Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 30 Mar 17

Romantic Comedy: What The Mirror Can’t Say

by Lauren Eva

Tatyana, a young woman in her mid twenties, lives in a small town where everybody knows everybody’s business. Her parents worry that she might not be pretty enough to finally settle down. Add to that the fact that she is overweight, slightly awkward, and a bit clumsy.

Tatyana’s biological clock is ticking, so she sets a goal to be married within six months. She comes up with a detailed plan that she believes will give her success. The long list of steps includes everything from playing the kidnap victim to making her own sex goddess perfume.

Josh Fillmore is the town’s most eligible bachelor and she has known him most of her life. Tatyana sets out bravely to conquer his heart by competing against รข??Perfect Leilany’, Josh’s current girlfriend. Leilany just happens to be an exotic beauty blessed with every physical feature and all the poise Tatyana can only dream of.

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