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Positive Thinking – The ultimate guide to positive thinking: Be happy, healthy and successful through the power of your thoughts (happiness, self talk, affirmations, reduce stress)

by Greg Obrian

Impose Your Will on the Reality Through the Creative Power of Thought

â??Misery loves company.” â??Life is hard, embrace it.”  These are just some of the things people often tend to express, as if they were the absolute truth. However, let’s wonder: why is it that there are some people who seem to effortlessly enjoy life and achieve  their goals constantly without the stress, pain and negativity usually associated with working hard?

Have you ever wondered what it is that separates the great majority of people from those  we like to define with one simple word: â??lucky“.


What makes them so different from the thousands of honest, hard working individuals who simply can’t seem to get their goals and visions fulfilled no matter how hard they try or work on them….

The difference can’t be physical, because in that case the most perfect people (physically), would be the ones always getting the best and most amazing results in life…

However, that is not the case.

What is it then?

Well, thousands of years of wisdom and diligent research leave us with solely one answer: the way we think.

It’s true that it may sound overly simple – but don’t let that first impression fool you.

Learning how to truly use your mind and direct it towards positive, productive thinking is one of the most important and most challenging skills to master in Life.

It has the power to simply turn your life around 360 degrees – guaranteed!

But only if you use it the right way…

Luckily for you – I’ve spent years of dedicated research, trial and learning in order to create â??Positive Thinking”, an all comprehensive book containing everything that you could possibly need to master these most important skills and finally take the full control of your emotions, future and life.

Some of the things you’ll learn after reading this book are:

  • How not to be trapped by false â??positive thinking” advice that simply doesn’t work
  • What positive thinking REALLY is (and what not)
  • The power of your thoughts and their ability to create your reality down to the last detail
  • A whole array of positive affirmations you can utilize in order to enrich your life
  • How to make the positive, productive thinking processes subconscious and effortless
  • Creating your Life Vision through the power of Thoughts and making it a vivid REALITY
  • Empowering your perception towards greater understanding which will give you immense benefits
  • How to RADICALLY change your attitude in a way that it motivates you and makes you happy
  • 10 fool-proof tips for changing your attitude right away


Deep inside yourself you know that you have the potential to be great and design the life you want.

Stop selling yourself short and become a positive thinking superstar!


You are not getting any younger. Don’t hesitate – ACT NOW and start a new Chapter in your Life through the pervasive Power of Positive Thinking.

Your loved ones, your future and your Life will thank you.

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DIY Solar Heaters with Basic Materials: Water Heater, Air Heater, Solar Oven Tutorials: (Solar Power, Power Generation) (Survival Skills Book 1)

by Steven Smart

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DIY Solar Heaters with Basic Materials

Water Heater, Air Heater, Solar Oven Tutorials

Do you wish to go off-grid, but are still confused about all those basic household needs? Well, you can fulfill those everyday requirements by harnessing the power of the sun. Read on this well-researched and comprehensive guide and learn how to make different kinds of solar heaters to bring a radical change in your life.

In this extensive book, we have provided an in-depth walkthrough for creating a solar water heater, a solar air heater, and a solar oven. By using basic materials, you can have a constant supply of hot water or can keep your house warm in no time. Not only are these solar heaters easy to create, they can also help you save your hard-earned money as well.

The guide has provided different DIY tutorials that will help you live a self-sustaining life while going off-grid. Some of the topics that are covered in the guide are as follows:

  • Understanding how to harness solar power
  • DIY solar water heater tutorial
  • DIY solar air heater tutorial
  • DIY solar oven tutorial

These expert tutorials are not only highly effective, but they will save your time and resources as well. We have focused on basic materials to create these remarkable solar heaters of different kinds. Don’t wait anymore and build your next solar water or air heater right away with us!

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Mastitis Care for Nursing Moms: What They Don’t Tell You (but SHOULD!)

by Shannon Devaney

Mastitis Care for Nursing Moms is a quick and handy guide for preventing and minimizing the horror show of mastitis. Yes, mastitis really is that bad!

Unfortunately, despite the pain and pervasiveness (10 – 20% of breastfeeding women get it), mastitis is still Greek to many new moms.

This guide treats mastitis with the same respect as other common breastfeeding woes. The author speaks from first-hand experience.

In it you’ll discover:

What mastitis really is (and isn’t)
The two causes of mastitis (it’s either one or the other)
How to recognize the symptoms (so you can take action early)
How to heal without antibiotics (this may surprise you)
The best natural DIY remedies (who needs a doctor?)
How to avoid mastitis in the first place!

Mastitis need not ruin breastfeeding for you. Read this book, put the tips into practice, and prepare for a pain-free future.

C++: The No B.S. C++ Crash Course for Newbies – Learn C++ Programming in 8 hours! (Programming Series Book 1)

by Steven Codey

Discover The No B.S. C++ Crash Course For Newbies & Learn C++ Programming In 8 Hours!

Programming has become a crucial skill you must have in today’s day and age. The economy is in desperate need of programmers. By 2020, according to a recent study, there’ll be need for about 1.4 million developers. However, only 400,000 developers will be available come 2020, indicating an impending shortage of programmers in the industry.

Therefore, learning and developing programming skills is inevitable and this is where this book comes in. Learning C++ programming language is a good start. This language will give you the foundation you need to become a successful programmer.

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to code in C++ programming language, and will be covering various basic yet critical concepts you need to learn as you start your journey towards being an expert programmer.

With the knowledge you will learn about C++ and why you need to learn it, you will be able to get started and write your first C++ program in no time at all!

In This Book You Will Learn:

-The Origins of C++ & Why You MUST Learn It
-Getting Started With Your Very First Program in C++
-A Comprehensive Guide to C++ Variables, Basic Input and Math Concepts
-C++ Functions Explained in An Easy Way for The Newbie Programmer
-and Much, Much More!

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Amazon Echo: The 2017 Updated User Guide to Master Your Amazon Echo (Amazon Echo user guide, Echo Manual, Amazon Alexa, amazon echo app, user manual) (internet device, echo, guide)

by Andrew Howard

The Amazon Echo is an unbelievable device that may be a voice assistant, speaker, smart home device, music player, math genius, news reporter, and so much more. The more you use this device the more you get impressed with its capabilities.
This is book is meant to give you the basic information to start your interaction with your new assistant named Alexa. This book covers all the necessary topics from the features of the Amazon Echo to its troubleshooting issues. Here you will find the latest information to make your interaction with Alexa easy and enjoyable.
This guide will give all you the important information that you need to know to use your Amazon Echo. This guide explains how to carry out the basic setup of your Echo and some most popular features that the device offers. It also tells about the operations it can perform. This book guides you through the Alexa app, connecting to Wi-Fi, how to customize voice-commands, how to access more apps or “Skills” using IFTTT. It also includes the information about latest updates of Alexa skills.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Easy Start and Set up of the Amazon Echo
  • Advanced Functions and Settings of the Echo
  • IFTTT and the Amazon Echo
  • How to Overcome Disadvantages of the Echo
  • Troubleshooting Issues with the Amazon Echo
  • The Overview of the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Tap

Tags: Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo guide, Amazon Echo Book, Amazon Echo User Guide, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Amazon Prime, Amazon Echo for Beginners, users guide, alexa, alexa kit, Alexa Skills Kit, step-by-step guide, digital devices, smart device, amazon echo benefits, voice command device, amazon device, home devices, main functions, personal control, time management, business device, to-do lists, tips and tricks, Amazon Echo at home, Amazon Echo functions, multifunctional device, beginners guide, audiobooks, amazon prime, Alexa Voice Service.

How to Win the Lottery: Make the Law of Attraction Work for You!

by Kaiser Cole

How to Win the Lottery – Make the Law of Attraction Work for You!

Have you ever had dreams of winning the lottery? I am pretty sure most people have. However, many don’t believe it is a real possibility. That is where this book comes in. Having used the Law of Attraction to transform my own life, I have decided to share my secrets to help others create the life of their dreams.

Statistically, winning the lottery is one of the most difficult things to achieve but these odds can be stacked into our favor by learning to use certain techniques. The Law of Attraction has been well documented over the years and the results are clear for everyone to see. However, some people still haven’t been able to grasp exactly how it works. This was me! But through years of hard work and study I come up with my own tried and tested methods which have allowed me to manifest much quicker. In this book, I will share the methods which I created, alongside all the traditional methods of manifestation. The title then goes further by delving into the psychology and mindset needed in order to attract more wealth. This isn’t an area which gets much coverage in traditional Law of Attraction texts, but it is crucial knowledge to obtain on your quest for a more fruitful life. Also included are specific and proven tactics for how to pick winning lottery numbers more often.

The more we can begin to get in touch with this natural power of the Universe, the faster our lives begin to change. So grab a copy today and start changing your life right away!

Healthy Recipes: American Cooking – American Cuisine, Cookbook for Healthy Meals & Organic Cooking, Low Carb, Weight Loss Cooking Recipes, Salad, Vegetarian 130+ Additive Free Recipes from USA

by Adrianne Love

The Healthy American Cookbook: Healthy Eating – A Tasty & Super Healthy Recipe Collection for Simple & Easy Weight Loss Diet

Endulge in a tasty collection of healthy dishes, from seafood and slow cooking to desserts.

In this book you will discover delicious healthy and tasty recipes like:

– Asian Shrimp Salad

– Sweet & Spicy Pork

– Fish Tacos

– Quinoa Superfood Salad

With over 130 recipes in one collection, you are sure to find some new favorites!

Tags: healthy eating, clean food diet, healthy diet recipes, weight loss recipes, healthy living, natural foods, healthy cookbook

Vegan Day 1: Vegan Life Explained

by Paul Perez

There are many different approaches to eating. Some people eat anything and everything. Others don’t eat meat or they eat meat once a week. Others avoid meat and animal products all together. They embrace a vegan lifestyle.

A vegan is someone that does not eat any animal products. That means they don’t eat meat. They also don’t eat eggs or dairy. No butter, no cheese, and no milk. Most vegans also don’t eat honey. Many vegans avoid meat for a number of reasons including but not limited to:

-Health concerns – there are statistics connecting animal products to disease.

-Moral beliefs – many vegans have beliefs connected to not using animals for human gain. That means that they also don’t wear leather or use any products tested on animals.

-Environmental concerns – farming animals and animal products is believed by many to be detrimental to the environment.

We’ll look at these reasons more closely in a bit. First, let’s take a closer look at some statistics about being vegan and what the lifestyle involves.

Veganism is growing in popularity. There are now one million vegans in America. It’s increased, along with vegetarianism, quite significantly over the past few years. Almost 70 percent of vegans are women. Almost half of the people who are vegans started their new lifestyle because they saw a movie or read a book about the benefits of veganism or the downside of eating meat.

And many vegans gradually transitioned to the lifestyle. For example, many people become vegan by default. Their spouse or partner is vegan and they eventually become vegan themselves. Some experience a health scare, like a heart attack, and decide that being vegan is the path to better health and a longer life.

So, what does it mean to be vegan?

What this eBook can do for you and the chapters:

1.Vegan Life Explained

2.The Health Benefits of a Vegan Diet

3.Why Eat Vegan? What Are the Benefits to the Environment?

4.Food Options?

5.When Initially Going Veganâ?¦.

6.The Positives and Negatives of Going 100% Vegan

7.Do You Need Supplements?

8.Dining Out and Talking about Vegan Lifestyle with Friends and Family

9.The Big Stepâ?¦Embracing Vegan Living?

10.Protein, Protein, Protein

11.Simple Non-Dairy Ways to Get Your Calcium

12.B-vitamins Are Vital

13.Make Sure Your Getting Those Fats

14.Tasty Snacks

15.Traditional Breakfast Choices

16.Fun Lunch Suggestions

17.Dinner Menu Ideas

18.Is This Lifestyle expensive?

Going vegan? This book will help.

Personal Growth: 2 Manuscripts – Achieve Your Goals Now with PowerListsTM, Habit Ignition (Goals, Habits, Motivation, Happiness, Success)

by Chris A. Baird

Do you never seem to reach your goals? Do you even know what you want from life? Do you feel stagnant, stuck in a rut, and ready for a change of habit?

Are you terrified of suddenly ending up old with too many regrets and too little fulfillment?

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll never reach your goals.

Is this positive for you?

Personal Growth: 2 Manuscripts – Achieve Your Goals Now with PowerListsâ?¢, Habit Ignition teaches you every step, including an action plan you’ve been too scared to try. This is a book of action and doesn’t just tell you to try harder. Life rewards those who take matters into their own hands, and this book is where to start.

Personal Growth is full of real-life examples, proven techniques of that have worked for thousands of people just like you. These methods are backed up countless research studies, all of which will arm you with a mindset primed for success and powerful, concrete goal achieving techniques.

Easy-to-implement small changes and practical takeaways for immediate action.

What happens if you ignore your goals?

Where will you be 20 years from now?
– Why should you care about your goals
What goals should you shoot for?
– The consequences of ignoring your goals

How will you learn to create clear goals?

Figure out who you are and what you want
– Find goals that are right for you
Establish a plan that you will stick to
– Create a daily action plan and keep it

How will you learn to build new habits?

Reframing the problem
– Using mind maps
Focus on the environment
– Set daily quotas

Find out how to let go of your fears and take flight towards success, period.

Create the life and success you want.

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P.S. You’ll be able to notice a difference within 24 hours.

Bath Bombs: A Beginners Guide To Bath Bombs Plus The Top 15 Bath Bomb Recipes

by Nancy Ross



Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Uses for Your Bath Bombs
  • Creating the Right Packaging and Care for Your Bath Bombs
  • Storing Your Bath Bomb
  • Some of the Common Mistakes with Bath Bombs That You Should Avoid
  • The Benefits of Making Your Own Bath Bombs
  • Much, Much, More!

Here Is A Preview Of Some Of The Bath Bomb Recipes You’ll Learn…

  • Peppermint and Chocolate Bath Bomb
  • Heart Bombs
  • Eucalyptus Bomb
  • Lemon Bomb
  • Orange Bombs
  • Lavender Bombs
  • Peppermint and Eucalyptus Bath Bomb
  • Bergamot and Lavender Bombs
  • Tea Tree and Mint Bath Bombs
  • Rose Oil and Lavender Bath Bombs
  • Cedarwood and Orange Bath Bomb
  • Much, Much, More!

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Natural Living: The Ultimate Honey Cure: 31 Amazing Health Benefits, Secrets and Uses of Honey Natural Cures Revealed (Natural Living, Remedies, Weight Loss, and Skin Care Beauty Guide)

by Danyale Lebon

Are You Looking for Natural Cures? Discover all of the Secret Benefits of Honey and its Incredible Natural Healing Powers!


With this Ultimate Guide to Honey you’ll find 31 Amazing natural remedies and benefits of Honey that will easily transform yourself into a more energized, better looking and healthier you!

Honey is a completely natural food. It is actually the only food that does not spoil and is super easy to keep on hand for everyday use. It is one of the ancient clean eating foods that remained unchanged in terms of production and has a long listed secret history of curing common ailments such as cough & cold, sore throat, skin conditions, allergies, anemia and much more!

Inside You’ll Learn:

  • How honey can be used to torch the fat off naturally and easily
  • How honey can improve your overall health and vitality
  • How honey can restore your natural beauty and age prevention!

Why honey is one of the best skin care books you’ll find

  • Are you tired of having chronic fatigue all of the time?
  • Are you tired of struggling to lose weight?
  • Are you looking for a cost effective all-natural beauty treatment without nasty side-effects?

If you really want to create a healthier, more energized and better body and mind then choosing these ultimate honey cures is your solution!

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Make Mississippi Home: Selling Your Home in South Mississippi and Maximizing Your Real Estate Investment

by Janell Billiot

A quick guide of what to expect when listing your property to sell in South Mississippi.

Norse Mythology: A Brief Epic Guide to Heroes, Gods, Sagas, Beliefs, and Rituals Of Norse Mythology (Norse Mythology, Greek Mythology, Egyptian Mythology, Myth, Legend)

by Oliver Laine

You’ve heard about Norse mythology before, but how much do you really know?

By Odin’s Beard! This Brief Epic Guide on Norse mythology will get you up to speed!

You may already be familiar with names and personalities such as Odin, Thor, Loki, and the Valkyries – and in this book you will learn about the many roles that they play within the various legends and sagas that have been passed down from generation to generation. You will learn about the impact that they have made on both the ancient Scandinavian cultures from where the stories arose and on modern culture in northern Europe.

You will also learn how Norse mythology has become a leading source of storytelling ideas, and how the concepts and characters have found their way into works as diverse as Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and Gaiman’s American Gods; the operas that make up Wagner’s acclaimed The Ring of the Nibelung; the musical genres of heavy metal and, specifically, Viking metal; and many others.

Finally, I hope that reading about Norse mythology will help you gain a better understanding of the ancient cultures of Scandinavia: specifically, how these people saw the world and how they perceived themselves as they fit into that world.

Here is a Brief Epic Preview of What You’ll Learn…

  • Norse Culture and the Importance of Mythology
  • Sources
  • The Gods of Norse Mythology
  • Inhabitants of the Universe
  • Heroes and Heroines
  • The Nine Worlds
  • And Much, Much More!

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JavaScript: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Learn JavaScript Programming Effectively(JavaScript Programming, Java, Activate Your Web Pages, Programming Book-1)

by Daniel Jones

The Most Comprehensive JavaScript Beginners Guide on the Market!

Have you ever wondered what allows people to be able to see different things on different websites? The answer is simple: JavaScript. Many websites are written in JavaScript so that you can be able to see what they are all about and what is going on in each of the sites. It is a language that can be written in many different formats so that different websites can use it for different purposes. JavaScript is able to do everything from creating a website to adding buttons and even disabling the ability to click on a button unless an option is chosen.

While JavaScript is a multilayered language that will take some time to learn all of the levels of, the basics are quite simple. You can learn how to begin writing JavaScript by knowing only the basics, and you can build on your knowledge of the basics and what you initially learned. To get started with writing JavaScript, all you need to do is learn the beginning process. It is easy for you to do this if you have the right tools.

This book will act as a way for you, as a beginner, to learn the process of JavaScript. While it will teach you some of the simplest JavaScript codes, it will not be overwhelming with codes. Instead, it will teach you what you need to know before you become a JavaScript expert and before you make the decision to truly dive into it.

If you are ready to learn about JavaScript, what it can do and how you can get started, start this book right away.

When you are finished, check out some of the other books in this series to learn more JavaScript codes and how to become a true professional who is great at writing JavaScript and can do more than you ever thought possible. Follow the series on an easy way to become a JavaScript expert!

Diabetic Dessert Cookbook: Easy And Delicious Diabetic Dessert Recipes (Diabetic Cookbook Book 2)

by David Hanson

You Can Now Enjoy A Wide Variety of Tasty Diabetic Friendly Dessert Recipes!

Get This Diabetic Diet Cookbook For A Special Discount (50% off)

Diabetes can be a serious and debilitating condition. For those suffering from this disease, the right diet is extremely important. Consuming a diet rich in vegetables and fruits is vital for controlling diabetes, and avoiding certain foods that can make diabetes worse is just as important. One of the main causes of diabetes is consuming a poor diet that contains high amounts calories, sodium and sugars.

Here are some helpful dieting tips for controlling diabetes:
-Consume healthy carbs, these contain a lower glycemic index and will make you feel full for longer. Healthy carbs include whole grains, fruits, nuts, beans.
-Include fresh seafood in your diet. Salmon, cod and tuna are low in fat and some fish like salmon are natural sources of omega-3 fats.
-Consume meals that are well balanced. Proper meals should be at least half vegetables, and only ¼ of your meal should include meat!

This cookbook contains a healthy collection of dessert recipes that are diabetic friendly. These recipes will keep you on the right track for controlling this disease and living a healthy lifestyle.

Many people assume that once one has diabetes, then they must be on a strict diet that is boring and painful to keep this disease in check. This is not true! As you will find out, the recipes in this book are just as delicious as any other non-diabetic recipes.

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SQL: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Learn SQL Programming Effectively( SQL Development, SQL Programming, Learn SQL Fast, Programming Book-1)

by Daniel Jones

The Most Comprehensive SQL Programming Beginners Guide on the Market!

SQL- the program that will change your life forever!

SQL is a program that is going to make it to where can get the job of your dreams or even open up doors that were previously closed.

In learning SQL, you are going to realize that it is pretty simple, although for a beginner, it is going to seem like a completely different language. And that is because it is! However, learning the basics of SQL is going to be simple and get easier the more that you practice because there is not much for you to have to remember unlike some other programming languages.

In this book, you are going to learn about CRUD and how it applies to SQL. CRUD is one of the most important things that you are going to learn as you go through the lessons that are in this book. While that may seem a little odd, CRUD is going to make SQL that much easier!

O Level Physics: 9th Class Guide (Levels Resource Book 1)

by Levels Resource

This key book is written for O Level Class 9. It covers the complete Cambrige Syllabus of 9th Grade. contains all problems and key topics in the Cambridge syllabus physics, along with detailed, step-by-step solutions. By guiding the reader through carefully chosen examples and providing worked out solutions, this book will help the student to develop skill in manipulating physical concepts. Topics dealt with include: General Physics, Kinematics, Dynamics, Mass, Weight, Density, Turning effect of forces, Deformation, Pressure, Energy and transfer of energy, Transfer of thermal energy, Temperature, Thermal properties of matter and Kinetic Model of Matter with other useful data, including a summary of some important mathematical results. In discussing the relevant factors and most suitable methods of approach for given problems, this book imparts many useful insights, and will be invaluable to anyone taking 9th Grade for O Level courses in physics.

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