Free horror Kindle books for 25 Feb 17

Unto You

by Colin Durrant

Miles looks down on the shitters from the Ferris Wheel and spits a wad of something from the pit of his stomach. He looks over to Burney then gropes for affection. They leave the ride and join Jimmy at the hall of mirrors before moving on to the Walzer, then the bumper cars, then the shooting gallery. They leave the fairground and grab a chicken takeout before following another victim down a dark alley to beat him to the ground, kicking…thrashing… punching…pleading… laughing. Easy money. Back to the car for the journey home. Just another fun-packed weekend.
Lights, on, bedroom door closed, Burney leaves miles in the company of his libido as she hears him pull away. She grabs the box from under the bed, removes the photos and gazes upon Italy and the alps and Paris before turning to her stash of money, her share of ill-gotten gains, her share that keeps her dreams of travel alive and her secrets exactly as they should be. Just another fun-packed weekend.
Jimmy sneaks into his home. Milk and cookies, up to his room and T.V on before crying himself to sleep. Just another fun-packed weekend.
But the violence and the hatred on one fun-packed weekend, resurfaces to ruin their lives. Things from the past turn them against each other to the outcome of ruination and murder. Running, fearing…they need to find the source of their retribution and stop him, her…it before they lose their minds and then their lives.

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