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ROMANCE: Mail Order Bride: The Widow’s Valentine’s Day Surprise (Contemporary Novelette Romances Book 1)

by Sandee Keegan

Liza Greene is on the run. She has recently become a widow when her husband, James, was shot and killed in a bar fight. However, she knows that it was no simple bar fight, and the man who shot her husband has been plotting his death for a long time.

Glenn Burrow, a wealthy businessman in town, has had his eye on Liza for years. She know she will undoubtedly cover up the murder he has committed, so Liza takes matters into her own hands.

After committing the worst of crimes and exacting revenge, Liza knows she must get out of town as quickly as possible. She answers an ad for a bride and heads across the country.

Unable to trust anyone, she hides her past, and to make matters worse, she mistakenly marries a sheriff. She has a difficult time learning to love him, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner combined with the shock of her husband’s recent death, Liza finds love to be an incredibly sore subject.

But when bounty hunters show up looking for her, the truth comes out. Her husband is then faced with the decision to turn her in and stay true to the law he has sworn to serve, or choose love over all.

Will Liza be tried for her crime? Will her husband hand her over to the bounty hunters? Will love prevail?

My Sister’s Baby : A Mail Order Bride Romance

by Faith Crawford

An Amish girl, a baby who lost his mother and a billionaire in the West. Will they be a family?

Elisabeth Schwartz is a devoted daughter and sister to her Amish family. She is a strong girl with a deep sense of responsibility. So when her only sister, Deborah, is banned from the community for becoming involved with and marrying a man from town, she is torn between her duty to her family and her faith and her love for her sister.

She cannot keep herself from visiting her sister whenever she goes into town, not letting her family know that she is seeing Deborah. On one visit, Deborah announces she is pregnant. Now Elisabeth feels a stronger sense of duty to help her sister, whose husband, Stephen, is a traveling salesman and frequently leaves town.

Stephen is out of town on business when Deborah goes into labor. Elisabeth is there for her sister but Deborah has complications and makes the ultimate sacrifice for her child, leaving Elisabeth to decide what to do next.

In a split second decision, Elisabeth travels to the West to find Stephen and finds herself entrenched in a new adventure, as a mail-order-bride for a wealthy, charming ex-gold miner.

Will she ever find Stephen? And if she does, will she want to give baby Andrew to him after bonding with the child and falling in love with her future husband? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain for Elisabeth. It’s all about Andrew.

NOTE: This book includes 5 bonus stories!

“My Sister’s Baby” is a 58-page stand-alone story with a HEA, so no cliffhangers.

ROMANCE: Mail Order Bride: Miss Lai (Sweet Clean Romance) (Contemporary Novelette Romances Book 1)

by Mercy Levy

Phan Moon Lai is a South Vietnamese girl who leads a simple life taking care of her younger brother after their mother’s death and tending to her ever precious vegetable garden.

Suddenly her world is turned upside down when she is wrenched away from her home and her brother because of her father’s selfish decision. She is traded into the hands of the marriage agency that deals with matchmaking overseas.

She soon finds herself aboard a vessel to the strange continent that is just beginning to being inhabited. Dreading what lies ahead, Moon Lai ventures into the lands unknown.

Though life has been tough on her, Moon Lai is surprised to find the gentle and loving souls that are to be her new family: the friendly and motherly Cassy, the silent and dependable

Frederick, the little joy Jamie, the haughty mother-in-law, and the dashing and handsome Robert.

What awaits the poor village girl in the land of dreams?

Empath: Your Ultimate Guide for the Highly Sensitive and Intuitive Person: Understanding and Nurturing Your Gift (Empaths, Intuitive, Empathy, Energy Vampires, Self, Empathic Book 1)

by Luna Bleu

Use These Proven Steps And Strategies On How To Go Through Your Day-To-Day Life As An Empath!

Being an empath can be either a blessing or a curse depending on how you go about handling the pressures that come with it. Do you feel as if you are always carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Do the plights of others resonate with you to a point where you feel as if you are experiencing exactly what they are going through? Do you struggle with balancing your emotions? Do people always tell you that you are too sensitive?

Then this book will help you understand exactly what you are experiencing.

Here Is A Sneak Peek At What You’ll Learn…

  • How To Determine Whether You Or Someone Around You Is An Empath
  • The Challenges of Being An Empath And How to Handle Them
  • Dealing With Energy Vampires
  • How To Maintain And Develop Your Empathic Super Powers
  • And Much, Much More!

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Mail Order Desires

by Vanilla Orchid Books

Looking to add some sizzle to your Kindle library? You’ll find it here with over 32,000 words of panty-melting passion in this collection of fun and hot short stories

Western Promise
The Love of a Rogue Duke
To Have and To Hold
The Honored Bride
The Reluctant Groom
The Westward Bride
The Betrothal

WARNING: These stories are super hot with explicit scenes of desire and passion that do not leave much to the imagination. This ebook is intended for adult eyes only!!


Devotionals for Women: 365 Daily Devotions for Women

by Doris J. Barnes

In her vigorous new devotional, DEVOTIONALS FOR WOMEN, author Doris J. Barnes, arms the reader with strong and glorious insights for every day of the year. Each day’s devotion is packed with relevant advice.

The universe wants you to place your trust in your circumstances, your triumph, your ability and the wisdom of others. But God’s called you to rise above this world and put your full trust in Him – to believe and apply what He’s promised in His Word more than anything else.

Living this path won’t just happen by it self – you have to be deliberate. But where do you begin? We all some need help to make good life choices, battle worry, overcome anxiety and keep a positive attitude. Using this devotional, readers will learn to grab hold of life this way, day by day, with trust in God.

How to Have Outrageous Financial Abundance In No Time::Biblical Principles For Immediate And Overwhelming Financial Success: Wealth Creation,Personal Finance, Budgeting, Make Money,Financial Freedom


When can you turn your finances around. This book says immediately.

With over 15 testimonies from those who have been exposed to the revelations in this testifying of financial abundance within months and sometimes weeks, the author could not help but expose the information to more people for their benefit.

The revelations are explosive and will cause immediate results in the financial lives of individuals.

it will completely alter financial perspectives and take many out of lack and the financial rat race.

Financial abundance has been made so easy to those exposed to the works in this book. It is amazing the effect the revelations are having worldwide. You cannot afford to miss out.

Below are a few words from those who have been exposed to the revelations during the coaching version of the revelations in this book:

1. Before I attended this great program, both my life and my finances were in shambles. I was a passenger on earth. But after the first day of the program I began to notice a positive change and a shift in my life. When Dr. Francis spoke, he interrupted the thoughts of failure and lack going on in my mind. He helped restore the belief in me that I could climb the ladder of success and get to the top. He helped change the program that was running in me and helped me become a conscious Creator of my future… After one month, I turned $100 into $3,000. You can read my book on Amazon titled; “SECRET TO HAVING ALL YOU WANT” I wrote that book after he helped me find my purpose in life and helped me establish my enterprise in less than 3 months. Today am happy to recommend this program to you, it will transform your life and finances.

2. After I attended the financial coaching program last year 2016, in less than 3 months I started my own business and 3 months later I bought my own house… I recommend this program to anyone who wants more out of life.

3. Because of this financial coaching program, I was able to start my own business. Today I am very proud of where I am financially. My life would have still been a mess if not for this program. I will recommend this program to anyone especially women who want to attain financial freedom. I am a very young woman and what I have attained financially still remains a wonder to me. There are people you meet that just have a way of making your life so much better. Dr. Francis is one of them.

4. What still keeps me wondering is how fast this program transformed me and my finances.
This program has turned my whole life around. Because of this Program I have moved from a struggling small business owner to one who employs people. I highly recommend this program…

A Young Bride’s Heart

by Annabel Blair

When Naomi’s father passes away it is a devastating blow to the family, leaving Naomi and her brother and sister to fend for themselves.

She tries to keep the family business afloat, but it isn’t meant to be and she is forced to close its doors forever.

To make matters worse, her sister Faith has fallen ill again. Naomi works her fingers to the bone trying to pay for her sister’s medical expenses, but it simply isn’t enough.

Desperate and out of options she decides to become a mail order bride, hoping to find a man wealthy enough to pay for her sister’s treatment. But what she doesn’t expect to find is love.

She struggles with her guilt at taking advantage of her new husband, but she can’t risk letting her sister die.

Also comes with a FREE series of CLEAN Bonus Stories

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