Free horror Kindle books for 20 Mar 17


by Nathaniel J. Nelson

Throughout a long history of paranormal occurrences, one hellish creature has continued to rear its head, leaving death and misery in its wake. Its motives are unknown, but its method seems clear: kill â?? destroy â?? repeat.

After being delivered from sexual assault by unseen forces, twenty-three-year-old widow Olivia Cambridge is contacted by Seventh Circle: a mediocre organization of ghost hunters who insist that she has become the latest target of an ancient evil that has plagued humanity for millennia.

At first, she doesn’t believe. But proof takes a hellish form.

With the help of a powerful Seventh Circle employee, Olivia manages to stay one step ahead of the Beast â?? and ahead of a government whose prime objective is to keep everyone in the dark. But she soon finds that she can’t run forever, and that the legacy of EROGRENDEL is more a part of her identity than she could ever have guessed.

Consuming: Dead and Alive: A story of love, greed, and zombies

by C.D. Carter

Does corporate greed die with the zombie apocalypse? Quite the opposite: it thrives, and finds new, inventive, inhumane ways in which The End can serve the bottom line. “Consuming” is the first-person account of humanity’s final days, when Americans of every stripe rally against the government-industrial-zombie complex. This is a story of love, human nature, and the thin line between life and death.

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