Free sports Kindle books for 22 Feb 17

The Voyages of Rafiki: Solo Across the Pacific

by Andy Larson

In 1962, with a Canadian friend, Andy Larson embarked on a journey driving across colonial Africa in a wartime jeep. Sleeping on the ground, the pair encountered civil wars, riots, and wild animals while seeing the continents fascinating scenery and meeting its interesting peoples.
In June 2010 Andy Larson embarked on another journey, this time sailing a 36 foot sailboat alone from Vancouver to Mexico, and then across the Pacific Ocean to Sydney Australia.
Alone at sea, he encountered whales and dolphins, endured solitude and loneliness, fought through storms, battled breakdowns, and sat for days becalmed in the heat of the doldrums.
This is the story of how, in his late 70’s, against the wishes of his friends and family, he embarked on a journey that would test his skills and his endurance, and convince him to set out on an even more dangerous and far reaching journey.

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