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Raising Beef Cattle For Beginner’s Guide (Homesteading Freedom)

by Carson Wyatt

Are you new to raising beef cattle, and don’t know exactly where to start? Don’t feel like reading over 300 pages right now, but just want to get the basic grasp of what beef cattle farming entails and the potential it can make for you and your family? Then, this is the book for you! It’s can be overwhelming and exciting to take on such an undertaking task such as beef cattle, but this book gets you up to speed on all the basics, and what you need to get started, without the extra fluff you don’t have time to read.

Sugar, Stamps & Tea: The Objects That Made America (Bite Sized History Book 1)

by Marty Griffin

Most people think of history as a subject they were forced to attend in school or some old guy with wooden teeth and a bad wig. There’s stories about governments passing laws and people making grand speeches, but people don’t really have a connection with that nowadays.

When you think back to the American Revolution you’re probably not making connections to an episode of Dr. Who that you saw, or how America was like the little brother that got stuck with all the strict rules just because we moved away.

History is more than a series of important dates or dry facts that you were forced to memorize for school. With funny anecdotes, witty comparisons, and creative metaphors, Sugar, Stamps & Tea puts the 50 most important events that led to the American Revolution in a unique modern light.

Humanistic Critical Inquiry Instruction for 5th Grade Latino Elementary School Students

by M.L. Bitker

This action research was a qualitative study that involved collaborative group work of six Latino students. The following research is comprised of collaborative group work and humanistic critical inquiry for 5th grade Latino elementary school students in an underserved community school.



“1001-ONE WORD SUBSTITUTIONS FOR COMPETITIVE EXAMINATIONS” is aimed to benefit the numerous students of schools, colleges, universities and other Competitive Examinations like BANK PO, Clerk, IBPS, SBI-PO, RBI, MBA, MAT, CAT, IIFT, IGNOU, SSC CGL, CBI, CPO, CLAT, CTET, NDA, CDS etc. Great care and effort have been put to make the total list alphabetically and prior to important ones. I hope that numerous students will be benefitted by this little assay.

Worth Fighting For: Revitalization of Social Work Education at Black Colleges

by Carey Yazeed

What happens when a social work education program at a historically Black college is faced with the possibility of being eliminated because of a decrease in student enrollment? Before this question can be answered, the culture of higher education in America must be understood and how that culture has affected both historically Black colleges and social work education. Dr. Yazeed’s research is comprised of a collection of interviews from students majoring in social work at a HBCU. Through their eyes a story unfolds; one of family, hope, survival and the revitalization of their once dying department.

25 Things to keep in mind for a lifetime

by B.B. Stone

Sooner or later we may come to realize that we are not living the life that we intended. We may realize the harshest realities of ourself and what we have or haven’t become. Trust me, this can be the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to us, if we accept it. Here are 25 things to keep in mind for a lifetime.

How to Write an Effective College Application Essay: The Inside Scoop for Parents

by Kim Lifton

At last. A guide that brings parents into the college application essay process, rather than pushing them away!

How to Write an Effective College Application Essay — The Inside Scoop for Parents is for moms, dads, grandparents and other adults who want to help their children get into the colleges of their dreams. Parents approach authors and writing coaches Kim Lifton and Susan Knoppow all the time, asking for help understanding college admission essays. They want to guide their children, but they’re not sure how. They are tired of being told, Back off; it’s not your journey!

Parents can – and should – help. And the task doesn’t have to be so daunting. As national experts on writing and application essays, with access to top admission officers from around the country, Lifton and Knoppow have answers. How to Write an Effective College Application Essay is the first in the Inside Scoop on Writing Anytthing series of simple, straightforward guides to help adults and students alike master challenging writing tasks.

The guide offers insight from the authors’ decades of experience as writers and writing teachers and provides tips so parents can prepare their children to respond to any college application essay question. Success on the essay begins at home. This easy-to-follow guide clarifies the mixed messages that confuse parents and students, to help families make sense out of the noise surrounding the essay.

Chicco (Italian Edition)

by Paolo Sassaroli

Favola per cercare di spiegare la sindrome di Down

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