Free fantasy Kindle books for 29 Mar 17

Directorate School (The Directorate Book 1)

by Pam Uphoff

First Book of The Directorate Series

Ebsa “Kitchen” Clostuone invades the sacred precincts of the High Oners! The School of Directorate Studies has a wide variety of students, including the president’s daughter Paer, this strange Ra’d fellow, and Nighthawk, the first foreign student from Comet Fall. Ebsa wants to explore across the dimensions. And all he has to do is keep his grades up, learn how to shoot every kind of gun imaginable, and not get pounded by the Action Team trainees.

The Immortal Queen Tsubame: Awakening

by H.D. Muhammad

This book contains violence and explicit sexual situations.

The magical world wants nothing to do with MaLeila Samara. The first reason is she’s a powerful no name sorceress with no magical ties who inherited the magical legacy of the most powerful western sorcerers to live, Claude Thorne. The second reason is because she had the audacity to claim the right while having kinky hair and chocolate colored skin.

So MaLeila gave the magical world the proverbial f*** you, fought off the sorcerers and sorceress who sought to see her killed for the bragging rights and lives in relative content with her two companions, both former slaves to Claude. Bastetâ??the powerful sorceress with an affinity for yang magic who introduced her to the magical world; and Devdan, the brooding sorcerer with an affinity for yin magic who tried to kill her when they first met but who MaLeila now goes back and forth between hating and wanting to fall in bed with.

She and Devdan are admittedly toxic, co-dependent, fiercely protective of each other while at the same time resentful. They’re more than willing to mostly ignore the latter and continue their back and forth sexually charged game until the Magic Council sends Marcel Brant to help them unravel The Immortal Queen Tsubame, the newest threat to the order and secrecy of the magical world. But Marcel’s more interested in admittedly having sex with MaLeila than finding Tsubame and because of his influence, for the first time since learning it existed, MaLeila wants to know all that magical world has to offer. Exploring the magical world also means that MaLeila and Devdan have to deal with the mistrust and resentment in their bond and the dark past that forced them together before she was even born. And Tsubame is more than happy to use it to her advantage to drive them apart and destroy the only real threat that can stop her from wreaking havoc on the world.

Shardai (Cats of Catarau Book 1)

by Sandra Cox

Shardai leaned his front paws on the table and looked into Ramses eyes, his expression intense, his long tail swishing. “I never beg or plead, though I would in this case if I thought it would get me home to her. Instead, I ask you to remember fifty years ago when you died. The boy was what, twelve, thirteen? Trembling on the threshold of young adulthood and he still cried into his pillow every night for weeks for his beloved Ramses. And even after all these years, he speaks fondly of you to his grandchildren. The bond was there, Ramses, you knew it, you felt it. You know what its like. There were cats and dogs that came after you over the years but no one took your place. That corner of his heart he locked away and you’ll always reside there.”
Shardai felt the gaze of the council on him, but focused on the Abyssinian, who held his fate in his paws.
A warm light breeze ruffled the cats’ fur but neither Shardai nor Ramses felt it, their gaze locked. The silence stretched out for several heartbeats.
Shardai’s gut tightened and the nerve endings under his skin quivered and jumped. Just as he opened his mouth to hiss out his rage and pain, Ramses shoulders slumped and he threw up his paws. “If this is what you wish, so be it. He stood up, tall and regal. The sun glistened on his fur as he began to chant:

“For troubled shores now thee leave
Man’s imperfections to receive
With mortals weakened, faulty shell
So shall ye among them dwell…”

Ramses paw shot out rigidly in front of him.
Shardai was gone, leaving a wisp of blue smoke floating in the spot he had inhabited only moments before.

Dark World (Book I in the Dark World Trilogy)

by Danielle Q. Lee

She thought it was just an urban legend.

She never thought it could happen to her.

She was wrong.

When seventeen-year-old Scarlet Prince disobeys her parents and ventures out on her dream date, she soon learns the terrifying truthâ??monsters do exist.

And so does Hell.

Now a monster herself and damned to a strange nocturnal realm crawling with demons, sphinxes and gargoyles, she fights to keep what sliver of humanity she has left.

But the Devil has other plans.

Watch for Book II in the Dark World Trilogy! Due winter 2012!

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The Shong Wars: Declaration (Book 1)

by George P Lung

Book 1 of The Shong War series:
Zhang Ma is a young prince of the Shong, warriors with extraordinary powers who serve for the Mongol horde’s elite troops. The Shong practice a stark code of brutality, killing everyone who stands in their way and ignoring those who don’t. King Yun, leader of the Shong clan and Zhang’s adoptive father, has set his eyes on a girl named Hua, whom the Mongols believe is the key to world domination. Tasked with abducting Hua and proving his worth to his father, Zhang comes to realize that he must risk everything for her, or the world will fall into eternal darkness.

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