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The Ultimate Bible For Your Back and Joint Health. GROUNDBREAKING DISCOVERIES. The Revolutionary, Proven Exercise and Nutrition-Based Cure for Your Back, … Neck, Hip, Knee and Foot Pain Sample

by Natalia Dmitrieva

Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands and Use This Chance to Permanently Eliminate Your Back and Joint Problems!

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The Ultimate Bible for Your Back and Joint Health

is for anyone who wants to take their health into their own hands and permanently eliminate their back and joint problems using proven natural alternatives.

Back pain can attack any of us any time without warning.

The book reveals astonishing new discoveries known only to the few in professional circles about disc herniations, nerve compression and the true causes for your back and joint disorders.

The evidence -based facts will help you make an informative decision and opt for non-surgical options, will nudge you to eliminate your dependency on drugs and life-threatening, debilitating surgical procedures.

This almost 400-page book contains answers to all your most pressing questions and is bursting with practical information on treatment and prevention of back pain and joint disorders. This information will enable you to heal yourself naturally.

Excerpt from the book: “Secondly, 95% of cases of disc herniations that had referral to surgeries, do not require any surgical intervention (microdiskectomy involves removing the bulging part of the disc).”

This book will guide you through a step-by-step easily followed program on how to deal with lower back pain, shoulder pain, muscle spasms, neck spondylosis, knee arthritis, protrusions, disc herniations and radiating leg pain (sciatica).

You will learn about the true causes of your back and joint problems: muscle weakness, muscle hypotrophy, muscle guarding, ischemic conditions and inflammation and how they are compounded by imbalanced diets and dehydration.

You will be familiarized with one of the main causes of your persistent edema in the lower extremities.

You will find out about the ways to avoid back pain, how to use your spine wisely and about the most dangerous back wreckers.

Several chapters of the book are dedicated to diet and nutrition including special diet and nutrition during acute pain.

The author, who was a back sufferer herself at some point in her life, has discovered effective ways of dealing with back pain and, in particular, in the lower back area and cervical (neck) region of the spine, giving proven and practical ways of permanently eliminating back and joint problems.

She draws on real-life experiences.

The author has developed a Full-Body Strengthening Exercise Program, which addresses health concerns relating to musculoskeletal disorders and in particular, in the low back area and neck region of the spine, as well as dealing with knee arthritis and conditions of neurological nature.

The Program is aimed at both complete beginners and advanced practitioners.

The Full-Body Strengthening Exercise Program is accompanied by detailed description and photographs for each exercise.

The book also provides a complete program on how to tone up your neck and permanently eliminate pain in this region of the spine.

You will learn information on Trigger (Tender) Points and find out about the ways of how to deal with them.

You will also learn about why you need to elongate your spine and find out about the ways to elongate it.

Special Psoas (Hip Flexor) Exercises featured in the book will help tackle possible causes for your groin pain.

The author shares her wealth of knowledge and experience and gives practical advice on healthy living, diet and nutrition and how they together help tackle your back and joint problems.

Yoga and typical doctor’s advice are compared with more effective ways of dealing with musculoskeletal disorders.

Prostate Cancer: A New Approach to Treatment and Healing

by Dr. Emilia Ripoll

Prostate Cancer: A New Approach to Treatment and Healing gives readers new access to leading-edge medical information about prostate cancer, by making it simple and easy-to-understand.

Written in everyday English, Prostate Cancer presents state-of-the-art scientific data in an easy-to-follow format, without medical jargon or “doctor speak.”

Essentially, this is a picture book for adults รข?? with lots of exceptional information to support all the images, flow charts, tables, diagrams, and other graphics.

Each chapter contains a patient story, a doctor story, and an interactive “Toolbox” section. The back of the book includes a “Spouses Section” (because no one goes through a cancer diagnosis alone) and an in-depth “Digging Deeper” section for readers who want more information.

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