Free science fiction Kindle books for 28 Mar 17

A Faded Star

by Michael Freeport

A forgotten colony of humans live on a water world circling a tiny, faded star on the edge of the galaxy. The crew of their newest flagship, the Rampart encounters an alien scout who is being chased by a dangerous foe. The encounter shakes the beliefs held by the people of Lashmere. With the aid of the mysteries of the origin tablet, they discover the true origins of their colony. These may be the last humans in the universe. Can they survive against their ancient enemy? Their only choice is to embrace an unknown past and fight with everything they have.

Escape Velocity (The Black Star Chronicles Book 1)

by E.P. Wyck

A research scientist is on the brink of discovering the key to manipulating time. However, he discovers the leadership of his government may not have their citizens’ best interest in mind.

The Pursuit (Citizens of Logan Pond Book 3)

by Rebecca Belliston

Let the chase beginâ?¦

Six years ago, with the financial collapse of her country and the death of her parents, Carrie Ashworth swore to protect her siblings. She has fought to build a life for them in her illegal clan. Now home and recovering from a government-spread virus, she’s ready to pursue a little happiness of her own. With Greg.

Greg Pierce has no plan to join the growing rebellion or their “Live free or die” mentality. Even after compulsory military service deepened his hatred of President Rigsby’s regime, he wants nothing more than to leave it all behind and start a quiet life with Carrie in Logan Pond. But when word reaches them that Oliver, their patrolman friend and protector, is missing, Carrie and Greg are thrown into a race for survival. Chief Jamansky has discovered Oliver’s little secret and now he wants revenge, forcing their clan to consider abandoning Logan Pond forever.

In this battle for siblings and friends, for homes lost and freedoms stolen, the citizens must ask: How far would you go to pursue happiness?

The stakes are pushed to their boundaries in this highly-anticipated final book in Rebecca Belliston’s Citizens of Logan Pond trilogy, bringing her epic love story to an unforgettable end.

Plague (The Logan Reed Thrillers Book 1)

by Matthew James

A strange virus has resurfaced in the Serengeti, not seen since the Second World War, infecting man and beast alike. Its victims soon become violent, viciously attacking anything that wanders into their path.

Logan Reed, a former Australian Special Forces soldier turned African game warden, is at the front line of this disastrous outbreak. Together with his team, including his sister, a Serengeti Zoologist, Logan searches for clues to the contagion’s origin in hopes that knowing where it came from will help them stop it.

And they’d better hurry. It’s spreading..

Book two in the series, EVOLVE, is coming soon. Fall 2016.


by Seth Ross

Aye, a schizophrenic living in an apartment for the “mentally unwell,” begins to have strange encounters in between filling out internet surveys for cash, and creating fake social media profiles. He is unsure if these encounters are part of his destiny, or just delusion.

Mad City: Book One of the Sean Walsh Post Apocalyptic Series

by Patrick O’Donnell

Will one man’s search for his family save the worldâ?¦ or destroy it?

Sean Walsh is waiting for the air to clear after a nuclear war. As a gritty ex-cop with a military background, he knows he’s got what it takes to find his two missing sons in a post-apocalyptic world. When all his leads turn up dead ends, he’s got no choice but to join the new government as an agent. He hopes to leverage the position to get one step closer to his childrenâ?¦

In exchange for the latest in spy technology, Walsh must return to the violent life he thought he’d left behind. As he begins the search for his kids, he has a lingering suspicion that his new girlfriend might have terrorist ties that could bring down more than the government. She might destroy the entire countryâ?¦

Mad City is a gritty post-apocalyptic novel. If you like unforgettable stories, strong characters, and tech that would impress James Bond, then you’ll love the first book in Patrick O’Donnell’s Sean Walsh Post Apocalyptic Series.

Buy Mad City to survive the end of the world today!

“Spy, thriller, love story, “true crime”, a hint at zombies… what’s not to love”

Espejismo 1 (Wool 1). Holston: (Wool) (Spanish Edition)

by Hugh Howey

Los últimos seres humanos viven en el silo, una prisión subterránea que ellos mismos han construido. Desde allí pueden ver el exterior, una imagen pixelada del mundo devastado y contaminado que han heredado de sus antepasados. Pero esta visión que ofrecen las cámaras del silo se va degradando poco a poco, cubierta por los vientos tóxicos que matarían en pocos minutos a cualquiera lo suficientemente loco para salir al exterior.         

Sólo hay un modo de que los habitantes del silo disfruten de una imagen clara del exterior: que envíen a alguien a la limpieza, la pena capital para todo aquel que quebrante las leyes del silo. Todos los condenados amenazan con no limpiar las cámaras pero todos acaban empleando sus últimos minutos de vida en llevar a cabo esta tarea. ¿Qué les empuja a hacerlo? El sheriff Holston siempre se ha hecho esa pregunta. Ahora está a punto de conocer la respuesta.

El fenómeno:

En 2011 la librería online Amazon vio cómo en su web nacía un nuevo fenómeno de ventas a la altura de Cincuenta sombras de Grey de E. L. James. Espejismo (cuyo título original es Wool) fue autopublicado por su autor, Hugh Howey, en formato electrónico y a los pocos meses había conseguido posicionarse entre los primeros puestos de las listas de más vendidos del New York Times y el USA Today. Ante las expectativas creadas y con el aval de un éxito de público y crítica sin precedentes, la editorial Simon & Schuster decidió hacerse con los derechos de publicación en papel y lanzaba el libro al mercado el pasado marzo.

Espejismo fue publicado originalmente como cinco historias cortas; el éxito conseguido con el primero de los relatos fue lo que motivó a Howey a continuar desarrollando el mundo que había creado. Con la estrategia de la publicación por entregas, y gracias al efecto boca-oreja, Howey consiguió captar más seguidores con cada nueva publicación.

�ste fue el inicio de Espejismo, un fenómeno que ha llegado a vender 500.000 eBooks en Amazon y que se publicará en dieciocho países. Los derechos cinematográficos del libro han sido adquiridos por Century Fox y la adaptación a la gran pantalla contará con la producción de Ridley Scott y con el guionista Steven Zaillian (responsable de obras como La lista de Schindler o Gangs of New York). 


Living amongst the Dead

by J. N. Morgan

A rough, rugged, and nitty-gritty look at surviving in a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world. Electricity? Running water? Stores with stocked shelves? Functioning gas stations? Nostalgic to think about, but otherwise, it’s merely dreaming of fairytales. Inspired by the incredible George A. Romero films, the hit Walking Dead television series as well as the fantastic character and story-driven Telltale Games series of the same name, along with Max Brooks’ books The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z. The aspect of survival could also be said to be inspired by Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet series of novels.

Hunting, fishing, realistic manipulation of firearms along with correct terminology used, the process of reloading spent casings into live cartridges, and the importance of conserving ammunition… this novel is written with realism and long-term survival in mind. Each day is a struggle; living to see tomorrow is almost an event worthy of celebration for many, but it means little if your supplies won’t last. Places will come and go, people will come and go, and though humanity seems to be on the losing side in the fight against the living dead, we MUST persevere. Even if for most, it is at the cost of one’s morality and humanity.

Crescent Moon

by Ja’Cara McClinton

A destiny she was born to do…
Crescent Moon was your average urban girl, but after her parents hit a big win, her life changed forever.
While living in Chicago, Crescent life was nothing but a struggle. But after her parents win a free manor with a hot, young butler. She is off to the state of New Orleans. As she adjust to her new life, strange things begin to take place. One, was being attacked by a demon and being saved by her butler. Two, learning she has a destiny to follow rather if she likes it or not. But what’s worse is that her heart could be in danger as well.
Read as Crescent Moon faces demons, angels, and her romance with the butler, as her story unfolds.

Auctioned to the Barbarian Warrior

by Abella Ward

I am the chosen one. The only one who can help him save his planet

Lord Aurzac is the powerful Durlan Warlord, devoid of emotions and fiercely loyal to his land. He is in desperate need to find his mate. Without her, his planet Terrgius will die and his people will perish.

Renaya is single, lonely and not very successful. Her bland life suddenly turns into a nightmare when she is taken from her bed and abducted to another planet. Scared and confused, she is auctioned in front of a barbaric crowd to the highest bidder.

Who is this cold and heartless warlord who bought her? Why does he make her feel so hot deep down in her belly?

Lord Aurzac knows she is the chosen one, the only one who can save his dying planet. Too bad that she demands freedom, not willing to be his slave. Torn between her desire for the irresistible man, the responsibility of saving a planet and her longing for freedom, Renaya must choose to do what’s right.

And as if that isn’t enough, there is an opponent who plans to destroy the pair and the planet. Renaya is taken captive once again. Will Lord Aurzac rescue her again? Will Terrgius return to be the paradise it once was?

NOTE: This book includes 5 bonus stories!

Auctioned to the Barbarian Warrior is a 61-page standalone book in a series of scifi romance novels, featuring the Space Station Andromeda 13. Other parts of the series:
Slave to the Barbarian King
Mated to the Barbarian Heir

The books each have a guaranteed HEA and contain plenty of action, lust, violent warlords and steamy love. Definitely intended for 18+ readers.

The Alien Prisoner’s Baby

by Heartbeat Reads

Get 129,000+ words of hot alien pregnancy romance adventures in this exciting new collection

In this collection you will find:

Slave to the Barbarian King

Abducted by the Alien Dragon

Kidnapped by the Alien Dragon

The Alien Warrior’s Secret Baby

Sold to the Barbarian

Caged by the Barbarian

Mated to the Barbarian Heir

Download this collection now and spice up your Kindle with these hot alien pregnancy romance reads.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This ebook contains mature themes and language and is intended for 18+ readers only.

AN ALIEN WARNING (Alien Trilogy)

by Gordon Mackay

After yet another abduction, Scott finds himself living on another planet, with a new family and a beautiful home. His return to Earth was unexpected, but go he had to. Together with other abducted individuals, they pass on an alien warning. His words carry weight with many – but equally destructive to others. It is a warning of what is to come – but might it already be too late?
The action in this book comes from all quarters, including space, and could mean the difference between saving the human species and extinction.
There are scenes of violence within the storyline, where Islamic terrorists create murder and mayhem across the planet while an alien species has its own dastardly plan to carry out. Some of the scenarios are reminiscent of what is actually happening today – now, around the globe. There also scenes of a sexual nature as well as grotesque information regarding subjects that could be considered as taboo. The author has used much of what he learned in North Africa as subject matter for the book. But what that actually entails needs to be guessed at by the reader, for this is a work of fiction. But how real it seems, as it is read.

Oscillating Olaf

by Jason Werbeloff

Olaf is an unlikely superhero.

A deaf immigrant from Moscow, he can barely get through the day. Besides negotiating his abusive boss and a vindictive food printer that sprays boiling orange juice, Olaf is spurned by women immune to his dashing youth.

But when he tinkers with his hearing implant, Olaf begins to hear strange messages.

Messages from the future.

Plunge into Oscillating Olaf, a mind-bending science fiction short.

Zombie City: Episode 1

by M.F. Soriano

San Francisco is dead. Welcome to Zombie City.

Hipsters. Shane hates them. They dress like artists, but they think like yuppies. They drive up the cost of living in San Francisco, making it nearly impossible for people like Shane to survive. And now they’re starting to act really weird, moaning and shuffling and trying to biteâ?¦

Lost In Memory: Angels

by Anthony Martinez

A man who questions his purpose and is troubled by his past, he finds hope in what he believes.



Will machines dictate our future or is a fate more insidious in store?
Intelligence, like everything else, evolves. From a Paleolithic spark, the divine fire was passed hand-to-hand and tribe-to-tribe until the entire world was ablaze. An envelope of intelligence, that grows ever denser and intertwined, now enfolds the planet and connects all intelligent beings, especially the machine intelligence that fades invisible as it controls pervasive.
In BlueFang, this evolutionary synthesis becomes self-aware. Like God, BlueFang is everywhere and nowhere. Like the Devil, it does not want us to know it exists.
The characters, who work for a computer research company, seek to invent an artificial consciousness, while they slowly strangle in their own disconnected lives. They do not see that intelligence, like love, springs from connections; until this is explained by a battered old priest whose Vatican-banned writings have foreseen the advent of this new god.
As BlueFang subverts power structures and our machine-dependent economy breaks down, the characters find themselves in the middle of a power struggle between the DOD and the NSA, over a war satellite with the indifferent finger of artificial intelligence on the trigger.
It is BlueFang, insensible to humans as individuals as they are unaware of its power, that must save the day.

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