and stranger, Norm starts questioning everything he thought he knew about himself ­­– and about what it means to be happy.

Ellie, Joel, and the Last of Us

by Russell Madden

A 4100 word essay that analyzes the 2013 PlayStation exclusive game, “The Last of Us” from Naughty Dog. Particular attention is given to evaluating the controversial ending and the opposing choices the various characters make, especially the decisions and actions of Ellie, Joel, and Marlene. WARNING: Game spoilers are included throughout the essay. Now with a new addendum critiquing comments by the game’s writer.

This essay is for anyone who understands and appreciates freedom, who fights for individual rights and morality, who knows that rational self-interest is the essence of a proper life. This essay is for those people who understand â?? or want to understand â?? the actual meaning of the philosophical/political/moral concepts of collectivism, statism, and altruism (a la Comte).

This essay is for those agree that we are not property; that we are not to be used via force by others for their, rather than our own ends. Our lives do, in fact, belong to us. Ignoring that idea has, indeed, led to all the worse atrocities governments and dictators have committed against innocent people across all the ages.

People and civilization have progressed throughout history precisely to the extent that they have abandoned statism, collectivism, and Comte’s version of altruism. The evidence is obvious for anyone willing to see. Compare N. vs S. Korea; Hong Kong vs old China; the U.S. vs the U.S.S.R.; West Germany vs East Germany; the West vs the East; on and on.

This essay is for anyone who actually understands that ideas do, in fact, matter, and that ignorance, obtuseness, and evasion are not signs of rationality, intelligence, or accomplishment.

(For an analysis of the DLC, “Left Behind,” see “The Last of Us Left Behind by Ellie and Riley”

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