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What if … I was a fish

by Cally Finsbury

What If â?¦ I Was A Fish
Are you looking for a children’s book that is highly entertaining and will encourage your child to communicate confidently and logically?
Did you know that good things can happen out of the most unlikely of situations?
Meet the Blooms
Meet Amy Bloom. She is six years old, full of curiosity, constantly thinking and always asking questions.
Meet Amy’s mother, Mrs Bloom, she does her best to answer Amy’s questions and help her navigate through the mysteries and challenges in life.
Meet Amy’s dad, Mr Bloom, he does his best to help and guide Amy, just as Amy’s mother does, but in his own special way.
Amy has a question; she wants to know what it would be like if she was a fish. Amy has a wonderful time using her imagination, picturing what it would be like to be a fish.
Follow the adventures of Amy. This is an excellent read for early and beginning readers. Each story contains an important moral and lesson. With cute and bright illustrations for younger readers, questions and fun ideas.
These stories are great for quick bedtime stories and to be read aloud with friends and family!
-Excellent for encouraging early and beginning readers
-Great for reading aloud with friends and family
-Fun short stories that are great for a quick bedtime story

This book is particularly great for traveling, waiting rooms, and being read aloud at home.

iPhone 7 Manual: A complete user guide

by Patrick Dempsey

iPhone 7 Manual

The iPhone 7 is an awesome device with lot of useful features. This book is put together with some stunning images to show you what you can get from an iPhone.

It is easy to get lost in the ton of options available in any smartphone. You will not only get to understand the basics of an iPhone 7 like what you can do with a 3D touch but also advanced security features that keeps your information safe.

In this book, you will learn what the key hardware and software features you will find really useful and also some advanced features to secure your iPhone.

By using this book, you will also learn about:

  • Camera options
  • Home button options
  • Siri
  • How to reboot your iPhone
  • How to keep your iPhone secure
  • How to find your iPhone if lost
  • How to remotely wipe data from your iPhone

Get this book now and start enjoying your iPhone’s awesome features!!!

Coding Creative Remix 1 – dal Coding al Fumetto (Italian Edition)

by Serena Zanotti

Questo libro è il risultato di un remix creativo di un precedente lavoro di coding.
Lo scopo di questa pubblicazione è duplice: presentare questo lavoro ad altri insegnanti per dare uno spunto, un’idea di lezione da poter riutilizzare e dare il giusto merito al lavoro degli studenti che hanno contribuito a realizzarlo.

Lo scorso marzo 2016 il Miur ha proposto il contest “Codi-Amo”, cui ogni classe della scuola Primaria dell’Istituto Santa Teresa di Gesù ha partecipato con un proprio elaborato, utilizzando specifici livelli della piattaforma di
Alla Scuola Primaria veniva chiesto di creare una storia e realizzarla con il Codice.
Poiché l’elaborato doveva essere unico per ogni classe, abbiamo pensato di lavorare tutti insieme, per far sì che il lavoro finale raccogliesse spunti, idee, partecipazione di tutti, tanto da rappresentare la classe intera.

Guardando insieme il lavoro finale, ci siamo accorti che somigliava molto ad un fumetto e anche ad un cartone animato� così abbiamo pensato che il nostro lavoro di Storytelling e Coding potesse essere ulteriormente arricchito, trasformandolo proprio in un fumetto digitale e in un piccolo videoclip.
In questa collana di libri il racconto delle nostre storie!

This book is the result of a creative remix of a previous work on coding.
The purpose of this publication is twofold: to present this work to other teachers to give a hint, a lesson idea they can reuse in their lessons; give due credit to the work of the students who helped to make it happen.

Last March 2016 the Ministry of Education proposed the contest “Codi-Amo”(in Italian this is a play on words meaning “we love coding”) which each of the classes of Santa Teresa di Gesù Primary School joined with their own work, by using the online platforms provided by
Primary School was asked to create a “Story” by using compulsory the programming toolkit on these web sites.
Since the proposed work had to be only one for each class, we decided to work together in order to make the final work contain shared insights and ideas, that could represent the entire class.

Looking at the final work presented at the contest, we realized that it looked a lot like a comic book and like a cartoon too, but… it was silent.
So we thought that our work Storytelling and Coding could be further enriched, turning right into a digital comic and a small video clip.
In this series of books the story of our stories!

The park (Attitude matters & Creative thinking)

by Cally Finsbury

This is Charlie he loves to run and explore.
A wonderful place to explore is the park.
I can see so many different things. My mind helps me to create different things. Sometimes, I play hide and seek, or treasure hunt. My favourite game is exploring my surroundings whilst being something incredible, like a knight or ninja. What will you do when you go to the park?

The Science Club Handbook: The complete blueprint for opening Science Club at your school

by Alan Small

The Science Club Handbook is a step-by-step guide to help teachers quickly plan, organize, and maintain a Science Club at their school. Science Club is the perfect tool for helping students enjoy Science without adding to a teacher’s work load.

With the Science Club Handbook, teachers will move easily from “How does Science Club work?” to “My kids will love this!”

The strategies and techniques in The Science Club Handbook provide a complete blueprint to help teachers IMMEDIATELY open a Science Club that brings learning excitement back to the classroom for both teachers and students!

Spanish Words For Kids: Cartoon Fun!

by Elliot Carruthers

Spanish Words For Kids! Perfect for kids! Fun cartoons make learning Spanish words fun! Guess the word!

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