Free historical fiction Kindle books for 29 Mar 17

Destiny’s Gold (Captain Jane Thorn Series Book 1)

by Ida Frans

It is 1820, and Captain Thorn is aboard the schooner Destiny bound for the sugar plantations of Cuba and then on to the Baltic for iron. A rollicking adventure on the high seas ensues when crew members are not who they appear to be, political intrigue and mystery dog the voyage, and the captain discovers love in unexpected places. Historical fiction at its best!

Children of the Bush

by Henry Lawson

Wonderful stories, sketches and poems about the friendships and hardships of the Australian bushmen.


by Arnold Bennett

Edwin Clayhanger is the central figure in this portrayal of Victorian lower-middle-class society. As a shy young man, Edwin is bullied by his father, Darius, but he succeeds in developing his interests in spite of a restrictive environment. One of Edwin’s interests is Hilda Lessways, a young woman from Staffordshire. Hilda proves to be independent and enigmatic, while Edwin proves that there are many ways to view love.

The Scottish Warrior

by Annabel Blair

**FREE Bonus Romance Stories Included**

Aidan is scouting in the woods after a major battle when he chances upon a woman desperately in need of his help.

Rhona is about to be taken advantage of by Graeme, a man who knows only how to take what he wants from others.

It seems that Aidan has arrived just in the nick of time. He frees her and sends her on her way, never thinking to see her again.

But it soon becomes clear that Graeme will not rest until he has finished what he started.

Aidan must find the girl and warn her to stay out of the forest. But he may get more than he bargained for when love quickly blossoms between them.

Can their love survive?

And will she ever be safe from Graeme?

Contains explicit content for mature adult audiences

The Rogue Highlander

by Annabel Blair

WARNING: A Steamy Highlander Romance that leaves little to the imagination – for mature audiences only!

Life hadn’t been easy for Elspeth, living in Scotland in the middle of a bloody war. But when a battle just near the small village she’s lived in all her life leaves her an open target for the English, things get worse.

In one day, she’s set to lose her home, her connection to her dead parents, and possibly her life. But fate has another plan, and what she finds in the woods that day has the chance to turn everything around.

Will the mysterious creature who saved her life be the salvation of her village? Or is the Englishman who claims to be able to control it a spy in disguise? Stuck between a distrustful village, her own doubts, and what her heart is telling her, Elspeth must find out what the future holds for her, with her own life and home on the line.

Contains a free series of bonus romance stories !

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