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Dead Ringer

by William Cone

In early 1944, the shadows of defeat are stretching over Nazi Germany, but deep within the Third Reich, Hitler’s scientists successfully test a new weapon of incredible power- an atomic bomb. Allied intelligence reports indicate more of these weapons will soon be assembled and loaded aboard a German U-boat. The submarine’s mission is uncomplicated-destroy London and bring the Allies to their knees. A team of American operatives is formed to hijack the U-boat and it’s deadly cargo but Roosevelt and Churchill know the odds of the mission succeeding are next to impossible. In an astonishing wartime twist of fate, a German officer, thought to be dead, inexplicably reappears and is brought to London for interrogation. Is he a clever agent sent by the Gestapo to mislead the Allies, or the one man who can take the team deep behind enemy lines, through the rampant paranoia of the Nazi regime and onto the submarine without arousing suspicion? An alternate history adventure with an impeccable sense of time and place, William Cone’s debut is an action-packed, white-knuckled thriller that is as relentless as it is entertaining. A riveting tale of intrigue, valor and sacrifice, DEAD RINGER presents the desperate struggle of a world on the brink and those who risk everything to save it. Join the team as they race through the danger of war torn Europe towards a final explosive confrontation with the Fuhrer himself.

Cold Factor (Grey & McLaughlin plc)

by Klaus Schirmer

In May 2014 Saudi Arabia withdraws from OPEC and global oil markets are thrown into disarray. In August 2015 protracted negotiations between Europe and Russia for the supply of gas to major European economies fail. France, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Italy and in particular Germany are faced with an energy crisis of monumental proportions. Then in November 2015 the coldest winter ever recorded descends on Europe. With hopelessly insufficient supplies of oil and gas, no viable alternative energy sources and people dying from exposure, Europe is confronted with full blown anarchy. Suspecting foul play and with time fast running out, the American government, unable to conduct covert missions in the country they suspect after a blown intelligence operation and desperate to restore world economic order, resorts to unconventional methods. They call on Grey & McLaughlin plc. With only fourteen days to establish who orchestrated the current crisis, the London based security company must use everything at their disposal to successfully solve this sensitive global problem.

“Cold Factor has it all – plot, pace and action. The action and the tracing of the complex and well thought-out plot are well-balanced with no chance of falling asleep while waiting for the action to happen.”

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Romance: Stepbrother SEAL’s Secret: (Bad Boy Alphas Military Romance) (Navy SEAL Pregnancy Billionaire Short Stories)

by Kristen Chase

People like me never got guys like him.
Hayden was an incredibly carved piece of muscular art and I was more of the large cushioned blow up doll you use for one night and never look back.

But Hayden was about to become the best stepbrother I could have ever asked for, and in more ways than one. I know that sounds strange, but it didn’t feel strange at all. It felt right.

It was right.
It scared me alright, but it excited me even more.

But what would happen when he would leave again for six months? My Navy SEAL lover would surely forget about me.

And when he gets back and sees my pregnant belly ready to pop? I’m sure he will wish he never even knew me to begin with.

**This is an 8,000 word Romance Short Story and your copy of Stepbrother SEAL’s Secret includes 20+ BONUS ROMANCE BOOKS (approx. 8,000 words each)!**

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WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

Mit uns flog der Tod: Deutsche Jagdflieger im Einsatz (German Edition)

by Ron Pauder

Zwei deutsche Jagdflieger der Legion Condor, die mit ihren Me 109 den Flug einiger Transporter vom Typ Ju 52 sichern sollen, verlieren über den Höhen der Sierra de Gredos die Gewalt über ihre Maschinen. Sie stürzen ab, können sich jedoch mit den Fallschirmen retten und kämpfen sich schlie�lich durch unwirtliches Gelände bis an den Tajo, der sich südlich von Madrid hinzieht. An diesem Fluss treffen sie zwar auf Gegner, gelangen schlie�lich aber doch noch zu den eigenen Stellungen und werden danach als Spione eingesetzt.
Sie erkunden Pläne der kommunistischen Interbrigaden, übermitteln sie und entgehen dabei nur knapp der Exekution.

Nach dem Spanienkrieg treffen sich die beiden bei der Luftwaffe im Zweiten Weltkrieg wieder und meinen, die Heimat müsse in fremden Ländern verteidigt werden, ebenso wie man das heute jungen Menschen vorlügt, dass es die Freiheit sei, die es dort zu schützen gelte.

Die beiden Freunde sind nun mit den Stukas Ju 87 im ständigen Einsatz. Von Nordfrankreich geht es zum Bombardement in den Kanal, sie verwüsten den Hafen von Dover, ziehen weiter nördlich ins Landesinnere von England, kämpfen später auch mit der He 111 am nördlichsten Teil der Ostfront und bekommen dann ihren letzten Befehl . . .

Military Romance: CHOSEN (Contemporary Steamy Alpha Male Virgin Navy SEAL Romance) (Young Adult Action & Adventure Romance Short Stories Book 1)

by Carla Parker

A Standalone Short Story with No Cliffhanger!

Teresa Cobbs, trying to recover from heartache, decides to move into a small town with her daughter Sarah. After years of enduring John’s verbal abusive, Teresa’s patience ran dry when she discovered John in bed with another woman.

Trying to start over, she drunkenly selects a small town named Troy in Montana as the place where she will go. On her first day in town she meets Dan and Evan Lewis, cousins. Both couldn’t be any different from each other.

Teresa soon finds herself caught in a love triangle. Dan is safe and he takes great care of her and Sarah. But Evan, Evan is exciting. Evan is a Navy SEAL Officer home on leave. He’s handsome and charismatic. To top it off, Evan and Teresa seem to fit together perfectly.

Teresa must decide which Lewis she wants. Who will ultimately win Teresa’s heart? Safe Dan, or exciting Evan?

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WARNING: It contains mature language and content, intended for 18+ readers only!

The Forgotten We: Massacre at Srebrenica

by Hamid Majid Abbasi

23 years old Ahmer Buric, a victom of Srebrenica genocide (1995), finds refuge by returning to the same place 15 years later from Pecs (Hungary) where he lost all, that summer. Raised in a foster home after his family being massacred along with over 8000 Bosniaks, he struggles to find the meaning of life. Its a never ending battle between living, and living dead.

The Great War

by Norman Scorsese

The Great War is two years old and shows no sign of ending soon. The revered “Originals” of the Third Battalion are becoming a rarer breed with each passing day. As new replacements fill the spots of their fallen comrades, they must decide whether to remain with the battalion, or accept a safe “bombproof” job away from their friends, obligations, and identities as Originals of the Third.

The Great War is a novel in three parts and takes place over one year in 1916-1917. Parallel stories set after the war provide glimpses into the lives of the survivors and how the decisions they made and hardships they endured continue to affect their lives long after they have returned home.

Letters From War

by Elsa N. Neuman

He looked at the address: To Miss Setsu Kimura, Escuela Internacional, Buenos Aires.

The handwriting was his best and he had flourished the capital letters to make sure that his effort was emphasised.

“Here goes something, or nothing,” he thought, as he smoothed the envelope again and moved toward the letter box with trepidation to post the letter, allowing himself a lingering grip before finally dropping it through the slot.

With the guiding hand of matchmaker Vero Hernandez, Ben and Setsu’s letters somehow find their way across the miles. From England to Argentina, then on to New Zealand and Japan, a secret love is kept alive against the odds for two young people who find themselves on opposing sides of the turmoil in the dying days of the war in the Pacific.

The sword of the healing: saving my community from extremist

by raymond koech

Thirsty for justice after government fails to provide them with the security, a community sees the sword as their only Savior. Following series of attacks by Militia which results in thousands losing their lives. they train secretly their Amateur Morans to avenge for the community. a deadly war arises in the militia valley which changes everything.

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