Free biographies and memoirs Kindle books for 25 Feb 17

The Book of Joseph

by William Holmes

This little book is a rewrite in contemporary language (without verses) of one of the best known stories in the Old Testament part of the Bible, that of Joseph, a young boaster who annoyed his brothers so much that they sold him into slavery in Egypt. Although imprisoned there on a false accusation of attempted rape, he is released when his ability to interpret Pharaoh’s pertubing dreams comes to the fore. He is promoted to high office and by wise stockpiling of grain, over a seven year period prevents many deaths from what would have been starvation. Eventually his brothers and father are reunited with them. This Bible story, though very old, demonstrates that human frailties such as boastfulness, envy, hatred, dishonesty and lust have not changed in the infinitely more sophisticated 21st century we live in today. This is a Bible story that will appeal to Christians, Muslims, Jews – and many who have no particuar religous affiliation.

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