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Dad Jokes: 600 Hilariously Bad Jokes and Puns!

by Sam Breton

Everybody loves a good laugh, but nobody tells jokes quite like Dads!

Dads have gained a reputation for telling some of the “worst” jokes known to man, but for some reason we love them all anyway!

Dad Jokes are at their best when they’re family friendly, simple and most of all silly!

This book contains 600 of the most awful jokes Dads have ever told, guaranteed to make your audience chuckle while rolling their eyes!

Why is your nose in the middle of your face?

Because it is the scenter!

What did the dad send to the man who ran out of water?

A รข??get well’ card!

What do you call a fast fungus?

A mush-vroom!

Why did the dad get a job at the bakery?

Because he kneaded dough!

Clock Zero: I’m not my social feed

by Nawar Alsaadi

Clock Zero tells the story of Tom, a Millennial wasting his life chasing Likes on social media until he meets Daniel Drake, a mysterious man with a daring plan to free the world of its social media obsession. Tom is captivated by the premise of a new unplugged world, but is Daniel Drake the good Samaritan he claims to be?

Clock Zero beautifully captures the existentialist struggle of this generation. A master stroke of wit and suspense, Clock Zero sheds light on the dark side of an always-connected world: smartphone addiction, digital self-absorption, global terrorism, and Silicon Valley’s unfettered quest to generate ever more profits at the expense of our humanity.

Praise and Reviews for Clock Zero:

“Clock Zero is to the Millennial Generation what Fight Club is for Generation X.”
Constantin Rotariu
BTR Exchange.

“This story perfectly captures the digital experience of today’s Millennial, plugged in and glued to their screens, desperate for more out of life. This tale of rebellion brings voice to those with a strong sense that life could be better. The imagery is almost palpable; we are right there with Tom Perkins, who tags alongside the enigmatic Daniel Drake, a man with a plan to disassemble the digital world, and the author makes it happen right before your eyes.”

Peter Holm

Salon Madness

by Jan Glaz

Salon Madness is uncovers the shady side of beauty on all fronts, Cosmetology Conventions, Beauty Shows, Salons, Clientele and Hairdressers all play a role between the covers of this book. These bizarre episodes hailing from the Cosmetology Industry, are primarily from privately owned beauty establishments along the Lake Shore area of Chicago, IL. Each chapter is inspired by truths compiled from the author’s personal experience, journals, and interviews.

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