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La La Land: A Zombie Dystopian Novel (The Last City Series Book 2)

by Logan Keys

A rebel who’s been revived to save the world. A soldier with a monster locked inside.

Liza and Tommy return to a destroyed America, continuing their fight for freedom, only this time, their search for allies will end with the same madmen and women who’ve engineered new monsters in an attempt to create the perfect soldier.

Faster. Smarter. Hungrier.

These rejects from the special program have replaced the undead at the top of the food chain.

Blood suckers roam the wilds, while brutal youths trap unsuspecting travelers. 

No place is safe.

If Tommy and Liza can’t stop the warmongering council that rules the new fortress, they might not get a chance at freedom again.

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Following the best-selling novel The Last City, La La Land is a must-read for fans of dystopian zombie books, and young adult fiction. Those who enjoyed The Walking Dead, Divergent, or Hunger Games, will love this sequel that delivers an epic tale of survival until the heart-stopping finale.

Book Order:
The Last City
La La Land

Early Praise for La La Land:

“Read at your own risk.” The Book Curmudgeon

“Zombies like we’ve never seen.” “Edge of my seat.” Goodreads Users

Best-Selling Author Yessi Smith calls the characters of La La Land, “Beautifully flawed.”

“Liza and Thomas Ripley Hatter find themselves on a path to destruction, yet they desire to fight against the oppressive systems to take back what is theirs. Love. Hate. Jealousy. Forgiveness. You once knew the city of Anthem…well, see how like the new La La Land where nothing is as it seems.” The Book Herald

“I was lucky enough to beta read this book, and my review in a word is EXCITING! I love the way the first GoA book weaves into this one, and if you liked GoA you won’t be disappointed in the story arc of the characters in La La Land! The lives of the main characters are carried forward as the world falls apart around them, and I loved the development of Liza and Tommy and how they struggle to understand their pasts, what’s happening in the world, and how they fit into it. There are some heartbreaking moments of loss along the way, and some real surprise twists and turns. They were written so well that I didn’t see them coming, but at the same time make perfect sense. The introduction of new characters adds a deeper dimension of love, friendship, balanced with terror and loss. It’s a fine line to walk, but the balance between hope and fear/suspense is very well done.” Amy Bartelloni Best Selling Author

Shift Volume 1 – Nexus: How to Become a Super Hero in 8 Easy Steps

by Zackary T. CastleFree

*** SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE *** Teenage geek Mark Powers travels with his brother and close friends to a nearby beach house with the intention of partying all night long (aka playing video games and AD&D). All hell breaks loose when the house inexplicably gets invaded by multiple factions – army soldiers, hired assassins, secret agents and more -  all looking for something. 


On the run and cut off from his friends, Mark stumbles across an ancient laboratory where he inexplicably develops strange super powers. Powers which changes and Shift every single day.  With multiple factions looking for him, Mark tries to figure out the extent of his powers. 

Before it’s too late.

This wonderful re-imagining of the super hero genre in novel form is full of suspense, action, secrets, powers, humour – and most of all – heart. If you like science fiction, Harry Potter and Spider-Man, this is the series for you!

Tangents: A short story of many worlds

by Lee Isserow

A British science fiction mystery, in which nothing is what it seems.

Even though he can remember being at his sister’s wedding, he’s not in a single photo, despite being certain he posed in them.
The voices ask the question; what if it wasn’t *his* sister’s wedding? What if he accidentally crossed into a parallel reality?

And if he did, how will he get home?

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