Free fantasy Kindle books for 28 Feb 17

The Halfling: a superhero urban fantasy (The Aria Fae Series Book 1)

by H. D. Gordon


17-year-old Aria Fae is no stranger to danger. She’s super fast and strong, and has supernatural abilities that come along with being half faerie.

In order to help a friend, she disobeyed her superiors and has been kicked out of the secret supernatural organization that has trained her since infancy. Now, Aria is alone in the concrete jungle of Grant CityĆ¢??the human world where she will never quite fit in.

She’ll soon find that Grant City is full of dangers. Women are disappearing from the streets, and a new drug called black magic is turning people into supercharged maniacs.

When she meets Samantha Shy, a young computer genius, the two become fast friends, and decide to combine their abilities to make a kickass vigilante team.

But Grant City is a dark and dangerous place, and the monsters that dwell there are not going to go down without a fight.

From the bestselling author of The Alexa Montgomery Saga, comes the start of an exciting new superhero urban fantasy series that will be epic in proportion.

Praise for The Aria Fae Series:

“H. D. Gordon is a master at creating magical worlds! Her characters really get under your skin and stay there. I read this book in one sitting.”

“I love stories about faeries and elves, and The Aria Fae Series is a fresh take on urban fantasy/paranormal that made me remember why I so love the genres!”

“This is one of the best paranormal series I’ve read! It’s got everything; mystery, suspense, romance, and a kick butt female lead! I’ll be looking into more of Miss Gordon’s works in the future!”

“If you like superheroes, paranormal creatures, and villains and vigilantes, The Aria Fae Series is for you. I really enjoyed this mash-up!”

A fair warning: Though the characters in The Aria Fae Series are all young adults, they deal with some disturbing themes and strong language that may be uncomfortable for some readers. For younger readers, parent discretion is advised.

The Reach Between Worlds (The Arclight Saga, Book 1) [Revised Edition]

by C. M. Hayden

Sixteen-year-old Taro lost his right leg years ago, but with a family to support, he doesn’t let it slow him down. For years he’s worked for a notorious crime lord named Victor Mathan. Mathan deals in stolen magical artifacts and trusts Taro to finish his work with as few questions as possible.

When an absurdly well-paying job comes up, Taro is quick to volunteer. Mathan wants him to break a powerful sorceress out of jail, but her prison is under the control of an ancient military order called the Magisterium. To get to her, Taro must pose as a Magisterium recruit. The courses are grueling, the trials drive students mad, and the magic they teach can be as deadly to the caster as it is to the target.

When the time comes to free the sorceress and collect his pay, Taro is horrified to find that her freedom will lead to the deaths of his friends and thousands of others. However, Mathan makes it clear that not living up to their agreement is a death sentence for Taro’s family.

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