Free religious fiction Kindle books for 20 Mar 17

The English Doctor’s Love: A Clean Amish and Doctor Romance Story

by Aqua Allsopp

A Standalone Sweet Clean Amish Romance. Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

The English Doctor’s Love is a spellbinding, clean romance where the fate of one Amish family is turned upside down and changed forever. When a tragic accident occurs, everyone involved has to make hard decisions about their future.

Thomas Hedulund must choose between the life of an adventurist and rebellious playboy, or true love. He must also choose between two women that he has grown to love. Can the English doctor overcome his past to learn to live again? Will has character flaws relegate him to a life of meaningless encounters or will his inner good nature rise to embrace love?

Only time and circumstance can save the English doctor from himself. Learn how the fate of one Amish family is touched by the English doctor’s presence and how the lives of two Amish girls become intertwined with the lives of two English doctors. Will they choose to continue living an Amish life, or will they give up family and community for the sake of love? All of these questions and more are answered in the English Doctor’s Love.

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A standalone short story with 12 free bonus clean romance stories inside!

African American Romance: The Snow’s Meltdown: Meet Calvin Snow (Snow Series Book 1)

by Marita Kinney

What happens when everything around you seems perfect – your family, your health, your social status, your overall life – but all of a sudden something threatens to tear it all apart and rob you of what you’ve always known? This type of thing happens to many people, every day, from all walks of life. Some are able to get over it and go on with their lives. But others are not so fortunate. They find themselves stuck in their own meltdown of loss, hurt, and pain. Such is the situation in Marita L. Kinney’s latest novel.

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