Free science fiction Kindle books for 30 Mar 17

The Arbiter

by M. M. Perry

Death lurks in every shadow of the Untamed, yet it is the only escape for mages from the bondage they are born into. For those mages unable to flee the nobles that enslave them, their only hope lies with a class of slave that is now all but extinct; the Arbiters.

When Drystan woke to find he had blood on his hands, he knew he had gone too far. The crime he committed normally punished by death, Drystan’s only hope is pleading his case to an Arbiter, mages bred to judge their peers through powers they alone can tap. Cold and emotionless, Prue must determine Drystan’s fate, but not before they find themselves entangled in a mage uprising the likes of which has never been seen before.

That First Hour: A WHEN THEY CAME Story

by Kody Boye

In this prequel to Kody Boye’s WHEN THEY CAME trilogy, follow eleven-year-old Jason Parks as he fights for his life during the first hours of the alien invasion of Earth.

Universos Invisibles. El Instinto Despierta (Spanish Edition)

by Ivy Bass

La guerra entre las Fuerzas Armadas Insurgentes, una nación revolucionaria en poder del espacio exterior, y la Tierra lleva años, pero ahora, las FAI tienen un arma secreta que presume ser el fin para el planeta.
Nuevos jóvenes soldados somos entrenados en la nave nodriza de las FAI. Estos reclutas somos niños que acabamos de cumplir 13 años y debemos someternos a pruebas de clasificación para pertenecer a una de las 7 clases que componen el ejercito de las FAI.
Yo soy Mei, una de ellos, una curiosa niña indisciplinada, obsesionada con la Tierra y que, junto con mis padres, pertenecemos a la clase Agentes Especiales, una de las más fuertes. Yo y mis amigos debemos sobrevivir al duro entrenamiento militar que pondrá a prueba nuestra valentía, resistencia y fuerza de voluntad en simuladores de los terrenos mas hostiles de la Tierra.
Pero, para mi espíritu libre, es evidente que soy más que un soldado, soy realmente especial, tengo una habilidad que ninguna otra persona posee. Además, mis ideales empiezan a cambiar luego de un trágico suceso en la nave nodriza.
¿Se descubrirá el arma secreta que guarda la nación con tanto recelo?
¿Podrá la Tierra estar preparada para los ataques de las FAI?

Ivy Bass debuta en el género de ciencia ficción con su nueva primera entrega en la saga de Universos Invisibles. Un thriller distópico futurista, desarrollado en el espacio, lleno de fantasía, decisiones con consecuencias sorpresivas, aventuras, traiciones y romance inesperado.

Solar Storm: Episode 1: IMPACT

by Marcus Richardson

Solar Storm is serialized story published in 5 episodes of about 20,000 words each. Each episode will be released as they are finished so readers do not have to wait until the entire story is written to read along. Solar Storm is a look at our future through the eyes of the average American, with an aim to educate and inspire.

Jay Cantrell will find his familyâ?¦or die trying.

Episode 1
He had the perfect life as a small-town librarian: married just over a year to his second wife, an airline pilot, he also has a daughter in college studying to be an astrophysicist. He’s ready to celebrate the first year of his new marriage as he adjusts to an empty nest and a new stage in life.

But the sun had other plans and sent a coronal mass ejection as an anniversary present.

Awakened before dawn one morning in mid-December by northern lights that blanket the skyâ??in central Illinoisâ??Jay’s world changes in the blink of an eye. Flying a planeload of passengers to Hawaii, his wife Kate experiences the CME in a whole other light and must fight to stay alive every step of the way. Leah, Jay’s daughter, witnesses the impact through the eyes of a student far from home.

Jay must decide to stay and wait for news of his wife or leave before things get worse to find his daughter. The problem is, with no electricity, he doesn’t know how bad it is…anywhere. Will he set out to rescue his daughter and make a harrowing journey through a post-apocalyptic wasteland only to find the power is still on, two states away?

In a world where electricity is a thing of the past, can there be any hope for the future? After all, it’s not a matter of if a CME will strike the earth, but when.

Solar Storm is serialized story published in 5 episodes of about 20,000 words each. Each episode will be released as they are finished so readers do not have to wait until the entire story is written to read along. Solar Storm is a look at our future through the eyes of the average American, with an aim to educate and inspire.

The Reaper (The Fallen Conviction)

by Matthew James Stanley

In the sequel to the critically acclaimed novel The Empty One, Lialthas continues his plan to try and create The Empty Nation, while the world begins to rise up against him.

Vestigial Surreality: Free: Episodes 1-7

by Douglas Christian Larsen

Vestigial Surreality: Free: Episodes 1-7. Special Volume, Enhanced E-Book Version. A chance meeting in the park leads two strangers to discover strange connections between them and the world, and in truth both had felt that perhaps there was something not quite right with the world, something different. They have both noticed improbable coincidences popping up in their lives, at an almost alarming regularity, and now, meeting, they witness strange signs in the heavens, and find themselves on a bizarre path that will make them question their very reality, and the reality of the world and universe.

What is Reality?

Through the ages, the conundrum of Reality has messed with the collective consciousness of humanity. The Allegory of Plato’s Cave down through the ages to The Matrix. What is reality?

From the author of Rood Der, comes this enhanced 7-episode free volume, including the original illustrations of artist Harrison Christian Larsen.

The Undead Sea (After the Fall Book 7)

by Stephen Cross

Death doesn’t stop at the shore…

Three months into the zombie apocalypse and Andy, Jenny and Carl think they have found refuge in the sleepy Welsh seaside town of Abermere.

After only a few days their peace is shattered as the town’s dead wake and converge as a horde. Getting lost during their escape, the three find their only only way out is with a small boat.

Frantically paddling from shore, they are soon taken by the sea’s currents out dragged out to sea. Exhausted and overcome with cold, it seems that all is lost, until rescue finds them in unexpected form. Pulled back from the brink of death, is their rescue really all it seems?

You can’t run when you are at sea, and the water doesn’t stop them…

The Undead Sea is the seventh novelette in the After the Fall series, which tells the story of the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, each story told through the eyes of a different set of characters.

They don’t have to be read in order – dive in anywhere!

Read how it all began in the Surviving The Fall series –

The Phenomenal Ones

by Charles E. Borjas

An Armageddon-type apocalyptic war threatens to destroy the world in the 24th century.
Mason Puritan, a tycoon and alcoholic lives in the penthouse of a hundred and eighty story mega tower, one of many which he owns, in a post atomic civil – war Texas City, in the year 2317 A.D. He is asked by the President Brent Touchstone to gather together a group of fighters to prevent the war and destroy the perpetrators; Oswald Tucker and his cronies and scientists who are creating deadly weapons to sell to the highest bidders within the United States of America.

Leader Mason Puritan … alcoholic… lives in the penthouse of a one hundred and eighty story mega tower, one of many, which he owns, in post-world war IV Texas City. The year is 2317 A.D.
In a foreboding temple, deep in the Himalaya Mountains accessed via Nepal, a Russian man who had been hideously disfigured buy a devious machine and the muscular scientist who invented the machine are engaged in a battle of wits. This remarkable machine had been designed to give special powers to humans, but was sabotaged by agents of Oswald Tucker, Tucker Enterprises, because the scientist refused to sell him the rights to the machine. The yet unperfected machine gave the Russian man limited powers, but it also melted his face and degenerated his mind so badly, that he was no more than a creature with basic instincts to kill for survival.
Eduardo Baluchi is a technological mastermind who has already invented many startling devices. His latest creation has given him incredible skills and abilities. He must use them wisely while concealing his true identity from the public. He also has the ability to mentally control any electrical Device or computer and make it do his bidding whether opening an electronic lock or hacking a major corporation. Now, he protects Texas City and the Republic from evil technicians and mercenaries led by Oswald Tucker, while also battling the evil plans of father Judah, a Jesuit priest dispatched by the Vatican. Judah was mysteriously transformed when he encountered a hallucinogenic mist in the Russian wilderness. To add to his already highly skillful martial arts abilities, his improved reflexes, strength, stamina and intense intellect makes him the perfect leader for one of the world’s greatest super villain teams. Quick in absorbing knowledge, he has immediate and complete recollection of everything he sees and there is no threshold to the quantity of data he can absorb. Now he is working with the yakuza while also planning to become partners with Oswald Tucker and together bring the world to its knees.

Yohaana’s Revelation (The Othwar Saga Book 4)

by Stephen Wishnevsky

The third volume in the Yohaana Trilogy. Hard SF on a large scale. The clones and descendants of a simple gooseherd girl fight for the survival of whole solar systems. The enemy? Intelligent panspermia aliens with little in common with humanity, except for the desire for the same planets.

A completely original and unique work of speculative fiction, set largely in the interiors of gas giant planets.

The book, “Quetzalsong” is a prequel to the Yohaana Trilogy, and all are parts of the Othwar Saga.

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