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Cranky Beth And The Chess Lesson: Teaches How To Win And Lose Gracefully (Books For Kids, Children’s Picture Books, Bedtime Stories For Children, Books … (Children’s Behavior Correction Series ®)

by Betty Smith

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Join Betty As She Learn Her Life Lesson About How To Win And Lose Gracefully

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â?ªâ?ªâ?ªâ?ª A Nice, Well-Illustrated Children’s Book
“â?¦This is a book to share with your children that is well-illustrated and entertaining while teaching them mannersâ?¦
â?¦This is a very good book for parents to share with their children. Four stars out of five.” – by Travis C. TOP 500 REVIEWER

����� Perfect For Bedtime!
“Not too long, not too short. It teaches an important lesson in a way that holds the attention of a child. The pictures help.” – by Matthew Rivera

����� Great Book For Five Year Old
“I like when she got a cavity because it was cool” – Julia 5-year-old.
My daughter liked this book! Thanks!” – by Naama Hartz

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On the Border with Crook

by John G. Bourke

“There is an old saw in the army which teaches that you can never know a man until after having made a scout with him in bad weather. All the good qualities and bad in the human make up force their way to the surface under the stimulus of privation and danger, and it not infrequently happens that the comrade who at the military post was most popular, by reason of charm of manner and geniality, returns from this trial sadly lowered in the estimation of his fellows, and that he who in the garrison was most retiring, self-composed, and least anxious to make a display of glittering uniform, has swept all before him by the evidence he has given of fortitude, equanimity, courage, coolness, and good judgment under circumstances of danger and distress.
It is not my purpose to write a biography of my late friend and commander â?? such a task I leave for others to whom it may be more congenial; speaking for myself, I am compelled to say that it is always difficult for me to peruse biography of any kind, especially military, and that which I do not care to read I do not care to ask others to read. In the present volume, there will be found collected descriptions of the regions in which the major portion of General Crook’s Indian work was carried on; the people, both red and white, with whom he was brought into contact; the difficulties with which he had to contend, and the manner in which he overcame them; and a short sketch of the principles guiding him in his justly famous intercourse with the various tribes â?? from British America to Mexico, from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean â?? subjugated by him and afterwards placed under his charge.”
John Gregory Bourke

John Gregory Bourke (1846-1896) was a captain in the United States Army and a prolific diarist and postbellum author; he wrote several books about the American Old West, including ethnologies of its indigenous peoples. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions while a cavalryman in the Union Army during the American Civil War. Based on his service during the war, his commander nominated him to West Point, where he graduated in 1869, leading to service as an Army officer until his death.

Foods That Make You Live Long: Healhy Foods

by Bayero Zakariya

Foods,fruits and water are essential to human’s existence.They can shorten or extend man’s life and helps to build man’s immune system to fight against diseases.Foods,fruits and water has been identify as important factors in healing process.Many classes of foods and fruits has been successfully experimented and used to cure ailments like cancer,pains,heals wound,lose weight e.t.c.One new discovery is that some categories of foods can actually increase life span by more than 50%. These categories of foods are what we see everyday but barely attached any significance important to. That’s awesome discovery!

Amigurumi Crochet: 7 Easy and Cute Amigurumi Patterns: (Needlework) (Crochet Patterns Book 1)

by Lisa Chapman

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Amigurumi Crochet: (FREE Bonus Included)

7 Easy and Cute Amigurumi Patterns

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting or knitting stuffed dolls. These stuffed dolls come in every shape, form, and color you can imagine, and they are perfect for baby shower gifts, throwing on the bed, tossing on the sofa, or hugging. Even beginners can make awesome amigurumi buddies.

This book will walk you through creating your own amigurumi from start to finish. You will even learn how to crochet and construct your own creations! All you need to make the patterns in this book is a few skeins of yarn, some crochet hooks, stuffing, and cozy spot to sit back and crochet.

This book contains:

  • Comprehensive crochet abbreviation and hook guides
  • A chapter on the basics of amigurumi
  • Four amigurumi animal patterns
  • An amigurumi doll pattern
  • Two cute amigurumi sweets patterns

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Amazon Echo Dot: for Beginners: The Ultimate User Guide to Learn the Use of Amazon Echo Dot and Alexa to Manage Your Smart Devices! (Amazon Echo, Echo … Dot, User Manual, Amazon Echo Dot Book 0)

by Eddie White

Learn Amazon Echo Dot in minutes!

Reach Amazon Echo Dots full potential.

This book will take you from total beginner to expert in less than 60 minutes with easy to read and an understandable book layout.

  • You will learn to setup and start using all smart devices and applications with ease!
  • You will SAVE HOURS trying to figure out all the different setting by yourself.
  • This is the guide Amazon should have included in the box.
  • Bonus: You will get an Echo dot Command List for Free.
  • Step-by-step instructions for clarity.

    This book is designed to maximize your Echo Dot experience. With actionable step-by-step instructions you can be confident that you will understand the Amazon Echo Dot in no time! Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

    Read Books and Stream Music on Echo Dot

  • How to setup IFTTT recipes
  • Control your Home Appliances using Echo Dot
  • To Use Alexa Skills to automate your errands and save Hours of you time
  • Connect your Google Calendar and Pandora Account to Echo Dot
  • Save Hours every day with you Smart Personal Assistant!

  • Shop on Amazon with a simple voice command.
  • Program Echo to control your lights, thermostat, garage door and more.
  • Get the latest local news, traffic and weather updates.
  • Update your calendar, to-do and shopping list.
  • Get the latest scores from your favorite teams.
  • Find local restaurants on command.
  • Plan your commute and automate your coffee.
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    Air Fryer Cookbook: Make Fried Food Great Again!: The 69 Best of The Best Air Fryer Recipes in 1 Air Fryer Cookbook

    by Dexter Jackson

    Make Fried Food Great Again!!!

    Get the most out of your Air fryer!

    Forget about long, impractical cookbooks! In our new Air Fryer cookbook, we aim for quality! Other cookbooks aim for quantity, and fill up 500+ pages with the same recipes with slight changes. In here, you will get 69 authentic and original recipes that we handpicked as the 69 best recipes.
    If you love deep fried food items but hate the fact that there’s so much oil in it, then you might want to consider using an air fryer.
    An air fryer is the answer to deep fried foods without the use of excessive oil. An air fryer is a revolutionary appliance that cooks food using heated air circulation, this means healthier and tastier food without the use of so much oil.

    In this book you will find:

    -69 simple, easy-to-follow recipes
    -Cooking hacks
    -Air Fryer Tips & Tricks
    -12 minutes recipes to save you time & energy
    -And much more!

    Air fryers aren’t only perfect for healthier meals, it is also great for the environment because the air released from the air fryer is filtered, making the air harmless and odorless!
    The Air Fryer uses a new technology called Rapid Air Technology which allows the cooking of any kinds of food that you would otherwise use oil for. This technology works by circulating air to reach high degrees, reaching up to 200 Celsius and this heated air then fries foods such as chips, chicken and fish. This gives you foods that have browned and crisped perfectly but with very little fat. Rapid Air Technology opens up a new era for cooking methods and a whole new generation of cooking appliances.
    Whether you’re trying to lose weight, improving your cooking skills or simply looking to make delicious and extremely healthy meals – this cookbook is for you!

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    Critical Thinking : The 70 Strategies To Live A Better Life: critical thinking, problem solving, strategic thinking, decision making (Critical Thinking,Logical Thinking,Organization Book 1)

    by Daniel Copper

    Critical Thinking

           Living a better life! Who dоеÑ?n’t wаnt to dо thаt? Oftеn wе find оurÑ?еlvеÑ? Ñ?еttling fоr lеÑ?Ñ? than what iÑ? Ñ?оÑ?Ñ?iblе! Wе find оurÑ?еlvеÑ? bogged down bÑ? Ñ?еlf-limiting bеliеfÑ? аnd bеhаviоrÑ? thаt hоld uÑ? bасk – kееÑ? uÑ? frоm mоving towаrd our personal аnd professional gоаlÑ?! Onе оf my guеÑ?Ñ?еÑ? аÑ? to what саuÑ?еÑ? uÑ? to rеmаin stuck in thоÑ?е beliefs and behaviors iÑ? thаt wе соnvinсе оurÑ?еlvеÑ? thаt the Ñ?оlutiоnÑ? are juÑ?t toо complex and соnfuÑ?ing! 70 Surefire Strategies To Live A Better Life сhаllеngеÑ? that nоtiоn аnd creates a road mаÑ? fоr personal Ñ?uссеÑ?Ñ?! In this bооk, Ñ?оu will еxÑ?lоrе the Ñ?оwеr оf struggling with purpose when thingÑ? fall аÑ?аrt. Yоu will learn whеn аnd hоw to grаb thе gluе when Ñ?еrÑ?Ñ?есtivе iÑ? shattered аnd understand thе nесеÑ?Ñ?itÑ? оf Ñ?urÑ?оÑ?еful transition. Yоu will undеrÑ?tаnd hоw to fight fаtе and bаniÑ?h worry from Ñ?оur kingdоm!

           Most people think that imÑ?rоving thеir lives аnd their system оf еvеrÑ?dаÑ? living rеÔ?uirеÑ? a drastic lifeÑ?tÑ?lе mаkе оvеr. Wеll, it’Ñ? kind оf a Ñ?еÑ? and nо. Yes, in a wаÑ? thаt thеrе will bе Ñ?аrtiсulаr habits аnd аttitudеÑ? thаt you will nееd to соmÑ?lеtеlÑ? dеtасh frоm. ThiÑ? is pretty diffiсult, especially whеn these hаvе bееn Ñ?аrt оf Ñ?оur system since Ñ?оu can rеmеmbеr. But thiÑ? â??drastic’ сhаngе dоеÑ? nоt hаvе to hаÑ?Ñ?еn оvеrnight, соld turkеÑ?. Onе оf thе bеÑ?t ways to tweak and еnriсh your life is to stack hаbitÑ?, one оr twо at a timе.


    Fоr your соmfоrt аnd easy reading, thiÑ? bооk is dividеd into сhаÑ?tеrÑ? thаt rеÑ?rеÑ?еnt Ñ?аrtiсulаr аÑ?Ñ?есtÑ? оf your life that mаÑ? nееd improvement, bеginning with thе numеrоuÑ? ways habit stacking can be of immense hеlÑ?.  


    Hаvе Ñ?оu еvеr wоndеrеd whÑ? you Ñ?оmеtimеÑ? find it Ñ?о hard tо achieve thе dеvеlоÑ?mеnt оf self and сhаngе Ñ?оur wаÑ? of living a bеttеr lifе? You mаÑ? hаvе Ñ?оur Ñ?riоritiеÑ? right аnd Ñ?оur Ñ?lаn and timеtаblе well Ñ?еt out but Ñ?оu Ñ?till саnnоt fееl a change in Ñ?оur life. Wеll, mаÑ?bе it is because Ñ?оu find it hаrd to lеt go.

    Yоu саnnоt bring in nеw books unlеÑ?Ñ? Ñ?оu firÑ?t сlеаn оut thе bооkÑ?hеlf аnd hеnсе get rid оf thе оld bооkÑ?. Suссееding in life iÑ? аbоut knоwing when it iÑ? timе tо move on and fоrgеtting thе Ñ?аÑ?t whеthеr good or bad. This iÑ? thе undеrlining principle of асhiеving dеvеlоÑ?mеnt оf Ñ?еlf.

    Whаt Ñ?оu hаvе recently achieved is nоthing compared to what Ñ?оu will achieve in futurе. You must аlÑ?о realize thаt еvеrÑ?оnе hаÑ? аn element оf a dark Ñ?аth аnd hаvе things in their Ñ?аÑ?t which thеÑ? would nоt likе tо go back to оr rеmеmbеr. Yоur past mistakes should nеvеr bе a barrier to Ñ?tоÑ? you in Ñ?оur Ñ?urÑ?uit оf аttаining development оf Ñ?еlf and thе vаriоuÑ? milеÑ?tоnеÑ? in your саrееr.

    Concentrate more оn what iÑ? ahead аnd nоt whаt is already in the Ñ?аÑ?t in order to соntinuаllÑ? аnd grаduаllÑ? improve Ñ?оur соnditiоnÑ? оf living a better lifе. It is Ñ?оÑ?Ñ?iblе fоr you to build a саrееr path that iÑ? unÑ?rесеdеntеd bÑ? integrating соmmitmеnt with inÑ?Ñ?irаtiоn.

    Since humаnÑ? Ñ?оÑ?Ñ?еÑ?Ñ? infinitе Ñ?оtеntiаl аnd as a rеÑ?ult nо one has еvеr fully attain theirs; Ñ?оu саn gеt сlоÑ?е tо Ñ?оur limit by working hard. There еxiÑ?tÑ? a сhаnсе for you tо shatter records whiсh wеrе Ñ?rеviоuÑ?lÑ? perceived permanent аnd thuÑ? development оf self wоrth.

    ### Your Ñ?uссеÑ?Ñ? iÑ? a reflection оf your wiÑ?hеÑ?. If Ñ?оu want tо bе the nеxt king, thеn it iÑ? yours fоr thе tаking. You juÑ?t hаvе tо еvаluаtе yourself to diÑ?соvеr what your creator Ñ?ut in you аnd have a desire tо Ñ?ее it Ñ?ut tо wоrk ###

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