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Living College Life In The Front Row

by Jon Vroman

What separates someone who just goes to college to get a degree, and someone who gets the full experience, and then takes their new skills into the after-college world? Many would agree that when you want to excel in a specific skill in school or life, you should track down those who’ve already succeeded, and do what they do. More often than not, repeating successful behavior leads to more success. We don’t think we need a world of copycats. It’s great to take the road less traveled. However, when it comes to learning from others, it’s hard to dispute the power of standing on the shoulders of giants. Tony Robbins says success leaves clues – he’s right. So, for this book, the author interviewed hundreds of students to learn the secrets of success from those who’ve “been there and done that.” No other book has approached the sharing of stories and strategies like you’ll find here.

About the Author
For over two decades now, Jon Vroman has been sought after by colleges and universities for his ability to inspire, instruct and encourage students to “live life in the front row.” Today, Jon’s expertise is requested when campus leaders need informational and inspirational messages on leadership strategies, communication skills, student engagement, conflict resolution, personal development and social responsibility. Most impressive is Jon’s desire to serve others. In 2005, Jon founded the charitable organization Front Row Foundation, which provides children and adults with life threatening illnesses the opportunity to see the concert, sporting event or live performance of their dreams from the front row. Jon resides in New Jersey with his wife and son.

Anleser – Maria Braig: Leseproben + Bonusmaterial (German Edition)

by Maria Braig

Ausgewählte Kapitel als Leseproben aus den Werken von Maria Braig. Anleser-eBooks zum Kennenlernen:
– “Jetzt bin ich hier”
– “Nennen wir sie Eugenie”
– “Amra und Amir – Abschiebung in eine unbekannte Heimat”
– “Spanische Dörfer – Wege zur Freiheit”

Maria Braig ist seit Jahren ehrenamtlich in der Flüchtlingsarbeit tätig. Dieses Thema beschäftigt sie auf vielen Ebenen. Ihre Werke zeigen die Vielfältigkeit der Thematik auf und geben dem Leser/der Leserin einen Einblick.

Linguagem, educação e virtualidade (Portuguese Edition)

by Ucy Soto

A coletânea de textos deste livro analisa os desafios e as possibilidades de uma educação que transcenda os muros da sala de aula e se abra para as linguagens e práticas do mundo. No novo cenário que vai se delineando para a educação do século XXI, o contexto de ensino e aprendizagem de línguas já vem mostrando os efeitos da “Idade Mídia” em que vivemos, sinalizando, também, o importante papel que as novas ferramentas de natureza tecnológica vêm desempenhando na definição de novas posturas e modalidades pedagógicas. Tais aspectos são discutidos por pesquisadores de renomadas instituições de ensino superior, nacionais e internacionais, que propõem três eixos centrais de reflexão: linguagem, educação e virtualidade. Partindo de suas experiências didáticas e reflexões teóricas, os autores colocam em pauta assuntos de relevância para a compreensão das novas demandas que refletem diretamente em áreas como a formação inicial e continuada de professores, o trabalho docente na sala de aula presencial e virtual, o design de materiais didáticos e a forma como os novos meios e práticas incidem no funcionamento da linguagem e no surgimento de novos gêneros discursivos.

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