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Pokemon: Diaries and Unofficial Tales 4 in 1 Book

by Tagashi Takashima

4 Pokémon diaries with exciting adventures to tell

Diary 1: Squirtle isn’t too happy about life. Since his trainer left him, he has been hiding in a cave with a bunch of gang members (also Squirtles). He appointed himself to be their leader, and he pulls pranks on people and other Pokémon. But a series of events leads to his self-discovery, a new trainer, new friends, and a vicious enemy: Team Rocket. Will Squirtle save the day by preventing James to throw a bomb on his home? And will he choose to evolve into a Wartortle or a Blastoise? Or will he give some other that opportunity?

Diary 2: In this adventure, Charmander tells about how he met Ash, how he escaped the rainstorm and made sure the flame at the end of his tail didn’t get extinguished. He also battles another Pokémon, a water type, and he faces his worst fears in the hollow depth of a mysterious tree. Read about the courageous Charmander, who confronts himself and overcomes his fears by looking for practical solutions.

Diary 3: What will Eevee choose? He turns into 8 different Pokémon creatures. Along the way, he finds out that each of these types serves a purpose, and that each has its own benefits. Glaceons can turn things into ice, Umbreons can see in the dark, and Espeons can read thoughts. Will he be able to make up his mind? May, his trainer, certainly likes to experiment with his evolvements, but every time, he realizes that there is another one he can change into. Choosing between rescuing a child, killing a dangerous water type Pokémon, or revealing the evidence of a crime investigation is tough. Decisions� decisions�
Diary 4: This Snorlax has a huge appetite, but that’s okay as long as he can take his yearlong “nap,” or, in other words, hibernate after storing all the food he devoured. Snorlax is happy when he fills his tummy with goodies from the supermarket, but when he goes to sleep, his slumber gets interrupted by a bunch of loud kids. He wakes up and won’t stop eating. He steals food, goes island-hopping, and doesn’t slow down one bit! Will Ash and Misty succeed in bringing him to the laboratory, so Professor Oak can take a look at this gigantic Pokémon?

Juicing: Ultimate Juicing Recipes For Healthy Living – 50 Delicious Juices For Rapid Weight Loss, Detox, Cleansing and Health (Smoothies, Fruit Infused … Detox, Cleansing, Clean Eating Book 1)

by Roy Nolan

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For Healthy Living

Are you looking for fast, easy and nutritious juicing recipes to start your great day?

Tired of popping so many pills and capsules to get your daily nutrients?

What if, there is a healthier way of getting your nutrients and vitamins instead of capsules and pills.

Won’t you want to know about it?

Do you know that there are specific juicing recipes for specific purposes?

Discover everything that you need about juicing
to lead a healthier, glowing living.

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What you will learn in Juicing: Ultimate Juicing Recipes For Healthy Living

  • You will learn how to prepare juices to aid in your quest for weight loss
  • You will learn how to prepare juices to give you a healthier and glowing skin
  • You will learn how to prepare juices to cleanse your body
  • You will learn how to prepare juices to provided the needed nutrients for your eyes
  • You will learn how to prepare juices to lower your cholesterol after a heavy meal.
  • And many more..

This JUICING: ULTIMATE JUICING RECIPES For Healthy Living is your ultimate juice guide for a healthier and nutritious living.

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The Best Jokes: 500 Funniest Clean Knock-Knock Jokes For Kids 2017

by Harris Billigon

Funniest knock knock 500 jokes for kids

Do you want to make an unforgettable gift for your children? Give them a book 500 knock knock jokes, and it will be the best gift that children are waiting.
The book has collected a variety of knock knock jokes. Reading this book you will charge with positive for a long time! Your child will be pleased a lot with such a gift, like a book of jokes because after reading this edition the child will have stories to tell friends in school and at home. With this book, your child will be the center of attention among fellows. And for adults, these jokes also will give a lot of pleasure and good mood
The book includes 500 jokes on the theme of “Knock Knock”, adapted for children and adolescents.
Read in this edition the funniest jokes about Knock Knock! Enjoy this unique book and give unforgettable emotions to yourself and your children.
My son really enjoyed this book
“The book is a collection of the funniest jokes. My son is 12 years old and he came to the delight of reading the material. So who’s got kids, I recommend you this book! “-Ashton Clark

Great jokes
“I presented this book on the Birthday of my niece. The child is excited, she always remembers this gift and says “thank you”. She really liked the book. All classmates of my niece also read it and now they for sure have a lot of things to talk about and to laugh “-Ella Wright

An excellent book, even adult enjoyed it
“Bought the book for my daughter. We read it together, my child’s joy was boundless, and I also liked jokes, although I am an adult. So the book will come in handy if you’ve got kids”-Nataly Perez

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