Free reference Kindle books for 18 Feb 17

Teacher Talk: A Collection of Magazine Articles for Teachers (Book 1)

by Marsha Marie

Teacher Talk, Book 1 is a collection of magazine articles that were written in 2012 while Marsha Marie was writing for a

local family magazine in the United Arab Emirates. This free e-book series of four volumes is a great addition to any

teacher’s library–especially new teachers. More information about Marsha Marie can be found at 

Investing For Beginners: Value Invest like a Pro, Generate Positive Cash flow and Become Financial Free (Personal Finance Book 3)

by Christian Beach

Start value investing like the pros on Wall Street!!
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Tired of invest your precious time in exchange for money?

No more 9-5. No more trading time for money. No more rat race. That is what you will get if you put in the time and effort to become great at value investing. Building up your portfolio does not take as much time as you might think!

And another cool thing. You don’t need to start with much money.

The most important thing. Take Action!

Christian Beach, the author of this book, will walk you through this class about investing for beginners and cover everything you need to know to start your journey to financial freedom!
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Making it Werk: A Dancer’s Guide to the Business of Professional Dance

by Michelle Loucadoux

In this start-to-finish guide to the business side of dance, professional dancer Michelle Loucadoux and world-renowned dance agent Shelli Margheritis offer invaluable tips and tricks of the trade from both sides of the audition table. From starting a career in dance through transitioning out of the business, this book discusses the details of training, finding representation, working on set, dance unions, networking, auditioning, branding, and creating a sustainable career as a professional dancer. This is an absolute must read for current or aspiring dance professionals working in any facet of the dance industry.

The Constitution at Your Dinner Table

by T.J. McKenna

Your stepping stone to understanding the U.S. Constitution. This book sets out our founding document like a great dinner table conversation complete with funny stories that bring the Constitution to life. We’ll have a quick appetizer (the Preamble) and then skip straight to the kids favorite part of the meal…dessert (The Bill of Rights). Of course we come back to the meat and potatoes (Articles I-VII) and even leave room for some after dinner coffee (Amendments XI-XXVI). If you need a little salt and pepper you’ll find it sprinkled throughout the text in the form of funny and insightful comments and the dinner conversation will never get slow as “Dinner Table Conversation Starters” appear regularly to take you one step beyond what you’ve learned in the text.

BABABOUCHE – Emma und Babou und die Prinzessin Doppelmopps: Kapitel 5 + 6 + 7 (German Edition)

by Béatrice Böhm

Kapitel 5 + 6 + 7 / 20 (143 Seiten, viele vierfarbige Illustrationen)
Endlich hat Prinzessin Doppelmopps ihre zwei wundervollen Freunde gefunden, die immer bei ihr sind: Die Baby-Hunde Emma und Babou. In diesen Kapiteln geht es um viel Aufregung im Schlossgarten, einen geheimen Schatz und spannende Momente nachts im Palmenwald.

Mit jedem Kapitel werden wieder 10 neue Vokabeln ganz spielerisch in Englisch gelernt und einfach mit vorgelesen, sodass die Kinder aus dem Kontext heraus deren Bedeutung intuitiv erfassen. So macht Fremdsprachenlernen Freude!

Ergänzt wird das Projekt “Bababouche” durch ein Computerspiel, in dem die Vokabeln aus dem Abenteuermärchenbuch – auch mit Memory-Spielen – wiederholt werden und weiterhin durch eine Musik-CD, die die Stimmung des schönen Lebens im Königreich auch akustisch inszeniert.

Leseproben und weitere Informationen unter

Hinweis: Das ist aufgrund der vielen detailreichen Illustrationen zum Lesen im Querformat angelegt und enthält als Bonus bei einigen Kapiteln instrumentale und sphärische Musikstücke, oft untermalt mit Naturgeräuschen, die bei Klick auf den Button zu Beginn des jeweiligen Kapitels auf vielen Geräten – z.B. dem Kindle HDX 8.9 – abgespielt werden können. Das kann auch auf dem iPhone, iPad oder Android Phone und Android Tablet der neueren Generationen gelesen werden.

Otto in missione segreta (Italian Edition)

by Elisabetta Rusconi

Otto un extraterrestre giunge sulla Terra alla ricerca della vita. Il suo scopo è conoscere i molti aspetti dalla vita terrestre. All’inizio incontra difficoltà perché le istruzioni che gli sono state date sono generiche o troppo complesse. Poi incontra Pirì che lo aiuterà a conoscere la varietà viventi.
Otto può completare la sua missione e trova un pianeta in pessime condizioni a causa di una sola specie: consegna un rapporto ai suoi superiori in cui elenca i danni che la specie H.sapiens sta facendo alla vita sul pianeta Terra.
Otto tornerà sulla Terra per consegnare ai terrestri un documento per aiutarli a proteggere il Pianeta.

Commonplace Physicando ….qua e là (Italian Edition)

by Francesca Romana Beneo

Ã? possibile scoprire la fisica pattinando su ghiaccio? In questa avventura la protagonista lo fa e tu puoi farlo insieme a lei.

Elaborato finale del Corso Comics & Graphic Novel per Insegnare e Apprendere, a cura di Alberto Pian & Elisabetta Serrao – ANITeL (Associazione Nazionale Tutor eLearning) 2016/2017

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