Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 20 Feb 17

Suma de Rebus : [Spanish: ‘Sum of Rebus’]

by L. A. Braun

¿Es verdadera la Piedra Filosofal? Sí, es real y su sabiduría se explica en términos claros y sencillos dentro de este libro. Este libro presenta a los lectores la sorprendente verdad real de la Piedra Filosofal. Léelo hoy.

The Servant that Became the Master

by Sheila Woolum

Hope within the Beauty of time when none was named ,other than in a Palace within the heart of that which was stolen form a Mother “

YOU CAN READ MUSIC (Techniques for Teaching & Conducting High School & Adult Choirs Book 2)

by Duane S. Crowther

Throughout the world there are millions of people who never learned to read music. That’s sad! If you’re one of them, think of all the wonderful sounds, ideas, feelings and experiences you can enjoy once you’ve learned music’s alphabet and vocabulary.

Learning to read music is easy! It won’t be difficult! You can learn the basics of music in just a few hours. This short book tells you exactly what you need to know. In fact, it does more than that–it organizes the information into useful groups of related ideas so you can learn music in an easily understood, orderly fashion.

You Can Read Music is written in brief, carefully organized lessons. You can study it individually. If you do, you’ll find that the concepts are explained so clearly that you’ll be able to understand them without outside help.

But You Can Read Music can be used as a brief textbook too. Elementary school teachers can use it to teach their students. Middle School and High School Choir directors can strengthen their choirs by presenting the lessons in brief segments as part of their daily rehearsal schedule. Private piano instructors can teach the lessons as part of the weekly course of study they outline for their students. Parents can use the book to teach their children, and if they don’t know the basics of music, reading it is a wonderful way to acquire their own musical literacy.

You can feel confident that when you’ve mastered the ideas presented in this book, you’ll truly be knowledgeable in the music-reading process. You’ll be musically literate, and you’ll know for sure that YOU CAN READ MUSIC!!

A Window to Another Dimension: The art of Orna Ben-Shoshan

by Orna Ben-Shoshan

Open your mind through unforgettable art

The pictures in this book show visions from alternative realities, existing parallel to our known physical world. These visions were brought onto the canvas in a unique artistic technique by artist Orna Ben-Shoshan. Every detail in the images conveys deep spiritual significance and opens a door to subconscious sources and insightful inspiration. The innocent figures in the images live in worlds free of evil or conflict. Ben-Shoshan’s art offers an unforgettable visit to these utopian realities, where spirit governs matter.

Art that speaks directly to the unconscious

Ben-Shoshan’s artwork speaks directly to the heart. Her pictures touch the viewer with a unique atmosphere and exceptional images, speaking beyond words, concepts, or artistic knowledge. The paintings were created in a long and meticulous process, and demonstrate a rare level of technical perfection. They are brought to you here in Premium Color and high resolution.

Take a glimpse into parallel dimensions of existence and come back with insight and inspiration

Orna Ben-Shoshan is an acclaimed Israeli painter. As an autodidact artist, she never attained formal art education. Being qualified as a graphic designer and illustrator, she developed her distinct style along many years of painting and experimenting. In 1982 she moved to the U.S.A and started her career as a professional artist. Since then, her artwork has been exhibited in numerous galleries, solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Europe and Israel.

Las ciudades del futuro: inteligentes, digitales y sostenibles (Spanish Edition)

by AA. VV.

Las ciudades son los motores de las economías de los países y proveedoras de bienes y servicios públicos decisivos para el bienestar y la cohesión social de sus habitantes y visitantes. El crecimiento de las ciudades de forma más o menos ordenada y planificada genera múltiples retos a todos, en especial, a quienes la gobiernan y administran.
Las necesarias mejoras de eficiencia en la gestión de los servicios públicos de carácter urbano; de la calidad del entorno; de la movilidad de personas y mercancías (logística); del atractivo para emprendimientos y actividades económicas; y de la consideración de la opinión de los ciudadanos en la toma de decisiones que atañen a la ciudad, cuentan con un aliado fundamental: las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación (TIC).

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