Free historical fiction Kindle books for 31 Mar 17

Antonia of Venice

by Ellyn Peirson

Romantic, spellbinding historical fiction from Ellyn Peirson, author of After The Interlude and Veronica.

Very few people knew Antonia, despite her eventual fame as La Stella di Venezia. Antonia of Venice is an unveiling of love, connected souls, music, power and tragedy.

The story lures the reader into the beauty and decadence of 18th century Venice, and into the passions that drive and torment its characters. Antonia develops from being Vivaldi’s star pupil into his musical colleague and the pride of Venetian musical conceit. After she falls in love with Orlando Sagredo, master planner of the Palio, Antonia recognizes the emotional bondage she has never questioned.

Antonia of Venice is inhabited by brilliant musicians, avaricious politicians and ineffectual rulers of the Republic of Venice. Through it all, the people and music Antonia loves take the reader into the depths of revenge and selflessness.

Antonia of Venice advances the timeless, feminine heroic as a powerful and equal partner to the masculine.



Though their moments shared were few and far in between, they echoed through time and marked him, as if they were the only days of his life; and all of his existence could be summed up by them alone.

Lincoln Rinehart is the quintessential English gentleman with the world at his feet, but when he encounters a mysterious young woman at Montague Manor, it sets off a chain of events that lead him down the path to ruin. Set in the Victorian Era, Karen Kay’s debut novel is about three people who are drawn together by a shared past that threatens to destroy their lives.

This novella is the first episode of the four-part novel THE VICTORIAN ROMANCE. Each episode is novella length (one-quarter of the full novel) and available on Amazon Kindle. The novel is also available in full on Amazon Kindle and in print on Amazon.

Black Fang – a Supernatural Western Thriller

by PW Pretorius

Are you ready to read something scary and supernatural?

Take a dark, mystical and supernatural ride with the novella Black Fang.

Set in a frontier background, this novella promises to keep you glued to your cell phone or tablet screen.

When a raiding party returns with a legend warrior as prisoner, they believe the war has turned in their favor….only to find out a dark, monstrous secret will take its revenge…

With deadly consequences.

This might be one of the few historical horrors set against a Western frontier background.

The Black Fang Supernatural thriller novella is perfect if you want to kill some time…just beware it might cause you to lose some sleep!

Black fang is a supernatural thriller set in a historical environment. It includes supernatural elements like shape shifting, werewolves, ghosts, legends and other horror themes.

It contains elements of an adult nature.

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