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Civilization and Beyond

by Scott Nearing

We may think and talk about civilization as one pattern or level of culture, one stage through which human life flows and ebbs. In that sense we may regard it abstractly and historically, as we regard the most recent ice age or the long and painful record of large-scale chattel slavery.
From quite another viewpoint we may think of civilization as a technologically advanced way of life developed by various peoples through ages of unrecorded experiment and experience, and followed by millions during the period of written history. It is also the way of life that the West has been trying to impose upon the entire human family since European empires launched their crusade to westernize, modernize and civilize the planet Earth.
A third approach would regard civilization as an evolving life style, conceived before the earliest days of recorded human history and matured through the series of experiments marking the development of civilization as we have known it during the five centuries from 1450 to 1975.
Thinking in terms of this age-old experience, with six or more thousand years of social history as a background, it is possible to give a fairly exact meaning to the word “civilization” as it has been lived and is being lived by the present-day West. It is also possible to understand the history of previous civilizations in cycle after cycle of their rise, their development, decline and extinction. At the same time it will enable the reader to recognize the relationship (and difference) between the words “culture” and “civilization”.
Human culture is the sum total of ideas, relationships, artifacts, institutions, purposes and ideals currently functioning in any community. Three elements are present in each human society: man, nature and the social structure. Human culture at any point in its history is the social structure: the aggregate of existing culture traits, the products of man’s ingenuity, inventiveness and experimentation, set in their natural environment.
Civilization is a level of culture built upon foundations laid down through long periods of pre-civilized living. These foundations consist of artifacts, implements, customs, habit patterns and institutions produced and developed in numerous scattered localities by groups of food-gatherers, migrating herdsmen, cultivators, hand craftsmen and traders and eventually in urban communities built around centers of wealth and power: the cities which are the nuclei of every civilization…

72 RECETAS PARA PREPARAR CUPCAKES, MAGDALENAS Y MUFFINS: Ideales para incluir en tu menú diario (Colección Cocina Fácil & Práctica nº 19) (Spanish Edition)

by Mariano Orzola

El libro ideal que presenta una selección de 72 recetas fáciles y prácticas para preparar cupcakes, magdalenas y muffins, que puedes incluir en desayunos y meriendas de tu menú diario o en una velada especial o festiva. El recetario incluye las opciones más variadas, clásicas y gourmet, para degustar con ingredientes como chocolate, frutos secos, frutas, nata, cereales, mantequilla de maní, entre otros. Es hora de cocinar y disfrutar todo el universo de aromas y texturas de la auténtica cocina casera.

Niche Marketer: Target Different Online Niches and Sell Information Product While Working at Home

by Dave Bass


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Niche Profit for Beginners
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Extreme Weight Loss Visualization: Powerful Daily Visualization Hypnosis to Condition Your Subconsious Mind to Achieve the Ultimate Success

by Will Johnson Jr.

You can accomplish what you want. You can reach your dreams. Visualize a goal often enough and it will be yours.
You have the innate capacity to transform your life. You have the power to achieve amazing results. And this ebook will help you harness the power that is already within you.
This eBook will help you get what you want in an effortless, pleasant, and relaxing way. All you have to do is to surrender yourself to the potent guided visualization program and enjoy the comforting.
Do you want to have positive energy? Are you looking for an easy and fail-safe way to strengthen your body, mind, and spirit?
Do you want peace of mind?
Do you want to get rid of unhealthy habits?
Do you want to maintain unwavering focus to achieve your goals?
Use the powerful guided imagery that the ebook provides. You will find yourself relaxing. Your mind will be calm and peaceful. You will reach a state of mind that enables you to accept positive suggestions and release positive energy. You will be able to let go of stress and surrender to the inherent power you have within you to accomplish goals that are important to you.
This ebook is a powerful tool to help you succeed. Promote positive thinking. Stay consistently motivated. With the help of this ebook, you get to stay on track and achieve success in no time at all.

The audiobook version is also available.

Relationships R You: The Simple Intimacy

by Mumin Muhammad

Our relationship with ourselves determines the health of our relationships with others, because it is a direct reflection of us. Intimacy which is (In to me I see). Parental issues have a direct impact on our relationships.

As I became aware of myself, I started to see my perception of myself unfold right in front of my eyes. I saw how my strengths and weaknesses had an effect on my relationships with others. I noticed how my pain and anger from past experiences interfered with my relationships.

I lost good important people because I had issues that I refused to come face to face with. How we were raised, how our siblings treated us and especially how our parents treated us. I believe that all if not most past traumatic experiences can be resolved; we can heal our hearts again with a little work.  We are all one in God’s eye so this means with compassion, we can all relate instead of self-hate.

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