Free arts and entertainment Kindle books for 31 Mar 17

For Rain God

by uNkosiyazi

A collection of Bantu poems.

Burnout (Italian Edition)

by Loreto M. Crisci

Il successo è ossessione. Divora. Deturpa il viso. Consuma i denti per il continuo digrignarli. Bruxismo. Gli spettri ti guardano. Occhi rossi ai piedi del letto. Tre del mattino. Cosa sei disposto a fare per farli smettere?

The Hood Keeper

by Kawand Crawford

The Hood Keeper is a page turner inspired by true events. Scooter, a young, grimy, bad ass teenage bully turned petty thief eventually becomes the hood’s most notorious gangsta. Travel through the life and mind of a troubled kid growing up in Brooklyn New York during the 1980s. Scooter, knows right from wrong, but chooses to do wrong.
The older he gets, the more bitter and cold-blooded he becomes. Struggling with the beast inside, he spends his childhood living on the edge, constantly flirting with his freedom and life. Scooter’s love and appetite for money and violence lands him in jail where instead of being rehabilitated, the experience only fuels the beast.
Shortly after his release, he hooks up with a local partner in crime and together plan to take over the drug game in the hood, by any means necessary. He is forced to choose between the love of his life and a lifestyle filled with turmoil and betrayal. Is Scooter’s love for the young lady of his life worth a lifestyle of glamour generated by drugs and violence? Read ‘The Hood Keeper’ to find out if Scooter makes the right decision or finds himself in a position that he can’t get out of.

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