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The Bible: The Complete Guide to Reading the Bible, Bible Study, and Scriptures (bible, religion, spirituality, holy bible, christian, christian books, understanding the bible)

by Joseph Conner

Are you Overwhelmed with the Bible Sometimes?

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Don’t be overwhelmed by the Bible! This guide helps you process the bible and acts an amazing guide to becoming more knowledgeable and in touch about the bible. Finally, the guide to learning and studying the Bible that you want!

When you experience The Bible:The Complete Guide to Reading the Bible, Bible Study, and Scriptures, your spiritual life and connection to the ultimate word will improve every day! It is designed to help you discover or re-discover your passion for God and God’s words.

The Bible: The Complete Guide to Reading the Bible, Bible Study, and Scriptures is now in it’s Second Edition updated with more content making your experience with the bible more understandable and thus more enjoyable.

This guide is simple, as it transforms the, sometimes, overwhelming feeling of studying the bible into an easier process. This is a read you will never regret as it goes through interesting dynamics of the Bible’s greatest stories of the bible and and helps with ways to keep you consistent in daily reading..

Just some of the questions and topics covered include:

  • Ways to Help You Study The Bible?
  • Understanding the Benefits of Reading the Bible
  • Who Are the “Authors” of the Bible?
  • Learning to Grow with the Bible
  • How to Make It Your Own Journey

This book breaks down how to interpret the bible and build your own connection with God’s word. It starts from the very beginning of providing an overview of discovering the bible, so you and your relationship with God can grow from a place of understanding!

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Training the Trainers

by Dattajeevo Bhikkhu

Training the Trainers book emphasizes the human characteristics of being a social creature and the way we respond to our environment and towards each other in society. The Lord Buddha offered us practical explanations and guidance that we could relate to as being relevant in our daily lives, because this guidance and explanations were based on â??Universal Truths’, they are as true and meaningful today as they were in the time of the Lord Buddha. These truths do not belong to Buddhism or any other religion, faith or belief as they are universally true of all things and beings.

No one owns the law of gravity, we may not fully understand it, but nevertheless all things and beings on the planet we call earth are subject to its law without escape. We know that the gravity of a planet depends on its mass and that the further we distance ourselves from earth as we journey into space the less we feel the pull of gravity until the pull of gravity becomes so weak that we simply float in space and become weightless. Dhamma may be likened to gravity, the further we distance ourselves from its source the weaker its beneficial influences become until we are drifting in an eternal universe of endless suffering. When we distance ourselves from earth we start to feel lighter and have less and less control of our movements, a wrong push may send us in the opposite direction to that we intended to go. When we distance ourselves from the Dhamma, we lose control of our direction, destiny and mindfulness.

In this book we can examine some of the important considerations we must make in our daily lives in order to avoid drifting away from the Dhamma and our potential to make positive progress to become a better human being. No one wants to commit â??Bad’ deeds if they have a clear mind because they know that the consequences of their â??Bad’ deeds will not bring them happiness and will increase their suffering. A clouded mind may see only greed, hatred, anger or revenge and believe its happiness lies in satisfying these feelings, oblivious to the consequences and increased violations or sins that will ensue. No person completes this life in a good place if they are a bad person.

Sometimes the Dhamma may seem overly complicated, as put in simplistic terms one could just say “do good things and you get good results”. However, the Lord Buddha realised that the reason that people do bad things is because their mind cannot see clearly the right path to take to be a good person. The mind is deluded and seduced by its impurities and defilements. It is for that reason the Lord Buddha practiced to bring clarity to his mind so that he could clearly see the truths of all things and realised that the sufferings of mankind are of their own making. On attaining enlightenment he began the dissemination of the Dhamma and taught that those who follow the Noble Eight Fold Path would understand the importance of illuminating that path for others to follow. As a trainer you are endeavouring to follow and educate others to follow the example of the Lord Buddha.

No matter what race, religion or creed, your faiths or beliefs, the truths and principles of â??Universal Goodness’ apply and those who follow these laws will undoubtedly become better people. If you are also a Buddhist, you will know that the actions of this lifetime dictate the circumstances into which you are born in the next lifetime or celestial realm. By becoming a teacher, a Buddhist must accept their duty as expounded in the Six Directions with impeccable adherence to the principles of â??Universal Goodness’. For a teacher who is also a monk, one’s duty and impeccable adherence by persistently and continuously maintaining the precepts not only in ones actions but also with one’s thoughts and intentions must be beyond reproach.

Stealthy Steps (Nanostealth Book 1)

by Vikki Kestell

Stealthy Steps, Nanostealth | Book 1

Gemma Keyes was an ordinary, unexceptional young woman with a lackluster life until an overheard conversation ends her budding careerâ??and her loyalty to an old friend puts her very existence in jeopardy.

My name is Gemma Keyes. Other than my name, I am utterly forgettableâ??so those who never paid much attention to me in the first place haven’t exactly noticed that I’ve disappeared. Vanished. Oh, it’s much more complicated than it sounds. And let me tell you, invisibility comes with its own set of problems.

I should tell you about Dr. Daniel Bickel, world-renowned nanophysicist. We used to work together, but I’ll be candid with you: He’s supposed to be dead. Well, he’s not. (Imagine my surprise.) Instead of the proverbial “six feet under,” he’s subsisting in an abandoned devolution cavern beneath the old Manzano Weapons Storage Facility on Kirtland Air Force Base here in Albuquerque.

“I need to show you what I’m protecting here, Gemma,” he insisted.

I stared into the clear glass case. I could hear . . . humming, clicking, buzzing. A faint haze inside the box shifted. Dissolved. Came back together. Reminded me of how mercury, when released on a plate, will flow and form new shapes. Only this, this thing was “flowing and forming” in midair.

“Do you see them?” Dr. Bickel asked.

“Them?” I was confused. My mouth opened to a stunned “o” as the silver haze resolved into blue letters.


Dr. Bickel hadn’t pressed any buttons. Hadn’t said anything to them. Hadn’t gestured.

He grinned. “Ah. They’ve noticed you. They know they haven’t seen you before.”

“Well, I wish they wouldn’t notice me!” I choked on the words, my eyes fixed on the glass case.

And I need to warn you about General Cushing. The rank and name likely conjure images of a lean but muscled old soldier, posture rigid, face cemented in unyielding lines, iron-gray hair cut high and tight.

Let me disabuse you of that impression.

General Imogene Cushing is short and a tiny bit plump. She wears her silvered hair in an elegant braid knotted at the nape of her neck, and she knows how to smile sweetly. With the deadliest of sharks..

You wouldn’t suspect a two-star general, an Air Force O-8, of being a traitor, would you?

Book 1: Stealthy Steps
Book 2: Stealth Power
Book 3: Stealth Retribution, June 2017

Editorial Review

“The author impressed me by backing up the tale with some real science and actual locations. Gemma is one of the most well-developed characters I’ve seen, certainly not one of those comic-book caricatures that are so common now. She has a real personal history and real flaws that blend in well with the storyline.”
â??The Kindle Book Review

The High Priestess & Empress: with Major Arcana (The Great Book of Tarot card Combinations I 2)

by Efrael

The High Priestess & Empress
+ 300 combinations and meaning.

Ebook with two arcane from the Book

The Great Book of Tarot card combinations I English edition


by Nathan Arthur

Determination is an unbroken line, a backbone. Thus for any leader confidence will make you sit up straight and love everything. If determination breaks, it is advisable to stop for a while. A determined leader never lets anyone down. Resolution can never rely on the hurdles. The decision includes deliberate efforts. The decision makes anything possible. A determined person can make a history

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