Free horror Kindle books for 26 Feb 17

Fanfic (or FF)

by Brian Barr

Two fan fiction writers get lost in their favorite book series, where dreams can become nightmares.

New cover by David Hoenig for the second edition of this book!

The Keychain: He entered a new world

by atulson

The keychain is a dark fantasy sci-fi adventure thriller.

15 years old, Kevin was living a happy life with his parents. He was a bright student in his class and a loving friend of his classmates.
One day, he finds himself in a trouble. He enters the new world that he had never imagined of. The Brayton who wants to rule all over the world, is recruiting the innocent people in his world. There are some rules and conditions in his world that everyone has to follow.
Kevin has two options; to be a slave or to be a saviour. Let’s see what Kevin decides and how he survives in Brayton’s world.

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