Free historical fiction Kindle books for 24 Feb 17

Be Still the Water

by Karen Emilson

Set in 1906 along the unspoiled shores of Lake Manitoba, Be Still the Water brings us into the fold of the Gudmundsson Familyâ??immigrants determined to begin life anew in the Icelandic farming and fishing community of Siglunes. At the heart of the novel is dutiful Asta, the middle daughter who lives in the shadow of her siblingsâ??fiery Signy, headstrong Leifur and sweet, naive Freyja. When Freyja goes missing, Asta embarks on a quest to bring her sister home. She tells the family’s story some seventy years later, while on her deathbed, finally discovering the truth of what happened on those fateful days that set the course for her life and the lives of everyone she loved.
Loosely inspired by area events, this is an emotional, slow-burning story of family love and sacrifice, of secrets revealed and promises brokenâ??told in the spirit of the Icelandic Sagas.


by Karen Schur-Narula

Prussian aristocrat Lili von Rittersburg zu Mertz-Tärnekow has put three ideals on a pedestal: her father, her music, and Adolf Hitler. One of them is about to fall from favor.
Twelve years in the writing, FATHERLAND dares to portray the Third Reich from an unusual and disturbing perspective. Yet Lili’s journey through its pernicious landscape raises questions that are relevant to everyone, in every age.
Hitler is a guest at a dinner party in Lili’s family home in Berlin when he hears her perform on the harpsichord. Impressed by her prodigious talent, he declares it Lili’s life duty to share her musical gift with the fatherland. She takes him to heart. But when Hitler is elected as head of state in 1933, Lili’s farsighted father moves the family to New York. She is furious with him. How can she fulfill her destiny from so far away?
The father-daughter relationship grows increasingly strained. The more he claims that the Nazis are poisoning their once cultured homeland, the more determined Lili is to prove her father wrong.
Despite her parents’ misgivings, Lili wrangles a visit to the Third Reich. There, her musical virtuosity scales new heights even as she falls in love. And there, too, she willfully engages in everything her father has warned her against.
Will Lili recognize the possible consequences before it is too late? The answer might not be what you’d imagine.
Quietly powerful, with richly detailed imagery, FATHERLAND carefully evokes an era of gathering darkness that must not be forgotten.

Reckless Hearts

by Holly Newman

Zachariah Connelly regretted his contract to captain Dwayne Marley’s Santa Fe trading caravan without complete authority to say who would be part of the company. Unfortunately, Marley had hired the crew before he’d hired Zach. They were a mix of mountain men, greenhorns and fortune hunters.

Savannah Pemberton planned to escape the match-making schemes of her step-father by joining her brother in Santa Fe. But Zachariah Connelly turned down her request to travel with the trading caravan. Determined and undaunted, Savanah trailed a day behind the caravan until they were too far down the trail to escort her back to civilization.

Suddenly Zachariah Connelly didn’t know who was more dangerous: his volatile crew or the willful beauty whose presence threatened his command and his heart.

The Current: A Battle of Seduction (A Tales of Freya short story)

by Sarah Dahl

The Viking warrior Aldaith meets his real match only after the battle: Marked from the latest fight, Aldaith wants to recover by a stream. But instead of finding solitude, he stumbles on the fearless shield maiden Nyssa. The fierce beauty invites Aldaith into the water to engage in a very different kind of battle – one for which his training leaves him unprepared.

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