Free poetry Kindle books for 20 Feb 17

Stay The Night: Selected love stories and poems

by Charly Wilde


Just These Four Walls

by Darren Hobson

In these four walls you are welcome to roam free but don’t expect that to be a good thing, this here is a story of twisted love that starts in the middle and ends at the beginning, you can’t build just any type of four walls you have to build with love and passion, just be careful not to fill it up with violence and despise because you will regret it forever more.
This story takes you through a jagged history of what seems to be unrelated events scattered through history, only when you get to the beginning in the middle of the book do you realise that all events are related, all connected by a thin line of fate that attaches different time zones in history to one another, as you read through the delicately crafted verses you are witness to a serious of horrific events that will change the course of history.
If you are looking for a story about forbidden love and something scary then this is the book for you. The poet takes you on a roller coaster ride that unlike the conventional rides in the UK, the thrills here get more traumatic as you delve deeper into the pages, leaving you breathless and you will scream for more as you nervously look over your shoulder into the shadows.
This is the darkest book written by this upcoming author, it leaves no stone unturned and already people are whispering about the true meanings of what lies hidden in this book and in those for walls.

Pauses in Time: A Poetry Collection

by Christopher Amador

There are moments that define us, that test us, and that bring us clarity. These pauses in time make up our identity and govern how we view and interact with the world. This debut collection of 41 poems seeks to share some of these moments and hopefully inspire more reflection.

Feel My Words: Juha’s Best Love Poems Vol.2

by J.H. Hurstinen

Feel My Words is a follow up collection of poems by J.H. Hurstinen from 2004-2008. Inspired by his young son’s statement: “Dad, are you trying to feel my words?”, they focus on feeling put into words as experienced and explored during that period of time. As always, they are a tribute to love itself and the essential part it plays to both the loved one and the one who loves – at special moments in time.

La mucca sul tetto di paglia (Italian Edition)

by Jmmy Al Pit

Breve raccolta di poesie.

Yaser and Yasmeen: An Epic Poem

by Saleh M. Radaideh

Yaser and his friends sacrificed their lives not only for love, but to redeem the whole world. There were no lengths they hadn’t crossed to attain the needed goal of happiness.They had lost everything in their lives. After witnessing the whole world descend to darkness, they took it upon themselves to be saviors of humanity.

Besides being a love story between Yaser and Yasmeen, it is also a tale of how four friends were able not only to inspire love into the Earth, but also to redeem the people of all layers of Hell into Heaven. By doing so, they’ve angered not only the police force on Earth, but also all the demons in the afterlife.

Eighty Very Short Poems

by Cupideros

EIGHTY VERY SHORT POEMS proves one doesn’t need a novel to say something important, vast, inspirational or spiritual. These 80 inspirational poems about spirituality and life and love.

The Few Select Poems

by Rose Golden

Two dozen cute poems, perfect with a diverse sense of subject.

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