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Dark Water (Cooper M. Reid Book 1)

by Barry Napier

Who is Cooper M. Reid?

As a former Special Agent within a shadow branch of the government, Cooper M. Reid’s work took him to some odd placesâ?¦researching time vortexes in Kansas, demons in Norway, and UFOs in Jerusalem. The work only got weirder when he decided to go rogue and start investigating for himself.

So it came as no real surprise when he disappeared one year ago.

Now that he has re-appeared, Cooper has no recollection of what happened to him. All he knows is that he is now driven to help those that are being tormented by the paranormal, and that he needs to stay hidden from the people he once worked for.

In DARK WATER, Cooper finds himself drawn to a beach-side community in North Carolina where children are drowning by inexplicable means. But what Cooper quickly discovers is that while the deaths are certainly tragic, the real horror lies in what drew the children to the ocean in the first place.


by Jonathan Hutchins

Avalon tells the tragic tale of humans who fell victim to an attack aboard a cruise ship. The S.S. Mammoth’s “cruise to nowhere” was filled with struggle even without it’s predators. But when the humans become prey, a new chaos unites them against an unstoppable force. Fairy tales become reality when vampires are found aboard the ship. And to make matters worse, it is discovered that the passengers may have been lured to a mysterious island, where humans serve as cattle.

How do you protect yourself from an enemy as vicious as vampires? What do you do when everything you knew about their weaknesses falls under the weight of a new reality? The question may lie unanswered, but with the fall of one star, another is born.

Captured (Wolf in Exile Part 1): Werewolf Shifter/Vampire Paranormal Romance

by Amber Ella Monroe

WOLF IN EXILE PART ONE: CAPTURED ~ All installments are available in Kindle Unlimited.

When Kalena is caught snooping around in the laboratories at Silex Pharmaceuticals, a shifter-owned company, the guards label her a spy. She’s captured and tossed inside of a barricade filled with wolves who have been deemed menaces to society. What’s worse is that her memory of what happened over the last few days isn’t all that clear. Her only hope of escape is linked to Thane Silex, a convicted felon with a vendetta against his brother.


Captured is Part One of Wolf in Exile, a serialized shapeshifter paranormal romantic suspense that contains a cliffhanger at the end. Intended for Mature Audiences only.

New found love assasination – Assasination

by Phobee May



Mia and Natasha are both Managers in Flippage. They will be assigned in a big project together. Since both of them are experienced Managers, they will have to compete for each other in order to get promoted for a higher position that will handle most projects in the next coming years in Flippage.
At first, Mia and Natasha don’t get along. They are both very competitive; they don’t allow feelings to precede their projects. However, as time goes by, they became close to each other. They got to know even more and because of this, they fell in love with each other. Soon, Mia will found out Natasha has financial problems with her family. Natasha’s mother was murdered and she became devastated. Inspector Mikee and Jack helped solved the mystery, but it did not completely healed Natasha’s broken heart. Soon, Natasha asked Mia if she wants to live with her in New York; which means, both of them will leave Los Angeles permanently. She will then decide if she wants the promotion, or if she will sacrifice and give way to Natasha knowing her problem.
Things became complicated when both of them got closer. They secretly had a relationship. Natasha got the promotion but before they day of announcement, she went missing because of her fears after her mother’s death. Everybody thought Mia kidnapped her because of the promotion. Since no one knows their relationship, she had to keep mum about it and hope that the truth will prevail.
There were no proven statements about her disappearance. Suspicions arise but Mia came calm and did her own investigation in order to find Natasha back. In the end, Mia came up with the idea that she should help Natasha to get back on her feet as she felt responsible for leaving Natasha after what happened. Mia had a connivance with her half-brother, Joseph. Joseph had a mission to make Natasha fall in love with her, then convince her to go back to Los Angeles and help Mia solve the company’s problems.
Is everything going to be okay? If not, can she keep up?
But the real question is, can she take it?

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Mystery: Thriller Mystery 3 Book Set

by Athena Dorsey

Thriller Mystery 3 Book Set

Book 1 : The City of Crime
A bang is heard on the outside of Ms. Bake’s house. She runs across the living room towards the door to see what was going down. She slowly opens the door to confirm. She realizes blood on the outside of the door and fear cascades her. The unfathomable darkness covers the woods right after the fence of her compound. She realizes a figure moving in the woods. The doted blood on the steps towards her door-step confirms the impending danger that is yet to rock her evening. Abruptly, the security light is hit from nowhere and the whole place on the outside is dimly lit. Bake scrambles back in to the house and firmly closes the door.

Book 2 : A Lover’s Betrayal
The cold morning hours of New York City compels Mark to take a warm cup of coffee. He wakes up only to find the unfavorable weather smuggling the streets. His room in the shaggy apartments is a victim. Marks thoughts are streaming through his head. Shall he find a taxi to go to school and afford to have supper? He is running short of his coins, and something should be sacrificed to make both ends meet. “How shall I get to college at this time?” He thinks loudly with a dull face. His clothes have rugged marks, no ironing. The poor guy is in for trouble soon. Being late for college classes isn’t a joke.

Book 3 : The Ruthless Killer
Timmy thought it was odd that Carrie’s Father didn’t want anyone to know about the Sunday driving lesson. He churned it over and over in his head, Mister. Cross’s reasoning for the secrecy. “Your friends will be as mad as wet hens if they fail to pass and they find out you passed because you had an extra lesson. I can just hear my Carrie, But Dad, you gave Timmy private lessons, but not your own Daughter?’ Whoo! That gal can be jealous. But you know her. You and her are tight like a drum aren’t you?”

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